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Leaving his cruel words behind, Qin Yinjian will open the door to leave after he has straightened out his clothes.

Just before Qin Yinjian opened the door, Lu Xi suddenly sneered: "yes, I am such a woman. Don't you know Qin Yinjian only this evening?"

For a long time, Lu Xi has been making Qin Yinjian feel guilty and let him go everywhere. As long as he says anything, he is still her gold master after all. But just a moment ago, something hit her head hard and made her completely awake.

He didn't give her money as charity. She used her own body to earn those few money with her own efforts. He also got happiness from her. They were fair deals. Why did he look down on her?


What qualifications does he have?

Lu Xi bites his lips and stares at Qin Yingu angrily. Just as he tries to stare at Qin Yingu angrily, Qin Yingu stops and stares at Lu Xi gloomily.

Even though the light in the living room still hasn't been turned on, Lucy still saw the anger in his eyes, because the anger was so obvious that he could feel it with his heart without looking at it. Maybe he even had the heart to kill her at this moment.

"What are you doing watching me like this? Just want me to shut up? " Mingming has been exhausted by him, but I don't know why Lu Xi feels that her body is suddenly filled with strength. Even though her blouse is not neat, she still stands upright and keeps her only self-esteem to talk to him, "I am such a woman who makes money by her body, but where can you be better, Qin yin? It's the men like you who come out to buy, and then the women like me come out to sell. In a word, we're both half a dozen. Don't look down on anyone. "

"So if you sell to one man, you sell to many men. It doesn't make any difference to you, does it?" Hearing Lu Xi's abusive words again and again, Qin Yinjian's two hands hanging on his side shook and shook. He tried to control them several times, but he still didn't control them. He said such hurtful words out of control.

"What?" At the beginning, Lu Xi didn't quite understand what he said, but when it came to his disdainful tone, Lu Xi gradually understood that the man had never believed her. He always felt that there were other men besides him.

No wonder he said that just now.

Knowing what kind of person he is in his heart, Lu Xi doesn't care about anything. He has a broken pot mentality: "I told you from the beginning that I've slept with other men in my mother's life. I've made it clear to you that you are willing to support me. Now don't look like a victim. Your face is disgusting. Don't you know? "

Qin Yin hung on his side, his head clasped and he said: "I'm sorry."

Lu Xi snorted from his nostrils, "Qin Yinjian, don't put on a picture of going out to whore and talking about feelings. This world is so realistic. As long as you have money, everything is easy to do. If you don't have money, everything can't be done. Who has the time to talk about some feelings with you?"

At Lu Xi's words, Qin Yinjian's face was so black that he could almost blend with the night outside: "..."

"Now I'm announcing the cancellation of our trading relationship, and you'll disappear from my sight. Don't let me see you again," Lu said

Qin Yin grabs Lu Xi, holds her chin and raises her head. "Lu Xi, do you think the trading relationship between us can start when you say it can start, and end when you say it? I think you are too naive. This game is the beginning of my shouting, I didn't shout the end, no one wants to end. "

Lucy wanted to open his hand, but couldn't: "then tell me, what do you want?"

Qin Yinjian said coldly again: "since you have promised to register with me, then make good preparations. Once the house is transferred, I will ask you to register with the Civil Affairs Bureau."

Lu Xi: "..."

Lu Xi really doesn't understand. Qin Yin clearly hates her so much. Why must he register for marriage with her? Is it to find a legal reason to insult her?

Since it can't change anything, Lu Xi also learned to accept the reality, but before accepting the reality, she also wanted to make it clear: "if you are willing to register for marriage, I will accompany you to the end, but I will explain to you in advance that Lu Xi is an unclean woman who has done many things you can't think of. If you are willing to register for marriage with me, then transfer this house to me first. How I deal with this house in the future is my business. You can't care. "

"Hold on to your duty. You have everything you want." Hearing that it was the house that she opened and closed, Qin Yinjian's newly extinguished spark was ignited again. If he stayed, he might do something harmful to her again, so he opened the door and shook the door.

As soon as Qin Yinjian left, Lu Xi didn't think much about it at all. Now she just wants to go back to the hospital quickly. Before Lu Lu Lu wakes up, she can't leave a shadow on the little guy's heart.

Lu Xi simply tidied up himself, and then packed the jewelry Qin Yinjian gave her. No matter whether the jewelry is genuine or not, it seems that the workmanship and color are top-level crafts. If you meet someone who knows the goods, you can still sell it at a good price.

Not only did she tidy up the jewelry, but she didn't let go of even a few dresses. She didn't know the jewelry, and she didn't know much about the clothes. But at least she knew that the materials of these dresses were comfortable to touch. They were breathable and comfortable to wear, and the price would never be cheaper.

The tuxedo and jewelry were packed with two 28 inch suitcases, but at this time the pawnshop and the second-hand market were not open, so Lu Xi decided to drag the suitcases to the hospital first. Lu Xi doesn't feel at ease to leave the valuable things in this home again, because as long as Qin Yinjian says, these things may be taken back at any time.

As long as there are these things, even if Qin Yin regrets that she will lose the money of the house tomorrow, but she can rely on selling jewelry and dresses to help Lu Lu Lu for a while, maybe until she thinks of other ways.

Lu Xi's stay at home was about two hours. Fortunately, it wasn't long. Lu Xi went back to the ward and saw Lu Lu Lu sleeping in the bed. She was a little relieved. But she just sat by the bed and suddenly heard Lu Lu Lu's voice with a crying voice: "Mommy, Lu Lu thought you didn't want Lu Lu Lu to go alone."

Lu Xi was stunned and looked down quickly. He saw that the little guy in the quilt was crying so much that his tears were red and swollen: "Lu Lu Baobei, Mommy just picked up some necessary things when you fell asleep. Mommy never left Lu Lu Lu."

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