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Explosive increase in appetite

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Ye Feng stood at the same spot for a few seconds and furrowed his brows yet he didn’t say anything. Then, he followed behind Lan Xiao and went back into the room.

“Let’s go.” Ye Feng called out to his wife and daughter.

Ye Feng’s wife looked apologetic, “We are really sorry about this incident, we can offer some compensation…”

“No need for that.” Lan Xiao said rigidly, “As long as the child is alright.”

Ye Feng’s family was sent out with this sort of attitude and the moment they stepped out, Ye Feng’s wife, Tang Xiaomeng couldn’t help but comment, “You’re too reckless.”

Ye Feng smiled bitterly, “I didn’t expect this to happen either.”

Tang Xiaomeng’s face turned gentler immediately as she held his hand and whispered, “Did Xuanyu’s dad make things difficult for you?”

Ye Feng shook his head, “Although his attitude wasn’t great, he didn’t say much. But this kid is really extraordinary and is highly likely a great talent.”

“Daddy, what is a great talent?” Ye Lingtong looked at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng placed his arm around his daughter’s shoulders and shook his head gently, “We’ll talk about it next time, let’s go home.”

After walking Ye Feng’s family out, Lan Xiao’s expression reverted to normal. He actually already knew that Ye Feng had already done very well and he also got some information about this man previously – he was very mysterious and was definitely from a certain secret department in the military. It was also because of this that he wasn’t very pleased with what he did as he was most worried that Ye Feng would pay more attention to Lan Xuanyu.

In fact, what Ye Feng said just now was exactly the same as what he analyzed. Lan Xuanyu’s Blue Silver Grass spirit might be mutated from a dragon species. To the extent that it was able to be comparable to a top-notch spirit like the Holy Light Dragon? Lan Xiao believed that this was plausible – his son was born out of an egg, after all!

Nan Cheng had stopped crying and Lan Xuanyu was also already out of bed, dashing straight into the kitchen.

“Mommy, I am so hungry, I want to eat something.”

“En en, mommy will cook something for you.”

Eating was obviously a very normal thing to do but when Lan Xuanyu really started eating, Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng realized that something wasn’t normal.

“Mommy’s food is the most delicious.”

“So yummy.”

Her son just suffered and any mother would obviously cook anything delicious but when this portion becomes thrice a normal portion, Nan Cheng was taken aback. After Lan Xuanyu was done eating, he was still looking at her with puppy eyes indicating that he wasn’t full.

“Son, you have such a huge appetite! If you keep that up, you’re gonna burst,” Nan Cheng said as she rubbed her son’s belly. His stomach was still flat as if he hadn’t eaten anything yet.

“But I am still so hungry, Mommy! I don’t know why but the more I eat, the hungrier I get.” Lan Xuanyu blinked and his long eyelashes fluttered.

“Cook for him and let him eat,” Lan Xiao said as he stood at the side to watch his son.

“Wouldn’t he be too bloated?” Nan Cheng looked at her husband doubtfully.

Lan Xiao shook his head and spoke with deep meaning in his eyes. “Our son isn’t ordinary.”

“Oh.” Nan Cheng then shrugged her thoughts. She trusted her husband a lot but when Lan Xianyu got on his eight portions of steak, she firmly refused to cook for him anymore. There weren’t any ingredients left at their home anyway.

“You can’t eat anymore, you’ve had too much, it’ll be troublesome if you’ve become too bloated!” Nan Cheng said to Lan Xiao anxiously.

Lan Xiao then looked at Lan Xuanyu. “Son, are you still hungry?”

Lan Xuanyu rubbed his belly and said, “I feel slightly better now but I don’t feel that I’m full yet.”

Lan Xiao then said, “Let’s take a break before eating, alright? Daddy wants to ask you something.”


Nan Cheng didn’t really understand what was happening so she glanced at her husband. Lan Xiao then said, “Both of you follow me to the cultivation room.”

The family of three went into the cultivation room in their house. Lan Xiao closed the door and activated the protective cover before he rubbed his son’s hair. “Xuanyu, daddy heard from Uncle Ye Feng that you released an ice shield before you fainted? Could you release it for daddy and mommy to see?”

“Ah? I don’t know! I didn’t release an ice shield!” Lan Xuanyu was a little confused.

Lan Xiao then said, “Take a look at this.” He turned on the Soul Guidance communication device around his wrist as he spoke and a beam of light shone on the wall of the cultivation room, revealing a clear image in front of them.

In the recording, Ye Feng was squatting in front of Lan Xuanyu and checking on his Blue Silver Grass.

Every cultivation room had a camera installed so it would be convenient to check on those people if they needed to. Lan Xiao already watched it before but this was the first time she’s seeing it.

In the recording, Ye Feng touched the silver pattern on the Blue Silver Grass and Lan Xuanyu was sent flying when he released his spirit. But at that moment, there was a faint glimmer in Lan Xuanyu’s eyes and it was a very special glow. It was faint but it appeared to be colorful.

The one that caught their attention was the time when the Blue Silver Grass made Lan Xuanyu’s arm glimmer with a beautiful silver pattern. It wrapped itself around his arm and although the ice shield was shattered almost immediately, both of them confirmed that it really appeared.

Lan Xuanyu’s eyes widened as he stared at this recording. He looked at his left hand and his eyes were filled with disbelief. He then exclaimed excitedly, “Mommy, can I really turn water to ice already? Let me give it a try.”

He then released the Blue Silver Grass and this time, it really seemed different.

When the Blue Silver Grass appeared, Lan Xuanyu felt a sense of comfort and its originally faint silver pattern became more distinct as well. The lines were connected with the venation on the Blue Silver Grass and the droplets on the surface were rolling around slightly. Lan Xuanyu seemed to be able to feel the movement and the trajectory of every bead of water that was contained in his hands.

This felt too surreal in a way where everything became so much clearer.

“Ice?” Lan Xuanyu tried calling it out, it was the same thought that appeared in his head.

Something strange happened. All of the beads of water on the patterned Blue Silver Grass froze instantly, it was as if they were pearls embedded in the leaves, even the air around him got colder.

“Waah, this is really fun!” Lan Xuanyu exclaimed happily, “How about water?”

The beads of ice then turned to water once again.

“Try letting them wrap around your arm and see how it feels,” Lan Xiao said.

Lan Xuanyu focused his thoughts and the leaves began to twist and turn until it wrapped itself around his arm. And when the Blue Silver Grass was twisting and turning around, Lan Xuanyu felt like he entered another world. Everything around him became clearer and he could now see every tiny dot of blue light in his surroundings — those were the water elements suspended in the air!

He instinctively waved his left hand and those little blue dots of light naturally moved along with his palm like they were a part of him, he had a perfect command on them.

Lan Xuanyu was still a child after all, and controlling these water elements was a joy to him. He turned them into a ball of ice at one moment and made them dance around in high spirits at the next. He also made them switch between water and ice and he even shaped it to look like a flower.

Nan Cheng was dumbfounded as she watched him from the side. She was a user of the ice element herself and naturally, she could feel the water elements moving in the air as well. Ice is made up of water, after all, but she doesn’t have any control over the water element just like her son since if she released her spirit, the only thing that she could manipulate would be just ice. But Lan Xuanyu was able to switch between the water and ice elements too quickly, is this something that someone with his first Spirit Ring could achieve?

His Spirit Power might still be weak but the range that his Spirit Power could control and his connection with the water elements were totally unrestrained!

“Son, take a break.” Lan Xiao said. This had confirmed his conjecture that his son had become somewhat different.

The pressure of Ye Feng’s spirit seemed to have released something in Little Xuanyu’s body. It was as if a seal was unlocked and his true innate skill was suddenly revealed.

It was obviously a good thing with regards to his personal strength but he didn’t really wish for his son to get too much attention.

When the Blue Silver Grass went back into his palm, the closeness he felt with the water elements was reduced greatly despite it still being present. It was as if he could only achieve the strongest bond with the water elements through the Blue Silver Grass.

Lan Xiao walked out of the cultivation room, he brought a helmet-like apparatus back with him and said, “Son, daddy is going to test your spiritual power once again.”

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