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Authoress p.o.v

“what are you trying to do?” olive asked. “what does it looks like?” Wyatt replied.

“I am not your personal maid so I didn’t prepare for you I only prepare food for my boss and I” olive said.

“are you normal?” Wyatt asked Angrily. “yes I am I should be asking you that” Alora said.

“you must be crazy, Nathan can you hear that?” Wyatt asked. “Wyatt what did you want me to say?” Nathan asked. “you mean you won’t say anything?” Wyatt asked.

“olive why did you prepare noodles for only me?” Nathan asked. “you said I should prepare lunch for you, you didn’t say he is gonna eat out of it and I cook extra because I am human I also need food to sustain I haven’t taken my breakfast” olive said.

“Wyatt let eat mine together” Nathan said. “this is uncalled for” Wyatt said.

“Wyatt she’s also a human like us as she said earlier.

moreover she didn’t knew you will come back early” Nathan said.

“so you’re trying to justify her actions now?” Wyatt asked.

“Wyatt I am not justifying any action she’s also a human like you” Nathan said.

“I hope mum doesn’t meet this useless maid of yours in this house” Wyatt said.

“what happens if she meet her she’s my maid and not hers” Nathan replied.

olive didn’t say anything to what they’re discussing she was busy eating her food in silence.

she took her plate to the kitchen and wash when she’s done eating. “I need to go I haven’t taken my birth since morning” olive said.

“you mean you haven’t taking your birth?” Wyatt asked and spite out the noodles in his mouth.

“hey you don’t need to spite it out you have already ate it” olive said. “no wonder am perceiving unpleasant smells since” Wyatt said.

“I am not smelling I didn’t take my bath because I don’t want my beauty to fade” olive said.

“you’re dirty” Nathan said. “I am not dirty” olive replied. “you’re free to go don’t kill me with your unpleasant smells” Wyatt said.

“you’re not my boss so shut the f--k up”olive said and carry her bag. “what time should I resume Tommorow?” olive asked.

“6am and if you come late consider yourself fired without starting the work” Nathan replied in a serious tone.

“you can’t sack me Mr boss I came my self you didn’t forced me to come and I will resign anytime I like” olive said.

“but you haven’t even started the work yet” Nathan said.

“I have started did I came to play today I even cooked for you” olive said. “I have said my own don’t come late” Nathan said and went inside his room.


Olive p.o.v

“How’s the interview am sure they won’t employ someone like you” my friend prissy said.

“your wish my dear” I replied her. “come and sit down beside me I have something to discuss with you” prissy said.

“Did you have to do this?” she asked. “Do what I asked her pretending not to know what she’s talking about.

“you no what am talking about don’t you?” prissy said.

“I don’t know” I replied her. “you know you don’t have to do this” he said.

“i don’t understand what you’re talking about make it clear to me” I replied her “you’re crazy continue pretending, anyway your mum called me” she said.

“really hope you didn’t tell her am in your place?” I asked her. “I didn’t since I promised you not to tell anyone.

so I won’t tell anyone you’re with me ” she said. “thank you don’t worry I will give you my first salary” I said.

“stop bribing me but I don’t no if I can keep the secret for so long” she said. “don’t worry is just a matter of four to five months” I said. “am sure your parents will have search the whole world for you before that time” she replied.

“olive” she called. “yes what’s the problem?” I asked her. “don’t tell me you haven’t taking your bath since morning?” she asked. “I haven’t, any problem with that” I asked her.

“I didn’t know you to be dirty what has come over you?” she asked.

“my second mummy I was busy today so I didn’t have time or should I say I didn’t remember I haven’t taken my bath today you know I haven’t done that before” I replied her.

“I have taken one of your wigs I love it” she said.

“you can take all I don’t need it anymore” I replied and went to my room. I took off my clothes and went inside the bathroom to have a good bath.

twenty minutes later am done and I put on some cloth I open my laptop and phone to replied some messages.

I saw hundred messages from my dad and I smile to myself. I opened the message and I was surprised to see many questions, which one should I answered first I thought and close my laptop back and dad call enter my phone immediately.

“Hello my princess how are you doing and where are you?” dad asked concern written on his voice.

“am doing good dad and as for where I am am you don’t need to know cause I will soon come back” I said. “my princess remember you have many things you left untouched before going out of the country, you knew I can’t do without you” he said. “I Know dad I will be back soon and don’t think of tracking my location cause you won’t get anything I said.


The next day

I opened my eyes and my eyes met with the wall clock and I gasped.

“what this is past nine, where’s this fool I called a friend ” I yelled and went inside her room to check her.

“olive why are you shouting like a psychiatrist patient?” she asked.

“did you just say am shouting like a psychiatrist patient?” I asked.

“let leave that aside cause it’s not important right now. why don’t you wake me up?” I asked her.”do I look like your alarm” she asked. “excuse me” she said and walked passed me “so rude” I said.

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