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(Wedding night☄️☄️)


An Hour Later i changed into a simple velvet gown with slits that reached up my thighs.My tiara was still on but I earrings were taken away…

‘Look beautiful my dear,Javier can’t take his eyes off you’..Queen Ariel whispered and I forced a smile..

‘He’s kind of freaking me out to be honest’..I whispered back..

‘Hmmm and why is that so?? Are you nervous because of something??’..She asked..

‘Yeah of course I am,I’m scared to death of my wedding night and with his behavior he’s freaking me out the more’..i answered sipping my champagne lightly and fixed my gaze on Tonio who was waving at me..

Ever since that incident with Javier I’ve not been in the stables to ride the horses or have a wonderful conversation with Tonio…

‘Making love on your wedding night isn’t a must my dear—Jared’s father and I didn’t even sleep on the same bed on our wedding night’…

‘Ohhh really well that’s…’..My voice trailed off as soon as the Royal Bard mentioned the presence of Calla and her father Lord Bachor…

What is she doing here anyway??..

I watched in envy as she walked over to Javier and placed a small kiss on his cheeks and she also said something which made him laugh…


He smiled at Elena and Elena smiled at him back with flirtatious eyes..

He was just on a mission to spy on her and when the time is right his boss’s prisoner would capture her…

It was only a matter of time before Javier Orlando would be brought down and then the kingdom would be in the hands of council of doom again…

Just a matter of time..


I sipped my wine and eyed Elena who was now wearing a purple velvet gown that clearly exposed her curves..

‘She’s beautiful isn’t she??’..Calla muttered for the second time and I frowned..

‘If you’ve got something to say then say it Calla,stop beating around the bush’..I snapped.

‘Okay then well what do you expect me to say?! You’re a married man now!! It’s now JAVELE and no longer JAVCAL so what would you expect me to do??’..She cried out and when she turned to leave I grabbed her hands..

‘Calla what has come over you?? You’ve really really changed and it’s getting on my nerves to be honest.First you made me slap Elena and now you’re getting angry cause I’m now married?? Is there something you’re not telling me??’..I asked..

‘Yes Javier!!! There is something I’m not telling you and I can’t tell you here’..She replied and finally freed herself from my grasp..

‘Fine then,let’s go to my room’…


I watched keenly as Javier’s and Calla’s conversation took a turn for the worse and even though I couldn’t hear what they were saying I pretty much knew that it was not good..

I watched on as they both walked away with Jared looking kind of tense also and in a minute they were out of the room..

What are they up to??..

‘Excuse me’..i said to Queen Ariel who was trying to fit me in with her friends..

I followed the both of them hidden of course and that’s when i became more suspicious cause they both went into Javier’s room..

‘Now tell me what’s going on with you??’…He asked as I placed my head on the large oak door…

‘I…i have a confession to make Javier’..Calla replied in a stutter..

‘Okay I’m listening??’..

‘I have feelings for you and in fact…I…I love you Javier Orlando I’ve loved you right from the Day my father brought me to this castle and that’s why i wanted to ruin your wedding at all cost cause I can’t bear to see you with another woman Javier especially that spoilt Lady Elena who doesn’t give a hoot about you!!’..She cried out and I gasped..

Motherf*king bich…

I knew she liked him from the start but why did she have to pretend until the last minute…

‘Calla you are drunk!!! You’re very drunk and that’s why you think you’re in love with me!!’..Javier yelled and from the way he sounded i felt like he was also shocked by her revelation…

‘ No Javier I’m not drunk!! I really love you and i want you! Look we can make this work! I can be your mistress and Elena won’t know! I really love you’..She begged…

‘Stop it!! This is not the time and place to talk about this Calla!! You know what?? Let’s go back to the party and act like nothings happened okay? We’ll talk about this feeling later’..i heard and the next thing i know the door bursted open..

‘What are you doing here??’..He snarled..

‘I..I..your mother asked me to call you both’..i replied nervously and walked away briskly leaving them with confused looks in their eyes…

An Hour Later☄️




The party was over and the guests had started leaving…

Javier kept throwing sultry glances at me and i gulped in return…

There is no f*king way I’m going to let this guy touch me not after what happened the first time I tried to have sx..

‘I’m here to escort you to your room your highness’…Gregory said from behind me..

‘I know where my room is Gregory thank you’.I replied..

‘No I’m talking about the King’s room!! Your husband’s room!’. He said and i winced..

‘Go tell your king that I’ll be sleeping in my own room for our wedding night and i won’t be seeing him until the morning’..i replied..

‘Bu…but he’s..but he’s your…

‘My king? My husband? Yeah i know that Gregory but I won’t be sleeping in his room okay?? Sheesh!!’..i yelled and Javier turned around…

‘Elena what did you just say??!’..He asked..

‘I said i won’t be sleeping in your room on our wedding night!! Are you so dumb to understand?!’..I yelled and he scoffed…

‘What kind of a wife are you?! What kind of a queen doesn’t sleep on her newly wedded husband’s bed on their wedding night?!’..He asked increasing the tone of his voice…

‘The kind that hates her husband!!!’..i fired back..

‘What is wrong with you?! You’re not even a virgin so..

‘I’m a virgin you mean idiot!! I’m a virgin!?’..i cut in and he bursted into an hysterical laugh..

‘Stop lying you’re not a virgin guards take her to my room’..


So our dear king doesn’t think our Elena is a virgin🎼😅..

Is it right or wrong for a wife not wanting to be with her husband on their wedding night??..

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