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Cali’s Pov:

My heart gave a mighty leap at the mention of that.

The Black what????

Holy Christ!!!

My eyes dimmed as I stared at them and indeed, they looked dark – dressed in short black dresses.

All the ladies among them were putting on bum shots.

They stood at the entrance for a while and finally walked in. Even the director was already looking confused.

They had this dark shade around their eyes – making them look kinda weird.

“Well, well, well. It…it seems we’re having some really great company today” the director said with nervousness resounding in his voice.

“Pretty ladies and gentlemen, to what do I owe this pleasure? Our museum is…”

“We’re not here for fun” one of the ladies cut in sharply.

“We’re here for the documents and for your own good, I’d suggest you bring it out immediately”.


I turned and looked at my members.

How did they know about the documents in the first place???

And they can’t just seize it from us??

I looked at the director and he was already looking like he wanted to puke.

“I….I don’t know what you’re talking about….”

Before he could finish up his statement, he started choking, spitting out blood.

Oh my God!!

“Ruuuuuuuunnnnn” one of our members shouted and the entire place turned into chaos.

Everybody set out in different directions, some for protection, while some in search of the documents.

Well, I was among those going in search of the documents because I knew exactly where it was.

I’d managed to squeeze out from his thoughts.

Exchange of powers was taking place dangerously in the room but I tried not to be frightened by it as I took the stairs, running as fast as I could.

Screams and thuds could be clearly heard all over and I thanked my stars no missile had landed on me.

I reached the end of the long stairs and continued running, checking for the right office.

I checked room by room and finally found it.

Hah! Thank goodness!

Yes, it has to be it.

He said room 4.

I tried opening it, but discovered it was locked.

Oh! D--n!

What do i do?? How do i get a key?

I looked behind and the loud sounds coming from downstairs made me fear someone might show up anytime soon and catch up with me.

I needed to act fast.

Suddenly, I thought of my gift.

My banshee powers.

I moved back a bit and facing the door properly, I screamed ontop of my lungs.

The rate at which the door had opened really got me scared as it just uprooted the wood and flung it backwards.

Thank goodness the entire room didn’t crash.

I ran into into room and eye – searched for it.

Where could it be? Where could it be?

I saw piles of documents on the table and started rifling through them.

Gosh! How do I know the original one?? What do I do?

I started flipping through them, not knowing which to chose.

And suddenly, I heard loud footsteps and turned in fear to see three ladies from the Black Diãmônds.

Oh my God!

No, no.

I left the documents and moved back a bit.

“Seems someone found it” one of the ladies said with an evil grin.

“Stay away…” I faltered as I moved back.

They ambled towards me and immediately, I screamed at them, wiping them off their feet and swinging them backwards.

They yelped and landed roughly on the floor and passed out.

Oh, God!

I panted heavily as I ran to the documents again and started searching through them and immediately, I heard new footsteps.

Please,don’t tell me.

I turned to swiftly to the door and this time around, it was boys.

Two boys.

From the Black Diamonds.

I recoiled in fear.

Well, you wouldn’t blame me for acting this way. Few days ago, I was with my parents and never thought a day would come when I’d have to get involved in a combat.

Before I could think of screaming, one of them waved his hand at me and I couldn’t explain the wind that swept me off my feet and made me hit the wall.

I cried in pains as my back and butt hit roughly against the wall down to the floor.

Oh my God!!

What’s that??

I looked up at them painfully and saw one of them taking all the documents from the table.

No, no.

He packed all of it and ran out of the room and I was too weak to cry out.

“You’re the banshee, right?” The boy left in the room said.

“My master will be very happy to see you”.

What’s he talking about???

He was about doing what Heaven Knows but suddenly, Nina rushed in.

She ran in and held his neck from behind with a full force and immediately, I saw his eyes turn black.

Oh my God!

Holy Christ!

Not just his eyes, but hers as well.

They both turned black.

I covered my mouth with my palm to prevent myself from screaming as it scared the hell outta me. And that was when I realized what had happened; she’d confessed him!

She let go of his neck as their eyes turned back to normal and he fell on his knees immediately.

“How can I please you, mistress?” He asked her and I felt my heart beat rapidly.

Holy Molly!

“Just leave….and do something useful with your life” she commanded him and he nodded and ran out of the room.


She looked a little weak as she scurried to me and helped me up.

“T…Thank you” I said with a little quiver in my voice.

“They’ve….They’ve taken the documents away” I further said.

“Yeah…its over. Come on. The police are on their way already” she replied and led me out of the room.

By the time we’d gotten downstairs, the Black Diãmônds were already gone. They took the documents away!!



Everyone was quiet and moody throughout the ride home.

We lost it!

I didn’t know of the others, but this was my first mission and I lost it when I was so close to getting it. I’d almost gotten the documents!

Gosh! The thought of it alone pierced my heart.

We arrived at the institute after a long ride and we were summoned into the emergency hall.

I guess the leader among us had given them feedback already as Miquel’s guards were looking angry as they walked into the hall.

Miquel wasn’t even with them this time around.

They summoned everyone from the morning section – including Diane and the rest who weren’t selected for the mission later and we all met in the emergency hall.

As Miquel’s guards stood in front of us, I noticed most of the students were shaking in fear.

“You failed the mission!” The first one spoke angrily as he walked tho and fro.

“The Black Diãmônds weren’t supposed to know about it. It was a secret and confidential.

“If the Black Diãmônds showed up, it only means one thing: they were informed by someone.

“One of you here is a traitor”. He said and a wild gasp ran across the hall.




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