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It was because of her selfishness that she insisted on giving birth to Lu Lu when she knew that there might be physical problems.

"Land and land......" Lu Xi gently holds Lu Lu Lu's small hand in his palm and says, "tell mommy, is there anything uncomfortable?"

"Mommy..." Lu Lu opened his mouth and shouted out two words of Mommy. He wanted to say something else, but he was too weak to say anything.

"Lu Lu, don't talk when you are tired, just listen to Mommy." Lu Xi looks down and kisses Lu Lu Lu's forehead. "Lu Lu, Mommy tells you that no matter how big things happen, Mommy will accompany Lu Lu Lu, cure Lu Lu's illness, and let Lu Lu live a healthy and happy life like all children."

"Mommy, land and land are not afraid." As long as mummy is with him, Lu Lu is not afraid, and he believes that he will not die.

"Well, my baby Lu Lu is the bravest. But Lu Lu, you don't need to be so brave when mummy is around. You can play coquetry with mummy. If you are not comfortable, you must tell mummy. " The more sensible Lu Lu is, the more uncomfortable Lu Xi is.

She hoped that such a small land and land could cry like other children. It may be that the growth environment of land and land is different, and because of this disease, he has suffered a lot since he was young, and he has learned to be strong since he was young.

"If Lu Lu doesn't perform well, will mommy not want Lu Lu?" Because mummy seldom stayed with him this year. When he wanted to call mummy, Mr. Zhang always told him that mummy was too busy to answer the phone, which caused great harm to his young mind.

"Lu Lu, mommy has told you many times that no matter what kind of baby you are, Mommy will never leave Lu Lu." Lu Xi knows that the damage has been caused. No matter how much she says, it has no effect on Lu Lu. The only thing she can do is to be with Lu Lu and never give her children the illusion that she will abandon him at any time.

"Lu Lu is going to sleep. Mommy is going to accompany Lu Lu." Lu Lu stares at Lu Xi, hoping that when he wakes up, he can see Mommy when he opens his eyes, instead of that mommy is not around when he wakes up like many times before he goes to bed.

"Let Lu Lu sleep. Mummy is here with Lu Lu. When Lu Lu wakes up, mummy will make delicious food for Lu Lu." Lu Xi knew that Lu Lu Lu wanted to sleep very much, but she was afraid that Mommy would leave after falling asleep, so she kept on trying. In order to make Lu Lu feel at ease, Lu Xi lies beside him, humming a nursery rhyme to coax him to sleep.

Lu Lu is too insecure. As long as Lu Xi has a slight movement to wake him up after sleeping, Lu Xi lies beside him and dare not move. After a long time, Lu Xi Fang does not get out of bed until Lu Lu Lu falls asleep completely.

Lu Lu's illness needs a lot of money to be cured, and this money depends on Lu Xi's ordinary job. It is estimated that she will not save enough money in her whole life, so she has to find another way to raise money. The fastest way to raise money is to find Qin Yinjian.

But Lu Xi can't explain the reason to Qin Yinjian. I'm afraid that no man in the world is willing to pay for the children of his ex girlfriend and current sweetheart. Qin Yinjian's idea is very old-fashioned. If he knows that she has had children with other people, he may want all the money he gave her back.

Can't tell the truth, then can only "cheat".

Although there are a hundred people in Lu Xi's heart who don't want to cheat Qin Yinjian, she has to do so for her son.

"Qin Yinjian, I'm sorry!" Lu Xi took a deep breath of cool air. After clearing up her mood, she found the cell phone on the bedside table and turned it to Qin Yinjian's phone number. As long as her finger went down, she could get through his phone and find him. However, in the last step, she hesitated again.

Fight or not?

Fight out, her image in Qin Yinjian's heart may have become a foregone conclusion. In his heart, she is a man who loves money as his life. For money, she can not only sell her body but also her marriage.

If we don't fight, land and land may not be saved.

In between, Lu Xi quickly made a decision that she wanted Lu Lu Lu to live, and she was willing to give whatever she wanted.

Once again, Lu Xi took a deep breath. Without any hesitation, Lu Xi dialed Qin Yingu's phone at one point. After the phone rang several times, the people there just answered the phone. When she got through, she opened up in a hurry: "President Qin, call you in the middle of the night, but it didn't bother you."

Qin Yin's faint voice came to her: "what's the matter?"

"It's something." Lu Xi nodded and wanted to speak again, but once again found that it was so difficult to say such a simple sentence again, as if someone would stab her with a knife every time he said a word.

Qin Yinjian: "say."

Lu Xi bit his lip, and his empty left hand tightly squeezed his left leg. It hurt before he had the courage to say, "President Qin, did you say you want to marry me?"

"Have you thought about it?" Qin Yinjian answers quickly, and Lu Xi rarely hears the sound of waves in his always calm and waveless voice.

"Well." Lu Xi nodded again, paused, summoned up courage again and said, "did I promise to marry you, and you will transfer the house I live in now to me? Is that house mine after it was transferred to me, no matter what I do? "

After Lu Xi's question, there was no answer for a long time. She thought that he had hung up, and then she asked carefully, "President Qin, are you listening?"

"What else can I say?" Qin Yinjian's voice has returned to its former indifference, even colder than usual. Even if it's just a mobile phone, Lu Xi feels a cool behind her.

He should be angry.

However, it is clear that this request was put forward by him. She just agreed to him now. Why should he be angry?

Lu Xi didn't think too much, and said in a hurry, "if you still count what you say, you can let lawyer Ma come to me in the morning tomorrow. I will accept the house and also promise your proposal."

Now that house is worth millions. As long as there is that house, she can find the best doctor in the best hospital to help Lu Lu Lu treat the disease. As long as the treatment is timely, Lu Lu Lu will be OK, it will be OK.

Qin Yinyu: "OK."

A good word seemed to be said by him. Then he hung up the phone and listened to the busy tone in the handset. With a soft body, Lu Xi fell heavily on the stool.

Many years ago, she wanted to marry him and become his wife and live with him all her life.

However, it never occurred to me that she and he would be combined in the form of such a transaction.

She had thought that she would be sad, but she did not think that she would be so sad, as if all three souls had lost two souls.

And she, from now on, is no longer Lucy.

She is just a mother of a seriously ill child.

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