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Divine Brush

Secondly, Gu Yuena had the Dragon God Core with her after all. Even though she and Tang Wulin each represented a part of the Dragon God, she could not fuse herself completely with the Dragon God Core yet. However, the Dragon God Core’s power was clearly present still. Moreover, it was within Gu Yuena’s control. The Dragon God Core was not only effective in restoring her consumption but also in elevating her.Hence, the beasts were under the assumption that Tang Wulin was no match for Gu Yuena. In a battle of one-on-one, Tang Wulin would not stand a chance of winning.

They realized that their assessment was perhaps inaccurate when they witnessed Tang Wulin mobilizing the life force of the Eternal Tree in the distance.

It was the Douluo Continent after all and not some other place. As the grandson of the lord of the plane, he received the plane’s providence and also the support from the life force of the Eternal Tree. Tang Wulin was not any weaker than Gu Yuena when it came to self-healing. If he could mobilize the Eternal Tree to replenish himself, then it would be difficult to tell who would win the battle between the both of them.

At the thought of this, Di Tian had no choice but to respect Gu Yuena’s decision. She was going to use the first two rounds of the battles to exhaust Tang Wulin and simultaneously affect his state of mind, so she would stand a better chance of winning the final battle later.

He anticipated watching Gu Yuena kill Tang Wulin. She would then devour his Golden Dragon King’s power so she could fuse with the Dragon God Core. In this way, the Dragon God would return to the mortal world once again. It would not be an issue at all to rebuild the Divine Realm based on the Dragon God’s God King-ranked cultivation base in the past.

Now that Tang San was not around and the Divine Realm had vanished, who else could stop the return of the Dragon God?

As the Silver Dragon King, Gu Yuena’s issue was not only had she inherited the Dragon God’s ability to control the elements, she had also inherited the Dragon God’s positive emotions simultaneously. The positive emotions caused her to be extremely kindhearted.

In reality, Gu Yuena had never killed a human other than the evil soul masters. Di Tian was most concerned with her willingness to kill Tang Wulin at the final juncture. For this reason, he kept reminding Gu Yuena on various occasions.

Naturally, the seven great Limit Douluos sensed that Tang Wulin was healing his powers. They had even richer combat experiences. A powerhouse like the Ferocious Wolf Douluo had fought and killed to achieve his current status.

The seven great Limit Douluos spearheaded an offensive at Tang Wulin without the slightest hesitation.

The Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi raised his right hand and conjured a huge, white brush about one point two meters in length. Nine soul rings rose from underneath his feet at the same time.

In the past, the supreme commander of the three armies did not make a single move even when he led the armies to fight against the abyssal plane. At present, however, his target was Tang Wulin.

The Divine Brush Douluo Yu Guanzhi swung his huge brush in the air. It took only a split second for him to sketch the outline of a red bird. In the next moment, a resonant phoenix’s cry was heard. The red bird sketched out by him had come alive. It charged straight toward Tang Wulin.

A peculiar scene emerged. The red bird grew larger as it flew over. It turned into a gigantic Fire Phoenix with a majestic aura and threw itself at Tang Wulin.

The Creature Out Of A Void was precisely the Divine Brush Douluo’s ability.

His ability was exceedingly rare amongst soul masters. When he first made a name for himself during his younger years, he was reputed to be one of the most powerful assault-type soul masters.

He relied on the Divine Brush to bring any creature to life and attributed it with various powers. Unleashing this ability was rather exhausting, but it was almost flawless. His biggest fear was confronting the agility-type soul masters. Also, he was not skilled in close combat. However, he was certainly the most powerful soul master in fighting long-range battles as well as controlling the battlefield. Otherwise, he could not possibly be the successor of his clan.

The Fire Phoenix arrived! A dragon’s roar was heard coming from Tang Wulin’s body. Suddenly, a golden dragon bore out of his body and charged straight at the Fire Phoenix. The golden dragon and the Fire Phoenix were entangled, fighting each other ferociously. It was precisely the Goldsong.

Following Tang Wulin’s cultivation base’s elevation to God rank, the Goldsong had also evolved. Although it had yet to achieve the same God rank, its fighting capacity was on par with an ordinary Limit Douluo.

The golden scales that covered its entire body were clearly discernible akin to the scales of a real giant dragon. It was fearless when confronted by the blazing hot flames from the Fire Phoenix’s body. It bit and tore at the Fire Phoenix until the flames on the Fire Phoenix’s body were soon extinguished.

The Divine Brush Douluo got started while the other six great Limit Douluos were not idle either.

The distance of a few kilometers could be covered in the blink of an eye for people of their cultivation bases. The father and son team, Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang, were charging at the front. They unleashed the Titan Divine Punch and blasted it straight at Tang Wulin.

They had cultivated the skill for so many years. Although they were incapable of innovating the Titan Divine Punch like how Yuanen Yehui fused hers with the original Cloud Vortex Divine Punch, they were better in the sense of understanding its profundity. They condensed their tyrannical and ruthless soul power with their soul skill. The two Titan Divine Punches, akin to two giant hammers, occupied the whole space in the surroundings which coerced Tang Wulin to fight them.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. He was well aware that it was going to be a tough battle. Hence, he did not have the slightest intention to dodge. He braced it with his fists and utilized an ability which he had not used in many years.

It was the Golden Dragon Soars to Heaven!

It was the first move he learned in the Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves from the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi in the past. Tang Wulin had relied on this move once to spar with many of Shrek Academy’s powerhouses. Amidst the agitated dragon’s roar, both sides collided into one another brazenly.

Loud, violent booms set off a mighty energy storm caused the Limit Douluos charging forward to stop for a moment.

Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang were blasted away by the impact while Tang Wulin remained standing at the same spot.

It was precisely then that his gaze changed. He raised his right hand abruptly and a sharp dreadclaw popped out of his index finger. “Ding.” A crisp sound was heard.

A five-colored, point-like energy twisted and disintegrated. At the same time, a sharp howl was heard. It was precisely the Qilin Douluo Tong Yu’s Five Elements Divine Needle.

When Tang Wulin fought against him in the Star Luo Empire back in those days, he almost lost because of the Five Elements Divine Needle. He relied on the Time-Space Reversal to evade it with great effort. He was again startled by it this time just as before.

Compared to the past, Tong Yu’s Five Elements Divine Needle had turned even more unpredictable. It was almost invisible. Had it not been his powerful divine consciousness, he might not have noticed it.

A spear pierced through the sky and arrived with a majestic aura in the meantime. The spear seemed to have travelled across the sky and arrived in front of Tang Wulin in an instant.

There was a wisp of shock in Tang Wulin’s gaze. The Golden Dragon Spear was conjured and his left foot took a half-step back as he cautiously made an upward lifting motion with his spear.

“Ding!” A crisp sound was heard. The Skycrosser Divine Spear rebounded. In the next moment, the space surrounding Tang Wulin disintegrated. His entire person vanished into thin air. The next moment he appeared, he was trapped, encircled by the seven great Limit Douluos.

The Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie who witnessed the battle blurted out, “That’s God rank!”

Indeed, the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue’s attack using the spear earlier had achieved God rank. The spear not only attacked Tang Wulin, but it also transported Tang Wulin into the encirclement using its skycrossing ability. The attack came so unexpectedly that Tang Wulin was tricked.

Gu Yuena watched the battle, barely showing any expression. She was aware that Guan Yue had achieved God rank. On the other hand, the divine consciousness which was used to control Guan Yue had surpassed the combined divine consciousness used for the other six Limit Douluos.

In the past, the Skycrosser Douluo did not expect this to happen after he was resurrected. However, he was now astonished to find a feeling of going all-out to elevate himself to God rank in his consciousness.

At any rate, his God rank was different from Tang Wulin’s. His soul power and consciousness had achieved the God’s realm but not his physical strength and endurance. Although it was not as comprehensive as Tang Wulin’s, it was still a meaningful leap for him.

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