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{Change of heart}

I feel happy I gave my life to Christ, Felix said feeling joyful forgetting all what happened a month earlier.

Just like I did, Jordan chipped in.

But something still bothers me, Felix said.

And that is, said Jordan.

The field marshal.

Yeah, it bothers me also, I mean Nigeria Is in utter chaos because of him, he place Nigeria in a state of emergency restricting movement from into and out of the country, even worse he kidnaps children daily, he definitely needs to be stopped.

He needs to, but even other countries can’t help us because of the shady deal they had with him, to keep their secret, they would only look on, Felix said.

Jordan, Jordan, felix called on Jordan till he responded.

You were lost in thought, Felix said.

Yeah, I was, Jordan replied.

Jordan was thinking about sanju.

Hey Felix, Jordan called Felix attention.

I might be gone for…

What do you mean by gone, Felix asked.

I am going to meet up Sanju, Jordan answered.


I sorta think I need to,

But you surely no what happens, if two of you..

Yes, I know and I have really thought it through.

Hmm, ok, Felix said calmly.

You are awfully calm about this, Jordan surprised at felix calmness.

Because I have also decided to go after the field Marshall.

What, that suicide, jordan couldn’t help saying.

You going after Sanju with one arm his suicide.

I guess we brothers like suicide mission.

I guess so too, Jordan smiled bitterly.


The field marshal his currently in Lagos, in army cantonment ikeja, mesan said detailing plans to Felix.

This is our opportunity to strike, he even chased out all the people living in the barracks only soldiers to remain,

This is going to be very difficult, felix said almost feeling down.

Not difficult, according to weather forecast there is going to be heavy rainfall with a mix of lighting on Wednesday which is going to disrupt any surveillance equipment and there are still bombs buried deep in the bush, we strike there to create a chain reaction, so the odds are on our side, Benson said.

Benson, Felix said standing up.

I am sorry for blaming you, I just got back to my senses because of purity constant messages, Benson said.

Purity, Felix thought in his heart.

Operation siege Army cantonment is a go.

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