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Mysterious Heaven Loop

Sometimes, some people are dealt a rotten hand by fate. The Sea God Douluo Chen Xinjie surpassed the Skycrosser Douluo in every way, be it his natural endowment or cultivation period. With luck on his side, the Skycrosser Douluo made significant progress. He made the breakthrough to God rank in a single attempt. In a way, he had achieved the True God realm similar to the Holy Spirit Cult’s founder, the Demon Empress. He was only lacking in his spiritual power and had not acquired divine consciousness.In that case, a God-ranked Skycrosser Douluo would certainly cause more stress to Tang Wulin than the other Limit Douluos.

The numerous Limit Douluos on the scene had lost count of the number of battles they were involved in previously. Every single one of them wished to attack Tang Wulin when they saw him in the midst of their encirclement.

A radiance as white as snow illuminated Tang Wulin’s body. He felt he was being s----d into something, not only his body but his divine consciousness as well. Even though his rank was far superior than the radiance, his movement was still curtailed.

A bright, round mirror hovered high above the Bright Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun’s head. The mirror’s radiance flickered and pulsated to guide Tang Wulin.

The Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi moved the Divine Brush in his hand at full speed to sketch out some outlines in the sky. The lines immediately turned into streams of light rays which shot toward Tang Wulin. Those spears were black as ink.

The Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian had transformed into the Ferocious Wolf in the meantime. He pounced forward brazenly with his body swelling up to the size of a beast. He charged and collided head on with Tang Wulin.

The Qilin Douluo Tong Yu’s entire body was enshrouded in a five-colored radiance. A huge pentagram pulsated with divine radiance. The Five Elements Divine Needles shot out silently from the pentagram toward Tang Wulin.

The two great Limit Douluos from the Titan Giant Ape Clan each unleashed the Titan Divine Punch simultaneously to blast Tang Wulin from both sides.

The Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue gave out a long, resonant howl. He flew toward Tang Wulin akin to an arrowhead. His entire person exuded a peculiar feeling as he flew toward Tang Wulin. He was travelling through space-time as if he was leaping across the universe. He unleashed the Skycrosser Divine Spear!

Tang Wulin was trapped in the encirclement of the seven great powerhouses which included a God-ranked powerhouse. Compared to the Shrek Six Monsters and the others earlier, the teamwork of these seven people was not as good. On the other hand, they relied on their overall strength and power to gain the upper hand. Their attacks had a bigger impact than the earlier battle.

Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up as he felt the immense pressure. A glistening golden radiance spurted from his eyes. He swung the Sea God’s Trident in his hand and slowly drew an enormous arc in the sky.

At this very moment, an illusory shadow appeared vaguely behind him. Gu Yuena and the beasts’ gazes became fixated when the illusory shadow appeared.

Even though the silhouette was quite vague, one could tell from the silhouette’s facial features that it was the Sea God Tang San’s silhouette!

For a soul master, the light shadows set off during a battle were representative of the characteristics of the soul master’s martial soul. So too the resemblance of a martial soul.

The silhouette which appeared behind Tang Wulin was his father’s. Did that mean that Tang Wulin was utilizing his father, the Sea God Tang San’s ability at the moment?

The light arc swept past. All the attacks which were within range of the golden halo vanished instantly into nothingness akin to melting snow.

The Five Elements Divine Needles melted away while the Ferocious Wolf was tossed out by a gush of power. The remaining attacks from the others disappeared without a trace akin to a clay oxen going into the sea.

At this very moment, Tang Wulin felt that he had returned to the time when he fought against his father during the Sea God’s Trident Examination.

It had been extremely arduous for him, but it left a profound impression in his mind. It was also the first time he spent a prolonged period with his father after discovering that his birth father was the Sea God, Tang San. Although it was not an enjoyable experience to be beaten by his father day after day, he learned rapidly under his father’s tutelage when they sparred with each other every day. It also helped fuse all his abilities as one during this period.

Naturally, it felt awful when one did not stand a chance of winning. Yet, not everyone could get more courageous as the battle progressed.

However, Tang Wulin remained persistent and endured it. When the long sparring session finally came to an end, he was actually unwilling to let it end. He refused to stop as he did not want to part with his father.

If he were pressed to describe how it felt to fight against his father in a battle, he would describe it as ‘perfectly fused with one’s wishes’. The phrase ‘heaven’s will’ would be more appropriate perhaps.

Any soul master who had achieved the so-called God rank in his abilities was actually in the realm of being one with heaven. In this case, Tang San was the heaven in Tang Wulin’s eyes.

Earlier, when he moved the Sea God’s Trident, he had the same feeling whenever his father unleashed an attack. He finally realized why he was incapable of resisting his father despite his father’s effort to suppress his cultivation base so as to be on par with Tang Wulin.

He was precisely the heaven at present. He unleashed the Mysterious Heaven Loop!

It was the name that Tang Wulin gave to the mysterious circle. Even if there were a more powerful attack, how could it possibly rival heaven? Heaven was not only a plane, but the power of the universe which was the universe’s maxim.

Tang Wulin had lost count of the times he was confronted by his father’s Mysterious Heaven Loop. No matter how hard he tried to remember it, he could only comprehend its profundity when his cultivation base achieved God rank.

The seven great Limit Douluos fell back simultaneously. Even though they had lost control of their minds, their senses were still intact. They were still capable of sensing danger and avoiding it subconsciously. During that moment earlier, they could sense that they would be under Tang Wulin’s control. Had they continued to attack him, they would be thoroughly defeated.

Thus, they could only fall back!

Meanwhile, everyone watching the battle including the public on the entire continent saw the seven great Limit Douluos being blasted away after Tang Wulin who was cladded in a golden battle armor swung the dazzling Sea God’s Trident in his hand.

From their view, Tang Wulin’s silhouette was undoubtedly loftier and more majestic!

Tang Wulin was all alone when he stood in front of Gu Yuena, the numerous powerhouses, his enemies, and the millions of soul beasts below. He appeared to be so weak in strength.

Yet, in a moment of desperation, he called upon his own strength to turn the tide of the battle. He was like a lonely hero.

The Douluo Continent had never been a place which advocated individual heroism. The soul masters had their own different duties and their skills in different areas allowed them to collaborate as a team to express their most powerful fighting capacities collectively.

The Shrek Seven Monsters from Shrek Academy was one such good example.

At the moment, it seemed that Tang Wulin was making a refutation. He was all alone, yet he fought with vigor against so many powerhouses.

One should realize that every person who faced him currently was a top rank powerhouse on the continent today!

Tang Wulin did not pursue them. He remained hovering at his position, unleashing the Mysterious Heaven Loop with a pondering gaze. The instant comprehension empowered him to elevate his abilities tremendously.

Gu Yuena watched him closely at all times. She could not help exclaiming in her heart after seeing Tang Wulin in his current state. ‘He truly lives up to his name of being the son of the Sea God. His comprehension power is definitely not from the Golden Dragon King. If he were to fuse himself fully with the Golden Dragon King’s power, and with his lineage as the Sea God’s son, he’ll certainly surpass me in his rank! He’ll achieve, at least, a rank-1 Godhood in the Divine Realm.’

The seven great Limit Douluos backed a few hundred meters away. The scene came to a momentary pause. Due to the Mysterious Heaven Loop, the seven great Limit Douluos did not initiate another offensive, much to everyone’s surprise. They felt as if Tang Wulin had vanished from their perception even though he was just quietly standing there. There was not a single flaw in Tang Wulin. It seemed as if the sky and the land served as the background for him alone.

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