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Life in the army is boring. In addition to all kinds of training, it's all kinds of practical exercises. It's not only tired, but also boring. Today, the new training plan of the flying eagle team is available. After all kinds of physical training, we will learn to shoot.

"After five kilometers of loading, everyone will gather at the shooting training ground," said the captain

Five kilometers of weight-bearing is the beginning of their physical training every day. As time goes on, these five kilometers are really nothing for everyone.

Everyone: "yes."

Compared with the past, it's the same "yes" character, but the tone of everyone's voice is obviously higher than the past, because today they finally have the long-awaited shooting training.

Many people don't know what they want to do before they join the army. They naively think that they can take guns when they join the army, so many people come here with guns. However, they haven't been able to touch the guns for several months after entering the army, which are all routine physical training.

Shooting training is a new project, which arouses everyone's enthusiasm, especially the enthusiasm of boys. They all wish they could run the five kilometers to get a gun of their own, and carry the broom on their shoulders to sweep away all the people who don't look right.

There are only two girls in the new flying eagle class, one is Zhuang Momo, the other is Hu Qiaoqiao. Shooting didn't have much interest in their two girls, but it's a must learn project in the army, so they have no reason to fall behind boys.

Zhuang Momo and Jo Jo run together, Hu Qiaoqiao pulled a Zhuang Mo: "Mo Mo, there is something I want to talk to you about."

Zhuang Momo: what's the matter

Hu Qiaoqiao added: "on the surface, the war chief left the end of war in our flying eagle team and ignored him. Leaving him here seems to let him receive training like other people, but in any case, the end of war is the son of the war chief."

"How is it?" said Zhuang Momo

Hu Qiaoqiao gives Zhuang Momo a white look: "Momo, do you really not understand, or do you fake it?"

Zhuang Momo: what

Hu Qiaoqiao added: "Mo Mo, if I don't care about other people, but you are my comrades in arms. This time we two female soldiers in the recruit class live in the same dormitory. I just told you so much. If you can bear it, please bear it. Don't be against the end of war."

Zhuangmomo has nothing to do with Zhan limo: "it's clear that he deliberately opposes me. If he has nothing to do with him, he shouts from a man and a woman, who is willing to listen to such words."

Hu Qiaoqiao worried: "Momo, even if the war is against you sincerely, you must let him. Don't compete with him head-on, or you will definitely suffer losses in the future."

Zhuang Momo: I see

Zhuang Momo didn't think about Hu Qiaoqiao's words. She thought more, but the man at the end of Zhan Li was too arrogant and disgusting. Sometimes she forbear and forbear, but she didn't.

Hu Qiaoqiao added: "Mo Mo, don't you dislike my wordiness."

Zhuang Momo: No

Hu Qiaoqiao said again: "Momo, let's go to apply with the captain for regrouping. You have a lot of contact with his group. If you two are separated, you should stay away from him as far as possible, and you won't have a conflict with him in the future. "

"I am such a man in your eyes." At the end of the war, Zhan Li's words came in coldly. Just now, he was obviously behind them a lot and didn't know when he ran to them. Hu Qiaoqiao was surprised and said, "you, you eavesdrop on our conversation."

"Eavesdropping? Even if it's eavesdropping on my young master, it's also a fair eavesdropping. " Under the astonished gaze of the two men, Zhan Li said, "look at you, you are still talking so loudly on this road, for fear that others won't hear you, for fear that others won't know that you are afraid of me."

Hu Qiaoqiao said with a dogleg: "there are a large number of war childe adults. They won't have the same understanding with us."

Zhuangmomo is unreasonable. Zhan lifeI said: "don't worry, Zhuang Momo. Although I don't like you very much and wish I could step on you, I won't do anything with my father as the head of Jiangbei military region. What's more, the war chief can't give people any special power, even if the individual is his son. "

Leaving words behind, the war accelerated from the end and soon left Zhuang and Mo behind.

Looking at the figure of the war away from the end, Hu Qiaoqiao added: "in fact, the war childe is quite charming."

Zhuang Momo: "Hu Qiaoqiao, I think you need to see an ophthalmologist."

Hu Qiaoqiao took a white look at Zhuang Momo and added, "but then, let's get along with Zhan limo for a few months. It's not like he's the son of the war chief these months. He's never been treated in a special way in the team

Zhuangmomo: "who said no?"

Hu Qiaoqiao asked, "do you think so? When did it happen? "

Zhuang Momo: "didn't you find that our team leader could not move to punish the end of the war. If you make the same mistake in others, you will be fine. If you make it in the end of the war, you will be fine. "

Hu Qiao Qiao Qiao is a big white eye again throw to Zhuang Mo Mo: "really enough special."

Zhuangmomo didn't answer any more. He sped forward.


Everyone's back in line. Now we're officially shooting training.

Zhan LiMao and Zhuang Momo are still in the same group.

Neither of them was pleased with each other, and neither of them paid attention to each other. That's why they put all their energy into learning. They learned some basic knowledge about guns first. Zhuang Momo and Zhan Liming soon mastered them, so the first group of training started from their group.

The primary training is to play the training, training down from the end of the war and Zhuang Momo's performance is also good.

The performance of other team members was slightly worse. The team leader was not satisfied with everyone's performance, so they were all punished to run the playground for another 100 laps. The time of the day after running was almost over, and everyone dragged their tired body back to the dormitory.

Xiaojia, a comrade in arms, crowded around the end of the war and said, "at the end of the war, I think Zhuang Momo is interested in you."

After hearing this, Zhan Li finally shivered: "please, don't say such words to scare people. I know I'm excellent and attractive to women, but I'm definitely not a man woman's dish. Don't talk about it in the future. "

"You can see that she is indifferent to our comrades in arms at ordinary times. Sometimes, greeting her doesn't mean that she has a response, but to you, it's quite different." Listen to Xiaojia, Zhan Li at the end of the war looked back on these times. It seems that Zhuang Momo's manwoman is quite indifferent to people. She doesn't usually see a man with whom she has said more than two words. She just follows him around every day and tries to attract his attention.

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