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(Queenly duties👑)


‘Let me go!!!’..Elena screamed as my guards carried her down the hallway..

‘Let her down’..I ordered and they did as they were told..

‘You really think it’s funny huh?? Making your guards disrespect me?! I thought I’m their queen!!’..She cried out and i crossed my arms with my brows already arched.. I

‘I would never acknowledged you as my queen until you perform your queenly duties’..

‘Oh really??’..

‘Yes really,i would let you stay in your room Elena and this is how this marriage is going to work—You stay away from me and I stay away from you.This marriage is just in name only,I will be free to do whatever i want and you would be…and trust me Elena when i say i would have you one way or the other!!’..I indignantly said and she scoffed..

‘I would only give my body and my virginity to the man i love!!’..

‘Love?? There is no such thing as love! It’s just an illusion and illusion that leaves one broken and shattered beyond repair!!’…i fired back and turned to leave until she said something unimaginable..

‘So you’re just gonna ignore Calla then?? I know she confessed our feelings Javier and I’m pretty sure you feel the same for her!!!’..

‘You insolent pest!!’..i screamed and grabbed her by the neck..

‘Kill me Javier Orlando!! Strangle me to death but mark my words i would never give my virginity to you!!’…She cried out and when i saw the tears streaming down her cheeks I let her go..

‘I would have you Elena Orlando and soon I would know why you’re so scared’..I said..

‘I am not scared!!’..she protested and I smiled..

‘Yes you are scared and I would find out why sooner or later’…


Who gave him the f*king right to say I’m afraid of sx?!!..

Who gave him??..

Well who am I kidding anyway I really am scared of s*x otherwise why would I still be a virgin at 24??..

Just thinking about it gives me the chills not after what happened to me in highschool…


(9 years ago)




‘You look so beautiful’..Chase Dumpkin said as he tucked my hair behind me ear and I smiled..

He had been my ultimate crush of the year and now I’m on a date with him..

‘Thank you’..I replied shyly and he smiled again..

‘Can I kiss you??’..He asked..

‘Yeah..yeah you can’..I replied biting my lower lip and unexpectedly he came out of the convertible…

‘Where are you going??’..i asked and he smiled again..

‘Let’s go make out behind that tree over there’..he replied pointing at the tree far inside the woods..

‘But it’s dark,really really dark’..I said..

‘Yeah and that way no one would disturb us’..He muttered..

I shrugged and followed him towards the dark area and the next thing i knew his lips covered mine and we began making out..

My hands raked his pure golden blond hair while his hands gripped my waist and in a moment I felt something hard against me..

‘What the—

‘Ignore it baby and come here’..he cooed in a whisper and in a moment our lips were locked again…

Hit hands delved under the hoodie i was wearing and the next thing I knew he cupped my breast and tweaked my nip*le which made me release a little moan..

‘I want you Elena’..he whispered and his hands went under my skirt which made me flinch…

‘What the hell are you doing?!!’..I yelled and he smiled..

‘You want it,don’t deny it Elena I know you want it’..

‘Want what?! I thought we only agreed on making out??’..I replied with a frown on my face..

‘Don’t do this to me Elena my d**k is ready for your sweet…

‘Hold up,hold up!! You didn’t bring me here for s*x did you Cooper cause if that’s the case then you better take me home!!’..I yelled and he sighed..

‘Okay fine then let’s go’..he said and the next thing I knew he pinned me to the ground and rested his weight on my body..

‘What are you doing let me go ahh!!!’..I cried out but all my plea landed on deaf ears as he ripped off my light fabric hoodie exposing my breasts..

Tears flowed down my cheeks as I struggled hard to push him away but instead he slapped me hard across the face and his teeth went down to my nip*le biting and teasing…

I fought hard but he was too strong and the next thing I knew he stripped off my pantie and skirt..

‘Chase please don’t do this’..I begged and instead he smiled wickedly..

‘You are enjoying this Elena don’t act like you’re not’…

‘I..I’m a virgin Chase please don’t do this to me!!’…

‘Well then that’s great,your puy would be soft and tight and ready for my dk’..He replied and when the time was right I kicked him hard against the nuts and he rolled over in serious pain..

End of FlashBack💭💭




I can never forget that day…

I would never forget the day I was almost raped..

The Next Morning⛅




‘Wake up Queen Elena’..Madam Pat said and I opened my eyes only to see that the sun hadn’t risen yet..

‘What is it?? It’s just 4am from the looks of it’..I murmured with eyes half closed and she smiled..

‘It’s time for you to start your Queenly duties your highness’..

‘My what now??’.

‘Queenly duties’..

‘Ohhh and what’s that??’..i asked half asleep..

‘Well you have to assign the maids to their duty posts,give alms to the needy in the church and tell the cooks on what to make for breakfast’..she replied..

‘Mmmmh is that all??’..i asked again still half asleep..

‘No my queen,you still have to interview the candidates on who to be your royal assistant,cross check the royal account,find a new gardener and visit the school to mark the opening of the new observatory and oh—You have to write a speech about it and last but not least you have to be in the council meeting to decide on the new dam’..She added and i jolted from the bed..

‘What the hell?!! I’m the queen the last time i checked not a servant?!! And why do i have to do all of this?!’..i cried out..

‘Well cause you’re the queen and the king wants you to do all of it’..She replied and I groaned drowsily…

Stupid King Javier..

I know this is all payback all in the name of queenly duties..

‘I’ll whatever you’re saying but first I need to sleep’…I murmured and went down to my pillow..

‘You can’t sleep your highness please you have to start your queenly duties’..she said and I angrily threw my pillows against the wall..

‘I hate my life!!!!’..

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