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“Mama Ejima i dey greet oh” I greeted Mama

Ejima the next morning.

Her response to my greeting was an eyeball. She

eyeballed and hissed.

“if you like make you no answer me as i dey greet

you, wetin i know be say you go pay us the money”

I almost said.

“but wait oh, this woman fit poison me and Man

oh” I said to myself.

On our way to work, i stopped over at Florence’s

boutique to collect the money she had sold, and i

told her i wanted to go get more Jewelleries at

Kpatalico Jewellery marketing company, a company

located at Number 1 Kponkpon street, Nekede


Mama Calabar canteen was open that morning.

“Mama Calabar why you no open yesterday na?” I

asked. “my pekin no well, i carry her go hospital,

but i open in the evening” She informed.

“give us our usual” Man ordered. Our usual was

Rice and Beans, with two Kpormor. Point of

correction, the Rice and Beans wasn’t Cement and

Gravel, also the Kpormor wasn’t that thing found

in between a Lady’s legs.

As i ate the delicious Rice and Beans, in my mind i

was saying; “nothing like Mama’s food”. Not my

Biological Mother, but Mama Calabar.

Romour had it that Mama Calabar always used the

water she made use of in washing her Kpormor to

prepare her meals, i guess you know the Kpormor i

mean here? If you no know, na you sabi.

If the rumour was anything to go by, then it was

certain Man, Flow and Brainbox would change

their States of Origin to become Cross Riverians

soonest. Because they were long lost in Mama

Calabar’s food charm.

Sometimes, i usually eat Mama Calabar’s food all

the way to my dreams.

You wouldn’t blame me, would you? When her food

was not only Mouth watering, it was also Nose

watering, and even Stomach watering.

They say; “you don’t know what you have until it

is gone”. For just a day that Mama Calabar was

gone, i really missed her food.

“Man my hand dey pain me oh, you sure say we go

fit dig another pit today?” I complained on our

way to the site. “guy no talk that r’ubbish oh, we

must dig one pit oh” Man replied.

“take Tramadol, drink am make e give you power”

Man offered me two capsules of Tramadol. I

collected it and swallowed without thinking twice.

I never knew the same Tramadol would almost rob

me of my heart.

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