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Our New Maid - S01 E03

Story 2 years ago

Our New Maid - S01 E03

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Authoress p.o.v

A call enter olive phone and he changed her mood from happy to sad.

“Excuse me” olive said and went out to pick the call. “Hello Steve” Olive yelled angrily.

“calm down baby girl how are you doing I came to your house and your mother said they didn’t know where you are” Steve said from the other end of the call.

“what did you f*cking want from me haven’t you done enough?” olive asked angrily.

“Calm down I said I am sorry I have realized my mistakes, we can start all over again” Steve said.

“you must be crazy, this is not the olive you knew before. if I see you few inches near my house, am sure you know what am capable of doing” Olive said.

“olive I said am sorry I was stupid then” Steve said. “you must be crazy I didn’t love you anymore infact I hate you” Olive said angrily.

“I will still get you olive watch your back is me or nobody” steve said. “should I take that as a threat?” olive asked.

“Am not threaten you but you know what I can do” Steve said. “And am sure you haven’t forgotten who olive is” olive replied.

“get lost I have many important things to do” olive said and end the call.

“what took you so long?” Nathan asked. “Am sorry I am on call with a fool” olive replied.

“anyway am hungry go and prepare food for me” Nathan said. “wait I thought you won’t eat this morning because today is Monday it’s call money day not food day you should be at work by now” Olive said.

“young girl what’s your problem my personal life is none of your business I don’t like talking too much” Nathan said calmly.

“Alright should I cook your food with apron on or without?” olive asked.

“Anyhow, look here young lady I didn’t employ you here to torment my life” Nathan said.

“I am not a tormentor” olive replied. “fine go in there and prepare my breakfast” Nathan said.

“breakfast by this time of the day, it’s past breakfast I can just bring some cookies for you” Olive said.

“did you still need this work?” Nathan asked. “yes why asking?” olive asked back.

“because you’re about to loose this job” Nathan said.

“Alright one thing about you is that I don’t know when you’re angry or happy, anyway what will you like to eat” Olive asked.

“anything, prepare anything for me” Nathan said. “alright I will be right back” olive said and rushed inside the kitchen she came back with a bottle of chin chin and a glass of juice.

“here is it sir” olive said. Nathan open the plate and asked “what’s this?”

“breakfast sir since you said I should bring anything” olive replied. “okay you can go” Nathan said.

“erm excuse me sir you have to tell me your name cause I can’t keep calling you sir” olive said.

“what’s wrong in calling me sir?” Nathan asked. “it very wrong this is the 24th century” olive replied.

“anyway am Nathan you can go home and come back tommorow” Nathan said.

“I am not ready to go I will go when am ready” olive said. “don’t you have anything to do in your house?” Nathan asked.

“I don’t cause the house will be boring my friend will have gone to work and moreover am waiting for the car guy” olive said.

“who’s the car boy?” Nathan asked. “you asked questions Alot anyway I will replied you cause you’re my boss” olive said sitting down beside him.

“it your brother” olive said. “oh Wyatt’ Nathan said. “Wyatt fine name for a jerk like him” Alora said

“can you prepare lunch for me since you’re not ready to go?” Nathan asked.

“you will pay for it cause we didn’t discuss I will cook for you on my interview day” olive said.

“whatever I will be in my room” Nathan said and stand up. “not so soon who will keep me company if you go to your room?” Olive asked.

“have you forgotten I am your boss?” Nathan asked. “thank goodness you said boss not God” you’re not my God and moreover will you change this uniform for me. cause it makes me look ugly I look like a maid in it” olive said.

“I can’t change it this is the uniform other workers are putting on” Nathan said.

“did you mean I will wear this uniform for 24hours?” olive asked. “yeah and what’s wrong with it?” Nathan asked.

“you’re so cruel” olive said. “I know your plans you want me to look ugly cause you haven’t seen a lady as beautiful as I am before” olive said.

“look young girl I don’t have your time” Nathan said. “point of correction am a lady not girl I don’t know what is wrong with this rich people they felt other people are small just because they’re rich” olive said.

“your second name is problem” Nathan said. “am olive not problem” olive correct him.

Nathan shake his head and walked inside his room. ” how will I tell him I don’t know how to cook, ha olive don’t tell him, if you tell him am sure he will sack you immediately” olive said to herself

“thank goodness I can cook noodle well that’s what I will prepare for him. he will eat noodles until he turn into noodles” she thought and smile to herself. “olive are you really ready for this work?” she asked herself.


Some hours later

Wyatt enter the house and sat tiredly on the sofa. “what’s wrong with you?” Nathan asked.

“I am very hungry and the maid we employ earlier haven’t resumed” Wyatt said.

“oh don’t worry Mrs trouble is preparing my lunch” Nathan said. “you mean that crazy girl is still in this house, what’s she waiting for won’t she go home and prepare for tommorow?” Wyatt asked.

“those questions are too much for me ask her when she comes out from the kitchen” Nathan Said.

“Nathan your lunch is ready should I set the dinning” olive asked. “did you just call your boss by his name?” Wyatt asked surprised.

“Mr it’s none of your business” olive said with an eyeroll. olive set the dinning.

Wyatt and Nathan went to the dinning to eat. Wyatt was about to open the plate in his front before olive hold his hand.

“what are you trying to do?” olive asked. “what does it looks like?” Wyatt replied. “I am not your personal maid so I didn’t prepare for for you I only prepare food for my boss and I” olive said.



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