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Spiritual power test

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A human’s spiritual power could already be quantified by data a long time ago. It was also an important way of judging a Spirit Master’s strength, especially for those who have a strong spiritual power.

There was a direct relationship between one’s spiritual power and spirit, basically, one’s spiritual power would be directly proportional to the quality of one’s spirit. It could be developed through meditation or one could possess a Spirit Soul or Spirit Ring at the same time, although that type of cultivation was rarely seen.

Starting from the bottom, one’s spiritual power would be split into various levels: Spirit Origin Realm, Spirit Connection realm, Spirit Sea realm, Spirit Abyss realm, Spirit Domain realm, and the Divine Origin realm that only a god ranked spirit could achieve.

The Spirit Origin realm was the initial spiritual power that everyone possess when they were born. It is also the most basic spiritual power. The Spirit Origin realm could sustain Spirit Souls that are ranked yellow and below.

In numerical terms, spiritual power from level 0 to 50 belongs to the Spirit Origin realm and Lan Xuanyu, who just had his spirit awakened, obviously belongs to this level.

During the previous test, Lan Xuanyu’s spiritual power was 18. He was stronger compared to ordinary people but his power was quite average for someone with one Spirit Ring. It was also clearly the reason why he couldn’t control the water elements very well in the past.

Lan Xiao thought about it. With such a transformation happening to his son, his spiritual power might change as well. He was almost sure that there would be a change, it’s just that, he wasn’t sure about the extent of it.

Lan Xuanyu then placed the helmet over his head and with that, they started the test. His eyes were covered by the screen. He saw a passageway that was surrounded by a sea of trees on both of its sides leading up to a small house at the end of it.

“Just focus on that house.” Although it wasn’t his first time, Lan Xiao still reminded his son about it.

Lan Xuanyu focused on that and the number on the screen started to jump.

“Di!” There was a clear sound, the numbers rocketed and it soon got over 50…

Then, the number’s speed got slower until it reached 62.

Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng looked at each other. From 18 to 62, his spiritual power had increased by 44 points.

A spiritual power of 44 wasn’t much for Nan Cheng who already has her sixth ring but for a child with one ring, someone that had this much spiritual power would be considered gifted among the gifted. Not to mention that it increased within just one day.

This was simply a leap!

With a spiritual power of over 50, their son has finally reached the Spirit Connection realm where one’s heart could connect with the spirit and convey its thoughts. When one reaches the Spirit Connection realm, he/she would be able to truly manipulate their own spiritual power for their own use. He or she would be able to support two yellow Spirit Souls or one purple Spirit Soul. Nan Cheng and Lan Xiao’s spiritual power remained in the Spirit Sea realm, a level above the Spirit Connection realm.

The spiritual power of 50 to 500 belongs to the Spirit Connection realm and a Spirit Master would usually stay at this realm forever. Just like the teachers in elementary school, most of their spiritual powers were only at this level.

Nan Cheng remembered clearly that she was 20 years old when she moved from the Spirit Origin realm to the Spirit Connection realm.

A person’s spiritual power would also increase with age and the younger one was, the more valuable its spiritual power increase would be. Even if Lan Xuanyu’s Spirit Power cultivation increases as slowly as before, he was already considered gifted based on his spiritual power alone.

‘No wonder he had such great control over the water elements.’ They thought and after the test, Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng didn’t let their son know about the increase in his spiritual power. It was better to not let him know too much.

“Daddy, I think I did quite well for the test today and oh, don’t forget about our deal.” Lan Xuanyu suddenly recalled this very important matter.

“Daddy won’t forget about that. In fact, I’ve already bought our tickets three months ago.” Lan Xiao smiled.

The school holidays would come after the exams and it was a good thing that Lan Xuanyu broke through right before it started. At least if the academy finds out, they would be able to have an explanation. The school holidays would go on for two months and Lan Xiao could tell them that Lan Xuanyu was suddenly enlightened.

Interplanet traveling was not an easy task. Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng were in the higher income class and the interplanet traveling this time had cost them quite a bit off of their savings. The tickets that they bought in advance had already been discounted and could no longer be refunded.

“Long live Daddy!” Lan Xuanyu jumped excitedly.

The next day, Lan Xuanyu went to school as usual and Lan Xiao merely told him not to tell anyone about his spirit mutation.

The results of the exams were out.

As expected, Lan Xuanyu was the in the top three of his class and because he defeated Ye Lingtong during the combat test, he got the first place. The teachers thought that his first place was a little exaggerated but they still gave it to him.

There weren’t many unnecessary and over elaborated formalities so the teacher just announced that it was now time for the school holidays once she got herself done assigning them their holiday homework.

“Lan Xuanyu!” Lan Xuanyu was about to go home when he was stopped.

Seeing Ye Lingtong, Lan Xuanyu couldn’t help but frown. “What is it this time?”

Ye Lingtong was taken aback by his question as she really didn’t have the intention to look for some trouble with him today. She still felt quite bad after seeing her father knocking Lan Xuanyu unconscious yesterday.

“Nothing, I just wanted to ask how you’re feeling?” Ye Lingtong said.

Lan Xuanyu then replied, “Pretty good.” He was feeling pretty good, indeed. Yesterday, he played with the water elements for a very long time to the point that he accidentally gathered some of them while he was asleep and it looked as if he had wet his bed this morning.

There was a side effect to that and it was his appetite which had increased explosively. He had a huge meal in the morning and although it was not as bad as the night before, he still ate a few times more than his usual portion.

Ye Lingtong pinched the hem of her top and after hesitating for a moment, she said, “I am sorry! My daddy really didn’t do it on purpose yesterday. Daddy said that your spirit is very special and should be a mutated spirit, it suppresses our spirits and his spirit reacted that way only as a reflex to protect him…”

“Oh, it’s fine! I’m alright.” Lan Xuanyu shook his head. He obviously didn’t have a good impression of Ye Lingtong since she bullied him when they first met.

As for Ye Lingtong’s beautiful appearance, there weren’t any other little girls in school who could compare to her. Most importantly, they weren’t as beautiful as Lan Xuanyu too…

Lan Xuanyu was still little but he knew that Ye Feng’s oppression caused his spirit to mutate and become stronger. It turned out to be a good thing actually.

“It’s the school holidays so, see you next term.” Lan Xuanyu waved towards Ye Lingtong who then turned around and left.

Seeing his retreating figure, Ye Lingtong gripped onto her lapels and pouted her red lips. She mumbled to herself, “What’s there to be arrogant about, huh?!” Although that was what she said, her father’s assessment of this chap appeared in her mind.

Ye Feng said that Lan Xuanyu was a good kid and something miraculous might happen to this child. His spirit might be extremely strong.

Ye Lingtong was just a little girl and she had always looked up to her powerful father since she was young. Although she didn’t want to admit that she wasn’t as good as Lan Xuanyu, her Spirit Skill would always disappear at the second she got close to him, so how could she defeat him? A few thoughts came over to her subconscious. For example, there was a thought if she should improve her relationship with him or something along the lines of having a different perception of someone that were specific to children like her. After what happened the day before, Lan Xuanyu seemed a little different in terms of both his temperament and aura.

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