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“Anything eatable cause I am very hungry” Cynthia said.

“alright my maid will prepare it for you welcome back to our palace” Wyatt said.

“Kate Kate” Wyatt shouted. “yes” Kate answered and run out.

“are you deaf don’t hear that am calling you ot are you waiting for me to call you for the third time before you come out, anyway I don’t have your time now prepare food for my friend I will be right back” Wyatt said and pick his car key and drove off to Nathan office.

“Good morning sir how may I help you?” the receptionist asked.

“you’re crazy how dare you asked me that nonsense in my brother company?” Wyatt shouted Angrily.

“Am sorry sir I never knew you are the one am very sorry” the receptionist said.

“go and say that to your worthless parents” Wyatt said.

“I beg your pardon sir you don’t f*cking have the right to insult my parents” the receptionist said.

“I don’t have your time now and I will surely come back for you” Wyatt said.

“Who’s the bimbo that came with my brother this morning?” Wyatt asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about sir” the receptionist replied.

“Are you normal, will you tell me the person right now or you want me to sack you” Wyatt said.

“I don’t know the person” the receptionist said. “am coming back for you” Wyatt said and walked towards Nathan office.

“Where’s the fool that have the nerves to beat my best friend” Wyatt shouted and open the door of Nathan office with his leg.

“and who’s that person that’s shouting like a mad man” olive said.

“olive” Wyatt called surprise. “what happens to you who takes your biscuits?” olive asked.

“olive what are you doing here or are you the bimbo she’s talking about are you the one that beat Cynthia up” Wyatt asked surprised.

“which one did you want me to answer first, anyway am a very gentle girl so I will start from the beginning.

“you don’t have the right to asked me what am doing in my boss office.

and number two am olive not bimbo and lastly, it’s aunty olive that beat her up because she passed her boundary” olive replied.

“I never knew you are the one she’s talking about am sorry for shouting and what are you doing here you should be in the house not here” Wyatt said trying to make his voice calm.

“my boss asked me to come with him you can ask him why he asked me to follow him but as for me I followed him because I don’t wanna be in the same house with Mrs Logan and you” olive replied and cross her leg.

“olive am a change person now so you can stay with me am fun to be with unlike Nathan” Wyatt said.

“thanks but I prefer my boss” olive replied.

“Nathan why did you bring her to your office?” Wyatt asked.

“What sort of question is that she’s my maid not yours why I bring her is none of your business” Nathan replied him.

“it’s my business cause your maid is also mine. you knew am not going to work today so I need someone to keep me company” Wyatt said.

“I thought your best friend is back why didn’t she keeps you company or better still your maid just like mine or you get yourself a girlfriend and stop being a Playboy” Nathan said.

“how could you say such a thing in the presence of olive why are you so stingy” Wyatt yelled.

“Wyatt what’s your problem why are you so worked up about me I am not your maid neither am I your girlfriend” olive replied.

“but you promised to be my friend the last time I apologize to you” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt this is not you” Nathan said. “this is me” Wyatt yelled.

“Wyatt are you okay why are you looking so bitter, seriously you’re behaving like a bitter person and I thought you came to fight the person that beat up your best friend why did you charge your mind” olive said.

“no I didn’t come to fight any one I only came to pay my brother a visit” Wyatt said.

“Are you sure just tell me you’re afraid of me” olive said.

“no I am not afraid of you” Wyatt said. “you said you aren’t going to work today right?” olive asked.

“you can stay here with us if you think the house will be boring to you” olive said.

“that will be better” Wyatt said and sat near olive on the chair, he wasn’t happy with olive suggestions cause he want olive to himself alone.

but he has no choice since he doesn’t wanna hurt olive

“so brother you once told me you will be going on a business trip next week” Wyatt said.

“Yes but I cancelled it” Nathan replied firmly.

“how could you cancelled it” Wyatt raised his voice.

and olive gave him the looks that says are you okay.

“I am okay am just surprised that Nathan cancel a business trip he have never does that Before”

Wyatt said and force out a smile. “oh” olive said.

“So why did you cancel it?” Wyatt asked. “nothing I just feel like” Wyatt replied.

but am going on another business trip this week” Nathan said and Wyatt smile to hiself.

“I will be going with olive” Nathan said and that change wyatt mood immediately.

“why will you go with olive is she your P.A or secretary” Wyatt asked fighting so hard to calm his voice .

“I need to act calm before they got suspicious” Wyatt said to hiself.

“because she’s my maid and I can take her to anywhere I want to go” Nathan said. “oh that’s nice Wyatt said and force out a smile. “I just need to look a way she won’t go with him I need to act fast” Wyatt said to hiself”

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