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As the abolitionists and some of the slaves marched forward in the street of the united state blocking pass way and causing a huge hold up on the highway, the news spread like wild fire round the slavers. And not long they all came out with long guns. Master Tom held a microphone and spoke loud in it so that they can hear him clearly.

“I hate it when a slave wants to turn against his master. I will not say this twice, turn and return to your masters and continue to be good slaves. This act of foolishness will be forgiven and everything will return to normal”

“We demand to be free, we demand to go back to our mother Land, enough is enough, we are tires of your wickedness” a young man shouted from the crowd

Master Tom turned and looked at him, and he drew out his pistol and shot him in the head. The man fell and died on the spot.

There was an uproar as the rest of the crowd threw stones and sand in the air. Those with guns started shooting back at the white men.

Ukeh tried to check the man that was shot but found out he was already dead. A bullet flew past his ears and that reminded him that he was in a battle field. He quickly stood up and looked around him, everywhere was scattered, different bodies were falling on the ground. Whites and blacks. Abolitionists and slavers.

Ukeh was unarmed and he knew he can’t stand there doing nothing.

“Busssshhhhh” he turned to see who was calling him, it was Kelvin, he had been shot in his arm. Ukeh quickly ran to him and held him. He knew there was no going back home, there was only one place to go now. The safe house underground. and so he helped Kelvin up and gradually led him away.

Meanwhile, Some of the slaves who were hearing the sound of gunshots outside wondered what was happening. Until one old woman among them came and told them.

Slaves and Masters are fighting.

Agatha: But why?

“The slaves demand freedom.”

Agatha: It is about time. I want to join them.

She runs inside and comes out with a cutlass but Nti who was bow being called Fina stopped her with her big belly.

“This fight is not for you Agatha, please stay”

“There is a man I once knew, he was exchanged for you. He taught me to be brave and to live, something tells me that he is part of this fight and I want to see him, I want to join him to fight for I ur freedom.” Agatha said

“I know you want to, if my brother was here, he would fight for my freedom too, but please I am begging you, please don’t leave me. I need you. He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. Please stay with me for today.

Agatha looked at her, part of her wanted to go, but then she didnt also want to leave this young pregnant girl, she felt a connection to her and a responsibility to take care of her and so she dropped her cutlass and went back inside.

But some of the men who heard picked up weapons and ran to join the protest.

The time for freedom has come and we will fight with the last drop of our blood to be free. This is war. If you cannot join in the fight then.pray for your brothers and sisters who are out there to be safe and win this fight. This is war.

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