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The Super Divine Weapon, Heaven Saint Crack Abyss

When the Douluo Continent still had the Divine Realm, its true rank was based on the Divine Realm’s rank, and it was controlled by the Divine Realm. Since the disappearance of the Divine Realm, the plane had become independent. The lord of the plane then took control of the world. This was the reason why the Douluo Continent plane failed to produce any Gods.

Imagine if someone who overrode or had the same rank as the lord of a plane, who would be in control of the plane then? There would be difficulty in determining the hierarchy.

Similarly, the super divine weapon would be in the same situation.

Strictly speaking, the Sea God’s Trident did not belong to the Douluo Continent plane but the Douluo Divine Realm. Hence, it was considered an exceedingly unique object on the Douluo Continent. Had it not been Tang San’s act of forcefully passing the Sea God’s Trident to Tang Wulin, there was no way Tang Wulin could acquire it. Anyway, with the possession of the Sea God’s Trident, he could override the others.

The most direct advantage for Tang Wulin was that he could rely on the Sea God’s Trident to make a breakthrough to the Demon Empress’ true god rank. With the Sea God’s Trident protecting him, there was nothing the plane could do to suppress him.

The only issue was that he had only cultivated for a short period of time. Therefore, he could not do it yet.

Would the plane allow the existence of such a super divine weapon?

Nonetheless, Tang Wulin immediately realized that the halberd was more than just a divine weapon after watching the Demon Empress being injured by the Intense Monarch’s halberd. It could very possibly be a super divine weapon. In fact, it was even possible that it was the only super divine weapon produced in the entire abyssal plane.

Only a super divine weapon could so easily injure the Demon Empress.

Was the Intense Monarch’s halberd a super divine weapon? Not only was it a super divine weapon, but it was the weapon which belonged to the past abyssal Sage King. The abyssal Sage King was suppressed by the plane such that it was incapable of coming to the Douluo Continent plane. Yet, he loaned the abyssal plane’s super divine weapon to the Intense Monarch. The Intense Monarch whose power rank was at the god-rank level was qualified to wield the super divine weapon and utilize the weapon’s power with some effort.

The super divine weapon was given an overbearing name which shocked the abyss. The mere mention of its name on the abyssal plane was enough to instil fear in any abyssal leader. It was named the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss!

The abyssal Sage King was one of the abyssal creatures initially. He received the super divine weapon inoculated by the entire plane in the past which allowed him to defeat the other abyssal leaders to finally achieve the top rank.

Subsequently, the abyssal plane ranked higher than the Douluo Continent plane. However, it did not truly exist like the Douluo Continent plane.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ characteristic was terrifying indeed, albeit quite simple. The abyssal Sage King named it the ‘abyss’.

Its characteristic was named after an entire plane. The so-called abyss actually referred to its penetrative ability. Any defensive weapon or super divine weapon’s protective armor would be rendered useless when pitted against the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss’ characteristic.

Its characteristic was not indestructible. It was just ignorant of defenses! In its powerful penetrative ability, any defense would be rendered ineffective.

That was why it was incredible.

On the other hand, there was one, and only one characteristic of the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. The characteristic which was ignorant of defenses had limitations at the same time. It could only be used for short-range attacks, in close combat. The purple radiance emitted by the halberd could only stretch three feet at most.

Even if the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was twelve feet long with a wider coverage, it would not be considered a long-range attack.

However, its flaw was nothing when compared to its ignorance of defense. It was an exceedingly pure super divine weapon that was far less comprehensive than the Sea God’s Trident. In any case, one should never ever be cut by it.

It was utterly ineffective if it could not hit its opponent. Yet, any entity, even a god, would shiver in fear if ever it was hit. It did not bother with the defense of its opponents even if they were god- ranked as it was a super divine weapon!

One could imagine how terrifying the fighting capacity of a god-ranked powerhouse who held a super divine weapon was.

Upon such a discovery, Tang Wulin retracted the Golden Dragon Spear without any hesitation and conjured the Sea God’s Trident in his hand instead. Only a super divine weapon could be used to resist a super divine weapon.

Following the appearance of the Sea God’s Trident, the sound of sea waves seemingly surrounded Tang Wulin’s body. His aura changed as well soon after. Even the Golden Dragon Moon Song was tainted with a peculiar glow. Moments later, his eyes turned blue-gold and glowed with a dazzling brilliance.

Tang Wulin was already at the peak of the quasi god rank. The moment he held the Sea God’s Trident, his overall fighting capacity soared to the extent that he was close to being a true god.

The Intense Monarch did not appear to be reacting to the fact that it had just injured the Demon Empress. It raised the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss in its hand and pointed it at the sky.

At once, an ineffable feeling of suffocation appeared in the air. An octagonal halo rose into the sky to enshroud Tang Wulin and his comrades.

Meanwhile, the Intense Monarch’s body disappeared completely in the octagonal halo as if it had melted away.

The octagonal halo was a lustrous purple-blue, and the light pattern which emerged on the surface of this halo seemed to contain the maxim of life.

Xu Xiaoyan swiftly unleashed the Starlight Chaos, but it was rendered ineffective.

Tang Wulin’s team of nine obviously felt their bodies freeze. The octagonal halo had yet to enshroud them, yet they felt shackled. Their movements slowed down evidently. Gu Yuena could not even unleash her space teleportation. It felt as if the space was shackled too.

Oh no!

Tang Wulin made a prompt decision. He slapped his right palm against Gu Yuena’s which was simultaneously raised. A rush of tremendous propulsive force radiated through his palm to Gu Yuena.

The tremendous force propelled Gu Yuena to slam into Yuanen Yehui’s arms. The collision cascaded through all the eight people who were pushed back by the impact. Just before the octagonal halo enshrouded them, they managed to break free from its range. Tang Wulin ended up as the only person enshrouded by it.


The halo landed. Tang Wulin thought he had lost his consciousness. His entire body shook violently and hovered in midair uncontrollably. The terrifying feeling of being imprisoned was amplified such that he even found it difficult to raise his hand.

The Intense Monarch emerged in the next moment, after the halo landed. He swung the halberd in his hand horizontally and swept through the entire inside of the halo. Naturally, Tang Wulin had nowhere to dodge or hide.

He raised the Sea God’s Trident with great effort to shield himself.

“Clang!” A loud, booming sound was heard. However, it was strange that Tang Wulin was not blasted away by the opponent’s halberd.

Immense pain radiated throughout his body soon after. Apparently, he was not hit by the halberd but was only touched slightly by the purple glow on the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. Nevertheless, he was in so much pain as if his body was going to disintegrate.

Fortunately, his comrades were pushed away by him but the Star Chain’s link was still there. Each of them felt the pain and had a large gash on each of their waists.

What a terrifying attacking ability!

However, it was at this moment when the octagonal halo vanished. Tang Wulin regained his ability to move. At the same time, the Intense Monarch’s halberd was swept horizontally. Tang Wulin could not possibly dodge it under such close range.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was focused. He knew he had made the right choice to unleash his Sea God’s Trident. Had it been the Golden Dragon Spear, he would probably be severely injured by now.

The Sea God’s Trident projected halos. At the moment, he did not dare hide himself. Instead, he unleashed the Indefinite Storm!

The blue-gold radiance in Tang Wulin’s eyes shot out instantly. Just like how he was incapable of dodging the opponent’s Heaven Saint Crack Abyss due to the close distance, the Intense Monarch could not dodge his Purple Demon Eyes’ attack similarly.

The evolved blue-gold Purple Demon Eyes’ radiance was the purest form of spiritual assault. Tang Wulin’s spiritual power of Divine Origin rank was condensed to hit the Intense Monarch such that its Heaven Saint Crack Abyss would be affected.

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