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“I think I will just take my leave.” He concluded, just as he was about to rose on his feet a voice came from behind.

“I’m very sorry for my lateness, the traffic was really mad and I also forgot my phone at home so I couldn’t call you… I’m so sorry once again.” Behold it was Mr. Anume, he held on his right hand a mini laptop and his wallet on his left hand.

“It’s okay friend, but sincerely speaking, you really waste my time… I’m even about to leave.” Mr. Martins voiced out smiling.

“You don’t need to go sir, I’m here.” Mr. Anume teased. He placed the mini laptop on the rectangle-shaped table.

“Now let get down to business, here is my flash.” Mr. Martins voiced out, he dipped his hand into his pocket and he brought out a flash drive, he handed over the flash to Mr. Anume.

“Sure…” Mr. Anume uttered, he powered on the system and in less than a minute it booted to the startup menu. He inserted the flash and he copied some videos to the flash drive.

“Done.” Mr. Anume voiced out, he ejected the flash drive and he handed it over to Mr. Martins.

“Let take our leave.” Mr. Martins uttered and he rose on his feet, Mr. Anume did same and the left the bar for their respective comfort zone.





“Sister… is there anything wrong with me? What am I even saying? I knew and confirmed I’m not okay, I’m just physically okay but I am mentally disturbed and traumatized, I’m just like this, I can’t even remember things that had happened to me in years back, I’m of no use, futile and worthless. Sister, what is wrong with my brain? Am I born like this or what? Say something my dearest sister.” Princess cried and asked alarmingly with tears in her eyes, Angel was confused and dumbstruck, she was helpless and feeble, she rose on her feet and she drew Princess closer to herself, she hugged her passionately as she also broke down in tears.


For over ten minutes, the sitting room could be mistaken for a moaning centre, the cries and howls of Angel and Princess rented the sitting room, they hugged each other passionately with tears in their eyes.

“Princess, come with me…” Angel uttered, she sluggishly rose on her feet and she helped Princess up, she led the way upstairs and she straight to her room, she unlocked the door and she led the way in.

“Come in.” She approved.

“What are we doing here?” Princess asked sobbing but suspiciously.


“I want to tell you the mysteries behind your lost memory.” Angel began.

“Lost memory? So you mean I’ve been suffering from Amnesia all this while, I thought as much.” Princess uttered impatiently with eyes soak with tears.

“Yes… it all happened that…” Angel about to begin the narration but a voiced came from outside restraining her from furthering with her statement. The door opened wide and here comes Chief Chris standing at the doorstep.

“And if you tell her anything consider yourself disowned.” Chief Chris threatened with some kind of husky voice, he walked in and he slammed the door behind himself.

“But Dad…” Angel tried to defend.

“But must you tell her?” Chief Chris asked looking eyes in eyes with Angel.

“Dad, I don’t seems to understand this sudden drama, I’m in the dark side of the whole story, please let me out of the cage.” Princess spoke softly, she went on her kneel holding Chief Chris’ left leg.

“Princess, you don’t need to know anything that happened to you, things that turned you to this, if you remember or find out, they will only brings pains, sorrows, troubles, mourns and regrets for you my dearest daughter… please just don’t remember and don’t try to find out.” Chief Chris elucidated mewling.

“Dad…” Angel sighed loudly, she angrily walked out on Chief Chris.

“Fool!” Chief Chris exclaimed softly.

“Dad, I think I will prefer the pains, troubles, sorrows, mourns and regrets than to be in the total darkness of the whole story… I showed you a letter written by me to one Ola, I even forgot my crush, I don’t know I was once a student not until you told me this afternoon… Dad, if you don’t tell me everything, I will kill myself.” Princess elucidated and threatened, she walked out of the room and she headed to the kitchen, she left the kitchen and she showed up in the sitting room holding a new and sharp knife.

“Father! Sister! I must know the mysteries behind this mess I met myself, else, count me out of the family because I’m going to stab myself to death.” Princess screamed loudly, her alarming voice called the attentions of Angel and Chief Chris and they rushed down from the respective bedroom to the sitting room.

“Princess, are you out of your mind? What’s wrong with you?” Chief Chris blasted angrily.

“Father, everything is wrong with me.” Princess riposted loudly.

“Dad, please take things easy on her.” Angel cautioned confusingly.

“Are you insane?” Chief Chris blasted directing his statement to puzzled Angel.

“I’m sorry sir.” Angel begged with her head bowed down in disgrace.

“Princess, you don’t need all this… must you threaten your biological father?” Chief Chris consoled and asked delightfully.

“Must you also keep the mysteries behind the misfortune of a victim from the victim? Must you keep this to yourself” Princess bounced back.

“Princess…” Chief Chris sighed tiresomely.

“Are you telling me or not?” Princess asked with the knife in her hand.

“I can’t tell you Princess, I love and cares for you more than anything you could ever think of in this world, please don’t stab yourself.” Chief Chris begged softly with eyes soak with tears.

“Then count me out of this family, if God’s will we may meet in the next world.” Princess enunciated with tears in her eyes, she rose up the knife she was holding and she stabbed…


“No!” Chief Chris and Angel screamed in unison.

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