At what cost - S02 E30

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{Change of heart}

Felix drived slowly to the rust base and removed the helmet and placed it on the bike handle and slowly worked to his room after first going through the necessary security check ups.

Felix was shattered and layed motionless on his bed, pondering on his actions and he was actually pondering on his decisions then he heard a knock.

Mesan, I told you I don’t want to see anyone, Felix said still laying on his bed.

But the knock on the door became incessant and Felix had no choice but to get up.

I said I don’t want to see anyone, Felix said opening the door 🚪 slowly.

Even me, a feminine voice said from outside.

Purity, felix said opening the door wide.

Surprise, purity entered the room.

If you are this surprised on seeing me, guess you came with me, purity said.

Jordan walked into the room, seeing Felix who was visibly shocked on seeing him.

Brother, Jordan said.

It is not possible, I saw you die, felix said shaking his head.

Hold on bro, are you not happy I am alive, jordan said feigning anger.

No, no, is just that…..

Come here, jordan interrupted Felix words by hugging him.

Purity and the two brothers narrated all what happened.

Wow, Mr Benson is sure evil, purity said after listening to benson.

So are we, Felix said referring to himself and jordan.

Mr Johnson kill our parents because of his desire vengeance, I also killed because of revenge, and the family of those we killed might also crave of vengeance, it is an endless cycle that needs to stop, Felix added.

True, I also think so too and I have let go long before and I feel free, Jordan said.

What do you mean, you let go , Felix asked in surprised.

Jordan then looked at purity and Felix followed his gaze.

What, purity said seeing eyes staring at her.

Felix recalled of purity faith and how she tried to change him and that was one of the reason he sent her out of Nigeria.

Felix then started tearing up,remembering when he and his parents used to go to church.

He remembered the teachings of his children teacher.

Jesus have mercy on me, I know my hands have been stained with blood but you said you will wash it as white as snow, felix said on his knees crying.

Jordan and purity picked him up.

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