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After hanging up, Qin Yinjian plays with his cell phone again. After thinking about it, he gets through Lu Xi's phone again. Soon, it's connected there. Lu Xi's voice says, "what else can I do?"

Qin Yinyu: "where is it?"

Lucy: I didn't tell you just now. I was at my friend's house to help look after the children

Qin Yinyu: "address."

Lucy: what are you doing

Qin Yinyu: "you spend my time on others, what do you say I want?"

Lucy: "not tonight, another day. I'll make it up to you some other day. "

Qin Yinyu: "address."

Lu Xi: "you can bear it. It's not convenient in other people's homes."

What does this woman think of him?

Did he look for her and have nothing to do but sleep?

However, this year seems to be exactly like this.

Lu Xi said again, "President Qin, it's really inconvenient today. There are children here."

Qin Yin snapped up the phone.

Lu Xi listened to the busy tone of the mobile phone and tooted his mouth: "who is that. It's not polite at all. "

Lu Lu quickly hugs Lu Xi's thigh: "Mommy, Lu Lu is polite. We don't play with rude villains."

Lucy smiled, "well, ignore him."


On the new day, Lu Xi got up early, made breakfast for Lu Lu, and waited for teacher Zhang to come to her before she could go to work safely. But when she arrived at the company, Gao Tiantian found Lu Xi.

Gao Tiantian's spirit is very bad, it looks like she didn't sleep last night: "Tiantian, what's wrong with you?"

Gao Tiantian took a deep breath and said, "Lucy, give me a few minutes. I want to tell you something."

Lucy nodded, "you say it."

Gao Tiantian took out a bank card and handed it to Lu Xi: "Lu Xi, this card has one million. As long as you are willing to leave Shengtian and qinyinjian, this million is yours. "

Lu Xi looked at Gao Tiantian in shock and stammered in shock: "Tiantian, what are you doing?"

Gao Tiantian said, "well, I've made it clear. As long as you leave Shengtian and qinyinjian, I'm willing to help you as much as I can. If you like money, I will try to make money for you. "

This words, Lu Xi how to listen to all feel a little wrong: "no, Tian Tian, I need money, I will try to make money, you give me money to spend what is the matter?"

Gao Tiantian grabs Lu Xi's hand and forces the bank card into Lu Xi's hand: "my family is in a good condition. I have also saved some money for work these years. I don't spend money at ordinary times, so I want to earn it for you."

Lu Xi admits that she needs money, but she has not been reduced to the point of being pitied. She bit her lip: "although your family conditions are good and you have saved money at work, you can't spend all the money for me. You think it's disgraceful for me to make money in this way, but do you think I can spend it happily if you give me money? Tiantian, I know you care about me, but really, I don't need other people's sympathy. I can do my own thing well. "

Gao Tiantian said excitedly, "Lu Xi, why don't you understand my mind?"

"Tiantian, I don't understand, and I don't want to understand. Thank you for your kindness. I've got my hair on my head. " Lu Xi gave the card back to Gao Tiantian and smiled, "you're good at work. I wish us better and better in the future."

"Lu Xi, you think about it again. As long as you think about it, call me at any time."

Lu Xi doesn't pay attention to Gao Tiantian any more. Why does Gao Tiantian treat her like this? It can be seen from Gao Tiantian's eyes. It's just that she didn't notice that she had a good relationship with Gao Tiantian before. Maybe it's because Gao Tiantian thought she would like to be good with her.

Lucy doesn't reject homosexuals, but she's not, and she can't accept it.


One day's work begins with Gao Tiantian's episode. Lu Xi tries to forget the episode and devote himself to his work. He can't make such low-level mistakes as yesterday any more.

Shortly after going to work, their chief executive also arrived. He still followed his four special helpers behind him as usual. When he passed their office area, he took a look at her side, but Lucy was busy working and didn't find out.

Lu Xi is busy with the work at hand. It's almost time. As usual, she makes coffee again and sends it to Qin Yingu. She still puts the coffee on his desk. Without saying a word, she will quit. Qin Yingu stops her and says, "I'm not going to talk to you about anything."

Lu Xi smiled: "what do you want to hear me say?"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Early in the morning, she was full of laughter. What did she say she wanted to say to him?

"It's working time now," said Lu. "You told me to make my private business clear. Let's get off work for something."

Qin Yin sinks his face and throws the pen on his desk.

Seeing that he was angry, Lu Xi blurted out his flattering words: "you are handsome!"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Lu Xi smiled with a flattering smile: "really, you are more and more handsome day by day. You are so handsome that you are shining and blinding my eyes. I suddenly want to sing a song to you, you are light, you are electricity, you are the only myth, my great president Qin. "

Qin Yinyu: "go out!"

Lu Xi said with a smile, "yes!"

Looking at the back of Lu Xi's hurried departure, Qin Yinjian bit his teeth. Lu Xi would only please her when she was guilty. She must have done something bad on his back.

Qin Yin pressed the internal phone to call for Anting Jie. When he called, he didn't speak. He looked at Anting Jie in such a gloomy way that his scalp was numb: "President Qin, what do you want to do with me?"

Qin Yin didn't speak.

Antinger racked his brains and asked tentatively, "about Lucy?"

Qin Yinjian still didn't speak, but antinger observed his subtle expression changes, so he quickly reported the news that he had inadvertently seen in the morning: "Gao Tiantian looked for Lu Xi again this morning, and took a million card to Lu Xi, saying that Lu Xi would spend it casually, but Lu Xi didn't receive it."

Qin Yinyu: "one million?"

People can make her happy if they give her a million. Why didn't he see her smile so heartily to him when he gave her less than a million gifts.

Antinger nodded, "yes, a million."

Qin Yin waves his hand and antange exits the office.

Qin Yinjian picks up his mobile phone and opens wechat. He points and transfers 10000 yuan to Lu Xi. Note - spend freely.

Lu Xi received a message for the first time. She turned on her mobile phone and saw Qin Yinjian transfer 10000 yuan to her. She didn't think about it. She ordered to receive the transfer.

However, I gave Qin Yinjian a big smile and words - thank you for your generosity and love!

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