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only when she receives the money, will Lucy be so happy.

Seeing Lu Xi's reply, Qin Yin snorted coldly, but at the same time he enjoyed it very much, so he pointed and transferred ten thousand yuan to Lu Xi again.

Then he raised his legs gracefully and waited quietly for Lu Xi's reply.

After receiving the transfer message again, Lu Xi couldn't believe it. What happened to Qin Yinjian today? How can I make people feel uneasy when I transfer money to her for no reason?

Think about it, Lu Xi still received the money --- president Qin Da, your generosity makes you more and more handsome, love you! The words are accompanied by the expression of kinship and MoMA da.

Qin Yinjian received the reply, and the corner of his lips rose slightly unconsciously. Then he continued to transfer money to Lu Xi very childishly, and turned out again with ten thousand yuan in his fingers.

Qin Yinjian turns the money painlessly, and Lu Xi receives the money happily. Lord Jin is in a good mood today, so she works harder to please Lord Jin, President Qin. I can't stop admiring you as much as I can say in the river. So finally, I'd like to put it together as a sentence.

In a short time, Lu Xi received 20 transfers of Qin Yinjian's 10000 yuan, which really made her happy. After all, the 200000 yuan was the total amount of her bonus for a whole year at work.

Lu Xi is happy to receive the money. He will pay more attention to the information returned to Qin Yingu. He would like to tell him all the pleasant words. This move is also very effective for Qin Yingu. He was in a good mood all morning.

An Tingjie rushed to the office of the president to report Qin Yinjian's trip. He suspected that he had gone the wrong way. He couldn't help looking at the president several times: "President Qin, you are going to the airport."

Qin Yinjian's expression was instantly serious: "let Lu Xi clean up."

Antinger: OK, I'll inform her right now


Suddenly hearing the news of going on a business trip, Lu Xi was full of reluctance. Before going out in the morning, she promised to sleep with Lu Lu Lu in the evening and tell Lu Lu a bedtime story.

Lu Lu's psychology is very sensitive now. If she breaks faith with her child again, I'm afraid it will be difficult for Lu Lu to believe in her again, so she must not leave Lu Lu alone.

Is there any way to change Qin Yinjian's idea and let him take her with him?

Lu hoped that the time in the lower right corner of the computer was getting closer and closer to the time of departure, but her mind was still blank and she didn't think of anything.

Just when Lu Xi couldn't think of any way, he heard his colleague behind him talking in a low voice. It seemed that her boyfriend ate too spicy last night and got gastritis and was admitted to the hospital

Hearing this conversation, Lu Xi had a flash of inspiration in her mind. Pretending to be ill should be able to survive. She immediately pinched her thigh with her hand, which made her mouth twitch and she didn't let go until she pinched it and broke into a cold sweat. She just released her hand and covered her stomach, whining, "ouch..."

Hearing Lu Xi's painful cry, the next colleague immediately came around, saw Lu Xi's forehead was in tears, his face was pale, and he was nervous for a moment, "Lu Xi, what's the matter with you?"

"Pain It hurts... " Lu Xi covered her stomach, and her expression was so painful that she could say three words. Seeing the anxious eyes of his colleagues, Lu Xi also had some small complacency in his heart. It seems that his acting skills are OK.

There was too much movement here, which immediately attracted a lot of people's attention. Of course, it also included an Tingjie, one of the president's special AIDS. He pushed people aside and came to Lu Xi's side: "Lu Xi, you..."

"Pain!" Lu Xi clenched her teeth and squeezed out such a word, either because the performance was too hard, or because she was afraid that her acting would be torn down. Her forehead had never stopped sweating.

"Lucy, I'll help you downstairs first. You can call an ambulance. " After answering, antinger wanted to reach out to help Lucy. Unexpectedly, two powerful arms hugged Lucy faster than he did. "Get out of the way!"

Lu Xi: "..."

How did Qin Yin come out? Why do you still hold her?

If he finds out that she pretends to be ill because she doesn't want to go on a business trip with him, he will certainly skin her.

Wuwuzhong -

she is so pitiful that she will be torn down the first time she pretends to be ill.

As soon as they saw it, they were not the chief executive officers who were usually too cold to eat fireworks. They had no time to think about what was between the chief executive officer and Lu Xi. Everyone immediately withdrew and went back to their offices.

Qin Yinjian rushes straight to the elevator with Lu Xi in his arms. After entering the elevator, Lu Xi hears him saying to her in a long lost gentle voice: "Lu Xi, don't be afraid. You'll be fine with me. "

In the past, they climbed the mountain and went under the water together. They met with danger. Every time, he would hold her hand tightly and tell her with practical actions: "Lucy, you will be ok if I am here."

Yes, all along, as long as he is here, she will be ok So that year, when she had an accident, it was because he was not in the United States when he went back to Jiangbei, which made her completely lose him.

Thinking of Qin Yinjian's kindness to her in the past, and thinking about something that Lu Xi would never want to think of in her whole life, her heartache hit her like a tide, which made her feel suffocated.

If that time she was so smart, if that time she had a little bit of defense against the family, she would never fall in the trap of Cui Xianzhen, the dead woman, or lose Qin Yinjian completely.

But no if, the fact has happened, no one and no one can go back to the past.

Lu Xi was fine, but because of the thought of the past, tears burst out of the dike, crying tears. Qin Yinjian thought that she was in pain and cried, and slightly increased her strength: "don't be afraid!"

Lu Xi was sad and sad, but she knew that she had no capital to be sad and sad, so she told herself not to cry, especially not to show Qin Yinjian that he didn't owe her anything, and he had no obligation to treat her unconditionally.

Lu Xi bit her lips and tried to control her tears: "President Qin, I'm ok. Please let me down first."

Her words made Qin Yinjian, who was holding her tightly, stiff, and even the air seemed to freeze

For a long time, for a long time, when the elevator reached the first floor from the top floor, Lu Xi opened up again and broke the silence: "President Qin, I really have nothing to do, please let me down. Now it's in the company. If you hold your employees like this, it's not good for others to see. "

Lu Xi clearly felt Qin Yinjian's holding her strength weakened a little, and the tenderness in his eyes was replaced by Indifference: "if you are not Shengtian's employee, you have nothing to do with my life or death."

The implication is that he is worried because she is an employee of Shengtian. If she has a long and short time at work, Shengtian is very responsible.

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