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Qian Lei giggled. “Class Monitor, don’t be anxious. Do your best!”

Ye Lingtong’s long eyebrows crinkled as she frowned. “Less sarcasm from you, string of cash.” While saying that, she unleashed a punch towards a Ground Fire Lizard.

On the contrary, she was the one who had repelled the most Ground Fire Lizards in the group. That did not necessarily mean she was stronger than Lu Qianxun, for the latter’s Soul Skill just exhausted too much soul power with its immense might and he was unable to constantly utilise it.

Ye Lingtong came from a family with a rich history and had practised ancient martial arts since she was young. She not only had a powerful Martial Soul, but she also had relatively strong personal strength. Adding in her first Soul Skill Celestial Body, she was completely unafraid of the Ground Fire Lizards’ fire attribute attacks. Supplemented by her second Soul Skill Celestial Shockwave, every strike and wave of her fist was vigorous and strong. She was especially proficient in attrition battles with her high endurance.

Chang Jianyi’s abilities became even more apparent at this time. Three auxiliary Soul Skills appeared—the first Soul Skill, Slow; the second Soul Skill, Confusion; and the third, Bloodthirst.

Aside from Bloodthirst, which was useless in the situation, his second Soul Skill, Confusion, was extremely effective. It caused many Ground Fire Lizards to kill each other and greatly decrease their threat to the team. This alleviated the circumstance with the two teams.

However, right at that moment, a new situation occurred.

Qian Lei suddenly looked upwards and cried out in panic, “Above!”

Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng looked up at the same time. Ground Fire Lizards had appeared at the top of the mountain and were attempting to crawl down towards them.

Were they Ground Fire Lizards from the other side? They must be the Ground Fire Lizards from the other qualifier grounds that Lan Xuanyu had seen!

Lan Xuanyu immediately understood the situation. The other participants in the other battlefield were definitely eliminated, and therefore, the Ground Fire Lizards had appeared above them.

‘We’re pincered, now that’s troublesome.’ It was true; with the Ground Fire Lizards approaching them from above and below, the threat imposed on them was not small!

Liu Feng and Qian Lei immediately turned to look at Lan Xuanyu.

When Lu Qianxun and his team witnessed the same situation, Chang Jianyi let out a laugh. “It seems like they’re closer to the lizards!”

He was truly rejoicing in other people’s misfortune. Lan Xuanyu and his team were closer to the peak and indeed also closer to the lizards. This meant that they were in a more precarious situation and on the verge of being pincered.

“Xuanyu, what do we do?” Liu Feng asked with a hint of anxiousness in his voice.

Lan Xuanyu’s thoughts ran extremely quickly, and he immediately came to a brazen decision.

During the period when they were not under great pressure, Lan Xuanyu recalled what Ling Yiyi, the one who came from Shrek Academy, had instructed.

‘Ling Yiyi did mention very clearly that the qualifier was to see how long we could survive. The longer the time, the higher the amount of points we obtain. Another aspect of gaining points is based on the number of soul beasts killed. Different soul beasts provide different numbers of points.’

At present, they were in the same situation as Lu Qianxun’s team, but in terms of the number of soul beasts killed, they were obviously losing to Lu Qianxun’s team. After all, they had interacted less with the Ground Fire Lizards.

And with regards to the explanation that different soul beasts gave different points, there were only two types of soul beasts in front of them, which were the Ground Fire Lizards and Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon! Didn’t that mean that the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon could also be killed? Were they really not just a terrifying existence meant to attack and scare them?

But in theory, how would Soul Masters their age be able to kill that Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon? It truly was a fool’s dream, but by the looks of it, Ling Yiyi’s words were carefully planned and thought out.

‘This means that it is possible for us to kill that Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon. How do we do it? Obviously, we can’t just rely on our own strengths. This means that the only way of killing it lies within this valley.’

It truly was seeking riches within the depths of danger. Furthermore, Teacher Ji had once mentioned that they were competing against all the young and talented geniuses in the entire Heaven Luo planet for the pitiful number of slots! To enter into the next round, they had to perform spectacularly to surpass the rest.

The Ground Fire Lizards from the other side of the valley were climbing over to their side. Did that mean that the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon from there would come over as well? What would happen then? No one knew. Instead of sitting there and waiting to die, why not take a gamble? The time in which they had persisted was relatively long. This was evident from the army coming from the other side. Even if there were no opportunities to kill the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon, they had the chance to kill more Ground Fire Lizards to earn more points.

And they had yet to unleash Qian Lei’s ability, as they were still stuck on the wall. The reason for that was that the number of flying summons he could call out were relatively few.

Thus, Lan Xuanyu’s decision was to…

“We’re going down!” Lan Xuanyu used his right hand to grab onto Liu Feng and his left hand to grab onto Qian Lei once again. “Liu Feng!”

Liu Feng looked at him in shock but immediately pulled out his white dragon spear, which had been stuck in the wall.

They had been together for so many years and had formed a tacit understanding with each other. Most importantly, they trust each other. Lan Xuanyu had proven time and time again that he was trustworthy.

Therefore, despite not understanding why they were giving up their optimal position after congealing the ice wall through much difficulty, Liu Feng immediately executed Lan Xuanyu’s request.

Liu Feng carried Lan Xuanyu and Qian Lei, and galloped down the mountain at a high speed. At this moment, the Ground Fire Lizards from above had yet to enter their attacking radius.

“Have they gone mad?” Ye Lingtong cried out in shock when she saw the trio rush down the valley.

Everyone had witnessed how the group below died after being surrounded! Why did they run down in such folly?

However, Lu Qianxun was hesitant. Lan Xuanyu’s judgments were accurate, and he would not make such reckless decisions. The crucial thing was whether to follow them or not.

If they were to follow Lan Xuanyu, they would have to rush down as well. And with the Ground Fire Scarlet Dragon’s natural instinct of targeting larger groups, they could not gather with Lan Xuanyu and could only fend for themselves.

Lu Qianxun quickly decided to continue staying where they were. Without a doubt, they held the best defensive ground, the waist of the mountain, and could persevere longer. If they went down, they would have no control over their fates, especially when they were unaware of Lan Xuanyu’s goal.

While Lu Qianxun’s team remained stationary, Lan Xuanyu’s team quickly arrived at the foot of the mountain.

The closer they got to the ground, the greater the number of Ground Fire Lizards. Just then, Liu Feng executed his increased strength.

The white dragon spear in his hand continued to swing and produce afterimages; not only did he continue to bring his two teammates down, but he also sent many Ground Fire Lizards flying.

As the number of Ground Fire Lizards increased, the air temperature around them turned blazing hot. The Ground Fire Lizards had the ability to spew fire, but at such a close proximity, it was no longer strong. Their own body defenses were still the strongest. With Lan Xuanyu’s assistance, Liu Feng’s white dragon spear could at most puncture their bodies, but doing so would also lead to a drop in speed. Thus, Lan Xuanyu requested for him to carry them and throw the lizards aside instead of killing them; it was not the time to do so.

Finally, they arrived at the foot of the mountain.

“Run as far as you can, the further the better,” Lan Xuanyu said. “Avoid the packs of Ground Fire Lizards as much as possible.”

“Got it!” Liu Feng replied and struck the back of the white dragon spear onto the wall. In that instant, the white dragon spear bent under his all out effort and the three of them shot forward by relying on the recoil.

At the same time, Lan Xuanyu used both his feet to strike the wall. The three of them shot forward 15 meters and dropped to the ground.

Liu Feng’s second soul ring lit up as the white dragon spear unleashed a roar. A beam of white light immediately surged within his body as it transformed into a layer of white light on his skin. Liu Feng suddenly let out a dragon roar in midair and soared forward, all the while carrying Lan Xuanyu and Qian Lei.

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