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Such a small child can't bear to say such a thing, let alone his mother. It's even the teacher Zhang who helps Lu Xi take care of Lu Lu Lu. Lu Xiqiang can't help crying. Zhang's tears fall into a crack: "Lu Xi, what can I do?"

Lu Xi bit his teeth, calmed himself down, and said, "Mr. Zhang, we will send Lu Lu to the hospital now. Lu Lu will be OK. Don't worry."

It's not that Lu Xi doesn't worry about Lu Lu, but that she has to bear no more worries. Lu Lu has no father. She is such a relative. If she breaks down, what should Lu Lu do?

Mr. Zhang said anxiously, "well, let's send Lu Lu to the hospital now."

Lu Xi and teacher Zhang take a taxi to take Lu Lu Lu to the hospital and send him to the emergency department. The doctor first tries to get rid of Lu Lu Lu's fever, and then draws blood for a general examination. After the blood examination results come out, the doctor finds Lu Xi: "Lu Lu Lu's mother, do you know what the child's disease is?"

Lu Xi bit her lips tightly and nodded. She knew that it was because she knew that she would be afraid. She was afraid that Lu Lu would not survive this time, and that she would lose Lu Lu forever. So when Lu Lu Lu was sent to the hospital, she was so scared that her body was shaking slightly.

The doctor added: "the total number of white blood cells in the land and land blood far exceeds that of the normal people. The time of his illness should not be short. How can you send him to the hospital now?"

"Lu Lu was treated in New York when he was more than two years old, and his condition was relieved. The doctor said..." In the middle of the conversation, Lu Xi may go again. She thinks Lu Lu Lu's situation can wait until she has saved enough money, but apparently it's all her self-image. Lu Lu Lu has tried so hard to wait for her, but it's because she's useless and hasn't saved enough money that she delays.

The doctor added: "go to the hospital and go through the formalities. The child's illness can't be delayed any more. If it's delayed, it will only become more and more serious. It's hard to say whether he can keep his life."

Hearing that she might not be able to save her life, Lucy's fear broke out. She was so excited that she grabbed the doctor's hand: "doctor, as long as you can cure the child, no matter how much it costs. Please be sure to save him. You can't give up on him. "

The doctor patted Lu Xi's hand and comforted him: "leukemia is not an incurable disease now, there is still a chance to cure it, but the death rate of this disease is very high. Lu Lu's mother, no matter what, you should be prepared for it."

Lucy lost control and screamed, "I said, money is not a problem. As long as you can cure the child, you can pay as much as you want."

Doctors have seen a lot of such out of control family members, and still calmly persuade them: "Lu Lu's mother, this disease can not be cured with money, but also depends on the child's condition and later treatment. And our hospital is not the best hospital in Jiangbei City. The treatment conditions for this kind of disease are limited. If your conditions permit, we suggest that you send your child to Shengtian group's private hospital in Jiangbei after his condition is slightly stable. Shengtian private hospital has the world's best medical equipment and the world's top doctors. With their help, Lu Lu Lu is much more likely to be cured. Of course, the cost of such a hospital is also extremely high. It is not possible to have millions of diseases like land and land. "


All of Lucie's savings now add up to less than a million.

In this year, Qin Yinjian didn't dare to use a cent of the money she had given her. She also tried to save her wages for work. But after saving for a year, it was still far away from a million yuan. She could get several million yuan from anywhere for a while and a half. But in order for Lu Lu Lu to receive the best treatment, she had to find a way, even if she wanted Qin Yinjian.

She said, "OK."

Mr. Zhang hugged the crumbling Lu Xi: "Lu Xi, Lu Lu is OK for the time being. Let's go to the hospital first and let him stay, then the doctor can treat him well."

"OK, first go to Lu Lu and go to the hospital." Lu Xi wants to go to the hospital for Lu Lu Lu, but he is too weak to walk.

Mr. Zhang said, "Lu Xi, if you don't sit down, I'll go to help Lu Lu go through the admission formalities."

Lu Xi shook his head and stood up straight with his teeth clenched: "Miss Zhang, go back to have a rest. I'll take care of Lu Lu Lu tonight. I have to go to work tomorrow and ask you to take care of Lu Lu for me. "

There is no dependence around. There is no other way but to rely on oneself. There is no strength. Lu Xi has to bite his teeth to survive.

"Lu Xi..." said Miss Zhang

Lu Xi tried to pull out a light smile: "Mr. Zhang, Lu Lu's hospitalization is not a matter of one or two days. There are many places to trouble you in the future. Please go back first. I will ask you to take care of Lu Lu for me in the daytime. "

Lu Xi is not unreasonable. One person can't take care of Lu Lu day and night. The two of them can only take care of day and night alone: "but Lu Xi, are you really OK today? Let's watch the land tonight. "

Lu Xi nodded firmly: "nothing is impossible for Lu Lu."

In the past three years, she has survived alone with land and land without money. Now she has some savings in her hand. She must be able to make land and land better. She must be able to make land and land grow up healthily.


When Lu Xi went through the formalities for Lu Lu Lu's admission, Zhou Qingqing, who was in the office of president secretary of Shengtian, was also in the hospital. Seeing his colleagues in the same department, Zhou Qingqing wanted to go to say hello to Lu Xi, but suddenly heard that Lu Xi was called Lu Lu's mother. Zhou Qingqing's steps were taken back.

Lu Lu's mother?

Does Lucy have children?

Thinking of this possibility in my mind, Zhou Qingqing's blood was almost boiling.

President Shengtian just announced that Lu Xi is his fiancee this afternoon. Now if it is revealed that Lu Xi has children, it is more difficult for Lu Xi to marry into a powerful family than to go to heaven.

Zhou Qingqing knows that he can't be impulsive. If he wants to break through Lu Xi's real face, he must get the real evidence. Otherwise, Lu Xi may bite him back. It's not Lu Xi who leaves Shengtian at that time. It's probably Zhou Qingqing.


After going through the hospitalization procedures, Lu Xi went back to Lu Lu's ward, and the doctor told her some things that Lu Lu Lu should pay attention to. Now the main disease on Lu Lu Lu is fever, and then there may be other complications, which are more unbearable than fever.

"Doctor, thank you for your trouble tonight!" Lu Xi looks back at Lu Lu Lu, who is so small and pale on the bed. His breath is very weak and weak, as if he could abandon her at any time. At a glance, Lu Xi's heart is almost unable to breathe.

Sometimes, seeing Lu Lu Lu is so sad, Lu Xi thinks that if she didn't insist on finding the criminal who defiled her, if she didn't insist on giving birth to Lu Lu Lu, Lu Lu Lu would not suffer such a crime.

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