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Lu Lu didn't know. He thought mommy was gone again." Lu Lu holds Lu Xi's hand and leans his little face against it. He says pitifully, but soon the little guy tries to smile again. "Lu Lu Lu knows now."

Children are so happy, angry, sad and happy on their faces. For them, as long as mommy is around, it's as happy as having the whole world.

Lu Xi kissed him and said, "Lu Lu, do you love your mother?"

Lu Lu nodded, "love."

"How much love?" Lu Xi asked

Lu Lu thought carefully: "I love you very much Love as big as the sky. "

Lu Lu has not learned enough vocabulary to accurately show how much he loves Mommy, but Lu Xi knows that he wants to love Mommy forever.

Lu Xi rubs Lu Lu Lu's head, kisses his forehead and tells him: "son, you need to know that mommy loves you more than you love Mommy, and Mommy will be very sad to leave you for a minute. Mommy doesn't want to be separated from you for a minute like you."

"Lu Lu loves Mommy very much." Lu Lu doesn't know much, but as long as mommy is with him, he can feel at ease.

Because just woke up, mommy was not there. He cried bitterly. It was hard to cry. Now mommy was with him. He just wanted to sleep. But for a while, Lu Lu Lu fell asleep again. But this time, the little guy had been holding on to Lu Xi's corner tightly. When he fell asleep, he was also holding tightly. He was afraid that he would not see Mommy when he woke up again.

Lu Lu fell asleep, but Lu Xi, who was lying beside Lu Lu, could not sleep.

Although every organ of her body told her that she should have a good rest when she was tired, she still couldn't sleep. When she calmed down, she thought of Qin Yingu, the house, the marriage and the two boxes of valuables she had just packed.

Of course, the most important thing to think about is these two boxes of valuables. They are brought out, but it is not easy to find a suitable place to sell them at a good price.

Among these jewelry, a necklace is claimed to be worth 1.3 billion yuan. Lu Xi doesn't know whether it's a real one or a fake one. If it's a fake, it's worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. If it's a real one, no one will dare to accept it.

After thinking about it, he couldn't think of any way. Lu Xi took out his mobile phone and opened the web page to look for Jiangbei's more famous pawnbroker and the second-hand market of luxury goods. He searched for a lot of news at random. Lu Xi looked for a store with a higher public rating and went to have a look.

The second-hand shop, called theone, mainly buys and sells second-hand brands. Seeing that the avatar of online customer service is still on, Lu Xi points in and sends a message to ask: "do we buy second-hand jewelry and second-hand dresses?"

After a few seconds, the other side replied: "the international brand we make in our shop, if it's a big brand, we can sell everything we charge, but only if it's authentic, and if it's fake, it's 10% off."

If it's genuine, Lucy can't guarantee it. She said, "well, I'll take it to your shop after daybreak, and then you can help me see how much these things are worth."

The store replied: "our business hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and we are always waiting for you during business hours."

Lucy: good. See you at dawn

After chatting with the shop owner, Lucy was relieved at last. Whether she could sell these jewelry or not, at least she saw a glimmer of hope. And it has been several years since the store opened. It is absolutely reliable in credit. As long as her things are OK, other things are not.

The stone in her heart can be put down for a while, and Lucy's sleepiness gradually comes. When she put down her mobile phone and was ready to go to bed, it was already dark, and more people were walking outside the ward, and the new day officially began.


This night, Qin Yinjian, who was also sleepless with Lu Xi, didn't go home after leaving Lu Xi's house, but drove around the city in his car, and he didn't know where to go.

After a few turns, Qin Yingu's car stopped at the mangrove bend, on the other side of the happy sea paradise.

Happy sea paradise, this amazing building was built by his father for his mother in those days. Now it has been more than 20 years since the construction of the sea paradise, and their parents have gone through 20 or 30 years together. Their feelings have not been weakened by the baptism of time, but become more and more profound, and they have become an integral part of each other's life.

His parents, his brothers and sisters, all have such beautiful and enviable feelings. Why can't he?

He just wants to simply like a girl, marry her home, take good care of her, protect her from the wind and rain, let her not go around because of life, let her live carefree under his wings However, why can't his simple wish come true?

The sky is getting brighter, and the lights of the happy sea paradise, which only blooms at night, are losing their luster. Under the sun light, all the lights are so insignificant, just like a person, no matter how excellent you are in other aspects, but in the emotional world, only one of thousands of ordinary people, not you can get it if you love her To her love, is not you let her love you, she can love you obediently.

All night, Qin Yinjian drove to the company again.

His office has several suits for the president to change at any time.

After a wash, Qin Yinjian, the brilliant and aloof president Sheng Tianxin, seemed to be the man who didn't sleep overnight because of emotional problems.

He is in a good mood and will not be affected by the meeting. He will also attend the overseas Video Conference on time.

The time of the morning passed quietly in the busyness. At noon, when he had a rest, a familiar phone call came in. When he answered it, he heard a young female voice saying, "where are you, elder brother?"

Qin Yin answered two words coldly: "company."

But his indifference didn't dampen the girl's enthusiasm, she continued: "I remember that the first two months were when you spent 1.5 billion to shoot Master David's most proud work Ocean Star."

Qin Yingu remembered clearly. At that time, when he saw the necklace named Ocean Star, he was stunned. In his mind, he immediately thought of the way Lu Xi put it on. He thought that Lu Xi must look good on it, so he took a huge amount of photos and gave it to her. But how could Cheng family girl suddenly mention this?

The girl said, "second brother, someone is selling me the ocean star you photographed. Do you want me to buy it or not?"? Or I'll call the police right away? "

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