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Authoress p.o.v

“because she’s my maid and I can take her to anywhere I want to go” Nathan said.

“oh that’s nice Wyatt said and force out a smile. “I just need to look for a way she won’t go with him I need to act fast” Wyatt said to hiself”.

“Wyatt are you going to stay here till I close from office?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah as long as olive is also here with you I will stay” Wyatt said.


In the evening.

“Thanks for bringing me to your office today I really enjoyed myself” olive said to Nathan.

“I should be thanking you instead you makes my work easy and fun” Nathan replied.

“Olive won’t you thank me also?” Wyatt asked.

“Why will I thank you you didn’t do anything for me man we are the one that keeps your company” olive replied.

“It’s unfair you should have at least thank me to makes me happy” Wyatt said. “in your dreams” olive said.

“Nathan I will get going I have an appointment with someone” olive said. “Who’s that person?” Wyatt asked.

“Why are you behaving like a over protective boyfriend, relax man you’re not my boyfriend and who i have an appointment with should be none of your business” olive said.

“No am not sounding like overprotective boyfriend isn’t bad for me to know where my Friend is going to” Wyatt replied.

“Fine am going out with Charles remember I told you we are friends from America” olive said.

“But you see yourself everyday why did you wanna handout with him?” Wyatt asked.

“There’s nothing bad in hanging out with my friends” olive said with an eyeroll. “Get inside the car let me drop you off” Nathan said.

“She’s not going with you I am dropping her off” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt what’s your problem she didn’t come with you in the first place” Nathan said.

“That doesn’t mean she’s going with me and there’s nothing you can do” Wyatt said.

“Let olive decide who she wanna go with” Nathan said.

“Wyatt what’s your problem why did you love fight more than you like play I came with Nathan and am going back with Nathan” olive replied.

“I will allow you to drop her off because she choose you not because I want to and I will follow you with my car” Wyatt said and Nathan shook his head.

“Nathan drop olive up and wish her goodnight. Olive walked inside the house singing happily.

“I told you not to sing again you voice is like that of a mosquito” prissy said. “Just tell me you’re jealous of my voice” olive said.

“Me jealous of your voice how can I be jealous of a voice that sounds like mosquito cry” prissy said.

“You’re a very bad friend, by the way why did you come back from work so early hope no problem?” Olive asked.

“And why did you also come back early did your boss sack you?” Prissy asked.

“Your wish my darling I came early because am going out with Charles” olive replied.

“Don’t tell me you have fall in love with Charles” prissy replied. “No Charles is like a brother to me I can’t fall in love with him and moreover he has a girlfriend” olive replied.

“But you don’t like his girlfriend” prissy replied. “Yeah that’s because she’s too bitchy for my liking” olive replied.

“So back to you why did you come back early?” Olive asked. Prissy pick a paper in the table and gave it to olive.

“What sack letter what did you do to your boss?” Olive asked. “Nothing I did nothing to that guy, he is a d*ck head remember I told you he asked me out and I turn him down maybe that’s the reason why he sacked me” prissy replied.

“Congratulations my darling” olive said. “Are you crazy I lost my job and you’re here congratulating me.

Why are you congratulations me?” Prissy asked angrily. “Because am sure you will accept my offer now” olive said.

“As if I have a choice” prissy replied with an eyeroll. Olive have been begging prissy since they finished college to accept her offer olive build a fashion house in the name of prissy but prissy didn’t accept it saying they have done enough for her.

Prissy Is an orphan olive father took her in since she’s 10 years old and she’s very grateful to them.

“thanks” olive said happily. “Why are you thanking me?” Prissy asked.

“For accepting dummy you don’t know how happy I am I don’t like how you work under that guy before” olive said.

“I should be the one thanking you and don’t forget you’re also working under someone as a maid” prissy said.

“It’s for a reason darling” olive said. “So when are you going to America?” Olive asked.

“Am not going back to America without you, did you want uncle to kill me with questions about you” prissy said.

“Dad have told you times without number to stop referring to him as uncle you will not listen” olive said.

Olive phone beep and she checked her phone. “Who’s that?” Prissy asked.

“Charles” olive replied. “Alright go dont Keep him waiting we will continue our discussion when you come back and you have to tell me the reason why your boss drop you off” prissy said.

“Alright ma” olive said and went into prissy car and drove off. Wyatt on the other hand get dress and trail Charles car.

“I hope you don’t have an eyes on her” Wyatt said. Olive drive and park prissy car at the parking lot.

She came down from the car and look around for Charles. Charles wave his hand on the air on seeing olive and olive smile and walked to his side.

“How are you doing boss lady?” Charles asked. “Am doing great how’s America, everyone and my companies hope everything is fine I kept them in your control because I trust you” olive said.

“You don’t have to worry about that they’re everything is going well but your father is not fine” Charles said. Wyatt enter the bar and sat at a corner watching there moves.

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