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(She likes him,

but he’s cold-hearted)

Naomi’s Pov:

I walked into the apartment with the cupcakes in my hand and met Abel and Zack at the entrance.

Oh! Please, don’t tell me.

I rolled my eyes and tried walking pass them, but they stopped me

“Hey, hey, where do you think you’re going?” Abel asked, holding me Back.

“Gosh! Come on, guys. I’m no stranger to you, am I? I just wanna say hi to Miquel” I said pleadingly, hoping they’d be convinced.

“Do you think it’s gonna be that easy getting to see him? He doesn’t want to be disturbed and you know how he can be at times” Zack said.

“Yes. And don’t worry, I’m ready to face the consequences, okay? Come on” I rolled my eyes and let out a charming smile in the end, knowing they’re definitely gonna fall for it.

They looked at each other and finally gave me the go ahead and I smiled and walked pass them.

I got to the door, knocked on it but didn’t get any response and slowly, I pushed the door open and walked in.


The sweetest fragrance and softest glow welcomed me as I stepped in.

D--n! What a king’s room.

It took me sometime before my eyes could adjust to the dimness of the room and spot him in front of the drawing board, painting as usual.

He was backing the door and didn’t bother to have a look, like he’d been expecting my presence or something.

“Hi, Miquel” I called in a serene tone, hoping he’d turn to look at me.

Although, I’ve been close to him on several occasions – during meetings and all that, we’ve just never had the time to talk much. And considering the fact he’s snobbish.

“What do you want, Naomi?” He asked coldly, still concentrating on his drawing board.

Finally, He’s spoken out.

“Actually….I just dropped by to give this cupcake to you. I made them myself” I replied ecstatically and after a while, he dropped his stick and stood up to face me.

Oh! Geez,

Those eyes!!

I felt butterflies dance in my tummy as he started walking towards me, his footsteps so dare some.

Even if I was the Queen of the camp, I couldn’t help but feel nervous around him.

He was more of a god.

He got to where I was and stopped walking.

Then, he opened the box and brought out a cake and my heart gladdened as he ate from it.

Oh my gee!!!

Miquel ate from it!!

He smiled at first as he chewed, then suddenly threw the half at me.

“Its as ugly as you look” he stated coldly and turned around, returning to his board.

What the…

“You wouldn’t want me to find you here in the 60 seconds” he further said and I turned around and scurried out of the room.




Cali’s Pov:

When the three hours had elapsed, we all gathered at the emergency hall where proper guidance was taken.

The lucky few were selected and unfortunately, Diane wasn’t among.

Should I say unfortunately?

Well, she wasn’t chosen, but Nina and I were with less than 12 other students.

We were given guidelines and instructions on what to do and finally, we set out on the mission, making use of a long bus.

Nina and I were sitting next to each other. And although, she was quiet the whole time, I still felt happy I was with someone I knew.

After a long ride, we got to the museum and I became extra nervous.

Oh! Boy,

Is this what it means to be a Diãmônd?

First mission and I’m already hyperventilating this way.

We came out of the bus and walked into the museum, taking the gradual steps like we’d been instructed.

We met the receptionist and after exchanging pleasantries, asked for the director who she called out and we turned to him.

“Good day, students” he beamed in an ugly smile.

Well, I’d call it ugly with his bad dentition.

“Wow! What college are you from? And I must say it’s an honor to have you here at the city’s museum”

“Good day, sir” the one who was assigned leader among us said.

“We’re from Glamour College and we’re here on an important assignment….”

While they did the talking, I set out on my own work, trying to search through his thoughts.


It was d--n stressful and complicated because different thoughts kept flashing through my head az well.

But I tried to focus.

Trying to go deep….


The managers…

I hope the files are still safe…

I was beginning to get a slight headache, scouring through his thoughts.

And suddenly, a loud crashing sound interrupted me.

We turned in one swift turn to the door and found a group of people

– young boys and girls like us – standing at the entrance, all dressed in black.


“The Black Diãmônds!” One of the students among us exclaimed and I flinched.

The Black what?????



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