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It was an upstairs kponkpon, we would have

to go upstairs to pour the rice and beans.

Very risky kponkpon, as someone might

mistakenly fall off. Or so i tot.

Bcos of how risky it was to climb upstairs to

pour the rice and beans, the money was

700naira per bag instead of the normal

600naira per bag.

War started.

It was indeed war bcos we were like 15guys. A

look at the wierd and rough looking guys, i

was sure about half of them were Masters

holders in kponkponity, while the rest were

Phd holders in kponkponical Engineering.

I and Brainbox were just WASSC holders

tutored by our master Man who was just a Bsc


Funny enough, Baba jay couldn’t be regarded

as a FSLC holder but a Nursery school

certificate holder, that is if there was any

certificate like that.

Work started.

Mehn!! it wasn’t as easy as i tot. Some guys

were even taking dry gin to serve as an Energy


I took a sip of the dry gin, so did Baba jay.

It didn’t only boast my strength, it made me

developed wings. I was flying.

As for Baba jay, it made him changed his

walking step to that of a Robot.

Before i knew it, i was on my fifth bag.

Baba jay was really a fast learner, he was

catching up with the kponkpon tutorial he was

learning from some of the Phd holders in the


I could finish only six bags before work

closed. Lazy me!! When there was a guy that

did 15bags, even Man did 9bags.

As we walked home, i was happy for Baba jay

that atleast his first day to work in the

“Ministry of Kponkpon” wasn’t a tragedy like


I never knew Tragedy would soon come for


Hereditary “wahala” awaited him.

Something i never knew Baba jay had.

Something i only saw on Tv. I saw it in reality

for the first time.

We boarded the same canoe we boarded while

going. Just that we were the only passengers

this time around.

“guy una dey make money well well for this

una canoe business oh” Man said to the

canoe attendant. “naso oh, na God dey do am

oh” the Canoe attendant replied. “e be like say

i go come follow una dey do the business oh”

Man teased. “u never do kponkpon business

finish, u wan enter canoe business” i said.


We had barely crossed to the other side of the

River when Baba jay brought out the money

he had made and said, “omoh mehn! Money

dey for dis kpokpon business oh, see as i

make 2100naira today. “shebi when i tell u

make u follow me go do kpokpon, u tell me

say u be old man” Man said.

I had never seen Baba jay that happy since i

met him. “mehn see money oh!!” Baba jay said

showing us his money.

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