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The little guy lying in the hospital bed still has the strength to argue with him about who is bigger and who is smaller. Lele put his hands on his chest and said seriously: "my sister just said that I am three years old and nine months old, you are three years old and five months old, I am four months older than you, I am my brother, you are my brother."

Lu Lu: "..."

What to do?

The little guy who broke in all of a sudden said something reasonable, which made him suddenly unable to find a refutation.

Lele said, "little Lulu, please call me brother."

Lu didn't want to call a little boy named brother, but he couldn't find the language to refute Lele. He could only turn to Lu Xi for help: "Mommy, I don't want to be a brother, I want to be a brother."

"Lu Lu, brother and brother are determined by the order of birth, not by who wants to do it. You are four months younger than Lele. Lele is my brother. You are my brother. " Lu Xi touched the heads of the two little guys respectively and said with a soft smile.

The world of children is so simple and full of fun, just a topic of who is the elder brother and who is the younger brother can make them argue for a long time, can let each other sincerely shout a elder brother, as if it is as happy as the whole world.

Because the identity of his brother and brother has been determined since he was born, Lu Lu is reluctant to admit that he is a younger brother, but because of his mother's usual education, he politely shouted to Lele, "brother Lele."

Lele, who has always been the youngest in the big family, now has a little guy smaller than himself. Lele is so happy that he jumps twice in the ward: "brother Lu, I want to hear your name brother."

Lu Lu Dudu said, "No."

Lele: "I'll bring you a lot of toys to play with one more call."

Lu Lu: "brother Lele."

The two little guys chatted happily together, and then they began to talk, oh no, about their favorite cartoons and toys In a word, Lucy can't interrupt any more. She reminds us occasionally that two little guys dislike her for her troubles.

Lu Xi looks at Lu Lu sadly, doesn't he say that his favorite person is Mommy? Don't you want to be with Mommy? Why did a child who had just known her for less than half an hour neglect her motherhood?

It's said that her son can't help his mother if he is a little over three years old.



Comfort! Ask for a hug!

But in addition to her own hug, who can give her a hug.

Just as Lu Xi was thinking sadly, Qin Yinjian suddenly sat beside her and said in her ear, "do you know what it's like to be ignored?"

Luhinunu said, "what's the matter with you?"

Qin Yinjian didn't want to quarrel with her, so he changed the topic and said, "they are talking about their affairs, so we are also talking about our affairs."

"Between us?" Lu Xi was stunned, and then added, "I will try to repay the money I owe you."

Qin Yinjian's face suddenly changed: "..."

This woman is in debt. Does he want to talk to her about money?

She didn't know. He was short of everything or money.

Lu Xi: "don't talk, angry again?"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Lu Xi added: "you are always like this. If you are angry, you don't speak. Do you know that this kind of person really needs beating?"

Qin Yinjian: "then you don't know if you make me angry?"

Lu Xi said wrongly, "I've noticed that I don't provoke you, but you are so easily angry. Sometimes I don't know where I've provoked you, so you don't pay attention to me. What else do you think I should pay attention to? "

Hearing Lu Xi's words, Qin Yinjian realized that he really had such a problem, but he couldn't put down his face and said, "in my impression, you are not such a stupid woman."

Lu Xi: "maybe it's because of having a baby. It's said that she has been pregnant for three years."

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

He has told himself countless times not to care about her past and who she has had children with. But every time he mentions this topic, his inner jealousy always rushes out involuntarily, which makes him unable to restrain his efforts.

He cares!

Damn it!

Care that the child on the bed is not his own.

But even if he cares, he is still working hard to accept the child

Lu Xi also sensed Qin Yinjian's thoughts and smiled bitterly: "thank you for letting Xiao Lele accompany Lu Lu Lu."

Qin Yin tried to put aside the ideas that shouldn't exist in his mind and make himself look more relaxed: "Lele is about the same age as Lu Lu Lu. There should be more topics to talk about. I will often let Lele accompany Lu Lu Lu in the future."

"It's not very good," he stopped. There are so many bacteria in the hospital. No one who has no disease or pain is willing to step here. Let alone Lele is such a small child. You should not bring him to the hospital in the future. "

Qin Yinjian: "I have your opinion?"

Lucy: shouldn't you ask my opinion

Qin Yin: "I has the final say in this matter."

Lu Xi: "why?"

Qin Yinjian got up and said, "Lele will stay here. I will pick him up in the afternoon."

Lu Xi: "where can I do it?"

However, Qin Yinjian didn't leave without saying a word. He put people here, and Lu Xi could do it, or not.

Seeing Qin Yinjian gone, Lele ran to Lu Xi's side and said vividly, "sister Lu Xi, you should stay away from your uncle in the future, or he will eat you."

Lu Xi said with a smile, "Lele is afraid of his uncle? Why? "

Lele said: "my uncle always has a straight face. He never smiles at Lele. Lele is afraid that he will eat Lele, so Lele is afraid."

Lu Xi: so it is

As expected, people who can't laugh are annoying!



After Lele was taken home, she was besieged by three women in her family.

The three big women surrounded the small band and stared at him like a trial prisoner. Qin Yueran, as the representative, said, "Yuele is obedient. Tell us about it. Who did your uncle take you to see today?"

"Grandma, auntie, mom Joy is thirsty! " Lele said that he had no words to the three of them. He wanted to know who his uncle had taken him to see. It was not better to ask him directly. Why did the three of them drag him to his room and force him to ask?

Even if the three of them want to know about him, would you ask them to give him a glass of water first?

Otherwise, how can he tell them? Qin Xiaobao quickly handed Lele a glass of water and pinched his shoulder for the little guy. He said with a flattering expression: "little young master, here comes the water. Drink it quickly. Say it quickly."

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