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Lele took a glass of water and Gulu Gulu Gulu to drink. After drinking, he wanted to go to the toilet again: "Mom, I need to pee."

"Son of a bitch, why are you so busy?" Although there are so many things to dislike this little guy, Qin leran takes him to the bathroom and asks him to pee. Qin leran brings him back directly. "Lele, tell us who you see today."

Lele knows that he is a very important member of the family. Whenever he appears, he will be the focus of attention for the family. However, these people pay so much attention to him today, not because of him, but because of the people he has met.

Thinking that someone is more concerned by grandma, Auntie and mom than himself, Lele is a little unhappy: "grandma, auntie, mom, don't you love Lele?"

"Lele, you are the most lovely baby in our family. How can we not love you?" she said

Qin Xiaobao pokes at Lele's head directly: "boy, you can tell me where there are so many things."

Qin leran poked at Lele's head without showing weakness: "Lele, what do you think in your little head all day long? We all love you so much, how can we not love you? "

The family loves him, and LeLe is clear in his heart. He is not happy that everyone's focus today is on the people he goes to see instead of him. Not only his uncle likes sister Lu Xi better, but also the elders who love him at home care more about sister Lu Xi. Lele is not happy.

"I came back from kindergarten, you care about what I ate and what I played today, but you didn't ask me what I went out to play today, just ask my uncle who took me to see. I'm not happy anymore."

It turns out that the little guy is jealous.

She said, "well, we don't ask who Lele has met. We ask where Lele has gone today and with whom we have lunch."

Qin Xiaobao said: "yes, we all want to know what Lele has done in a day."

Qin leran also nodded: "I guess Lele must have a good time today."

It's said that three women play a play, not to mention the three women of the Qin family. It's really the playwright of the playwright. How can the young Lele stand the three of them? When they boast about it, they soon forget their unhappiness.

Lele said seriously: "my uncle left me in the hospital, and it was sister Lucy who cooked for me at noon..."

Qin leran first grasped the key words: "Lele, are you talking about sister Lu Xi? Are you sure you didn't say the wrong name? "

Lele Dudu small mouth: "Mom, Lele is not a little fool, how can I remember sister Lu Xi wrong. Sister Lu Xi is so beautiful and kind to me. Sister Lu Xi's son is also lovely. He also calls me brother Lele Grandma, I'm also a brother. "

Today's experience with Lucie and Lucie is very happy, so when Lele talks about their mother and son, they all look happy.

"Lele seems to like sister Lucy very much," said Jane

Lele nodded: "sister Lu Xi's Coke chicken wings are delicious. Lele likes eating them."

"Sister in law, ask the point." Qin Xiaobao is an acute son. They don't ask him, "Lele, sister Lu Xi has a son. Is his name Lu Lu right?"

Lele nodded: "his name is Lu Lu He is as lovely as Lele, but he doesn't run as fast as Lele because he is ill. Auntie, if you are ill, you need to be injected and take medicine. It's so pitiful. Lele will never be ill again. "

"If Lele doesn't want to be sick, he should love hygiene and not be picky about food. Do you know?" Jane doesn't know what Lu Lu's disease is. She thinks it's just like many children who have a cold, fever or gastrointestinal problems. She doesn't pay much attention to Lu's disease.

Lele said: "yes." "How lovely!" Jian ran and Qin lelan are so happy to let Qin Yinjian take Lele away. They just want Lele to ask for some information. Now the news comes back. It's similar to the content of the Internet. The fiancee of Shengtian new president is unmarried and has a baby first. The difference is that the Internet biography Lu Xi is a vicious woman

. What Lele sees is a kind and beautiful woman. Little children don't understand. They only rely on their own intuition and preferences. So Jane believes that the girl named Lu Xi must be a kind-hearted girl. As long as she is kind-hearted and as long as Qin Yin likes it, what does it matter what she has done in the past? As long as she is willing to step into the door of the Qin family,

the door of the Qin family is always open to her.

Jane put Lele down and touched his head: "it's hard today for our baby. Go wash your hands and get ready for dinner."

"Finally, we can have dinner." Lele's stomach is almost flat. Now when he hears that he can eat, he turns around and runs to wash his hands.

Qin Xiaobao is not so easy to talk about. She has always been a lord who is afraid of the chaos in the world: "I said sister-in-law, you can do that?"

"What else do you want?" she said Qin Xiaobao said: "Lele knows so little. That woman hasn't been able to enter the Qin family yet. She must be pretending to be a good person and trying to please our Qin family's treasure. Maybe once she is married to the Qin family, she will show her ferocity. My sister-in-law, in my opinion, this matter requires me to go out and find out whether she pretends or not. "

"Qin Xiaobao, don't mess with me." Jane raised her voice slightly. "You really think that the man of your Qin family is treasure. Everyone wants to squeeze into their heads and marry in?"

Qin Xiaobao: "isn't it?"

"I'll tell you, if it wasn't for our good temper, no one could stand such a sullen gourd who would not talk if he was angry for decades."

Qin Xiaobao: "my brother is bored, but he is very good to you." "You only see when he is good to me, you don't see when he is bad to me, last night he was angry with me and ignored me." When it comes to Qin Yue, Jane is really loving and hateful. "I don't know how it is. How adorable and sensible our family was when they were children. I thought that he had inherited my fine genes. Who knows that the bigger they are, the more like their father, the more angry their father and son are from the same mold."

Qin Xiaobao: "well, I admit it's their shortcoming, but they are both handsome and golden. It's the first and second most wanted man in the world. "

Qin Xiaobao is telling the truth, but she has nothing to argue with: "well, you are all right. But I have my own opinion on Lucy's matter. You are not allowed to come here, or I will let you stay in the army for a few days. "

Qin Xiaobao cried angrily: "sister in law, you threaten me! You threaten me! Are you still my kind and beautiful sister-in-law? "

"I've been married to your Qin family," she said with a smile. "Now that I've settled down in Mrs. Qin's place, I can show my ferocity."

Qin Xiaobao: "..." This time, she was buried in the hole she dug.

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