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Forbid Heaven Vault, Dragon Emperor Die

The first halo unleashed by the Sea God’s Trident wrapped around the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss. The two super divine weapons collided and gave out a buzzing sound simultaneously. Tang Wulin leaned back and relied on the Sea God’s Trident to support himself as well as to evade the stream of purple radiance. It would be a horrifying outcome if he suffered another cut.It was too terrifying! Everything happened so quickly. If he had been just a mite slower or if he did not have the super divine weapon, the result would be fatal if he was hit. It would be death!

It would be very difficult for Tang Wulin to heal himself if his body were cut into two halves regardless of how powerful his self-healing ability was!

However, the tables were turned soon after when the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was pushed away in the next moment.

It was the Sea God’s Technique, the Indefinite Storm!

Tang Wulin had confronted this divine skill technique the most during his sparring sessions with his father in the Sea Gods Nine Examinations.

At the end, he still did not manage to struggle free from his father’s Indefinite Storm. One could only imagine just how powerful and effective this divine skill was.

The golden halos came rushing down relentlessly on both sides. The Intense Monarch was bound up tightly. When the Intense Monarch tried to swing the Heaven Saint Crack Abyss once again, it realized that its body was paralyzed, the result of the powerful spiritual assault earlier.

At this moment, Gu Yuena heard Tang Wulin’s voice. “Entangle the Demon Empress!”

A silver radiance suddenly bloomed from the Silver Dragon Spear in Gu Yuena’s hand. She swayed her body once and transformed herself into a gigantic silver giant dragon.

The giant dragon was about thirty meters in length. It felt as if the entire sky was oppressed the moment it appeared. It was alarming that the sky which had initially turned to night due to the Dazzling Starry Sky Domain now reverted to daytime once again. All of a sudden, clouds of seven colors appeared in the day sky.

The sound of deep thunderclaps were heard. Lightning strikes could be seen amongst the clouds as if they would be unleashed at any moment.

The silver dragon was not considered large, and it had circular scales. With its appearance, Gu Yuena’s aura increased exponentially. Her aura was instantly elevated to match the Demon Empress’.

The dragon’s mouth widened to exhale a mouthful of lustrous silver breath. It was directed at the Demon Empress whose wound had yet to fully heal.

At the moment, the Demon Empress felt the opponent’s aura was no weaker than hers. In fact, the opponent’s aura had achieved a terrifying state which was far superior to hers. Using her Divine Origin, she sensed the entire sky disintegrating. Wherever the puff of breath passed, all the elements were shattered and stripped away.

How could she possibly avoid being hit by the breath? She immediately transformed herself into a stream of purple-gold radiance which shot away, fleeing into the distance.

Needless to say, the silver radiance went after it akin to a cruise missile which had locked onto its target.

At the same time, the seven-colored lightning cloud which appeared in the sky gave a loud boom when Gu Yuena spewed her breath. A seven-color lightning struck the silver dragon.

The moment it landed, Gu Yuena broke the Star Chain link to the Shrek Six Monsters and Sima Jinchi simultaneously. In the next moment, she fell from the sky all coiled up in an electric radiance.

What was that…

The scene was incredulous for those who watched the battle. Such a situation had never happened in the battles of the soul masters’ world before!

Tang Wulin was perhaps the only person on the scene who had seen the seven-color lightning cloud before. It was precisely the elemental lightning calamity which only appeared when he was in peak form during the Heavenly Refinement process.

The seven-color lightning which blasted Gu Yuena earlier was ten times stronger than the one which appeared when he completed the extremely difficult Heavenly Refinement. The elemental lightning calamity possessed an apocalyptic aura!

However, Tang Wulin did not heed Gu Yuena’s situation currently. He could not allow Gu Yuena’s arduous effort to be wasted.

His eyes suddenly deepened akin to a boundless starry sky. The seven-color lightning cloud in the sky vanished upon striking Gu Yuena’s silver dragon. Gu Yuena returned to her human form once again. She lost her god-ranked aura as well.

In the midst of vanishing, the seven-color lightning cloud suddenly froze. Not only that, everything in the sky halted including the abyssal kings and the Shrek Six Monsters. Every single being was frozen still instantly.

On both sides, the powerhouses who were watching the battle experienced an ineffable stillness. It was due to the imprisonment of the heaven’s vault.

It was precisely then a resonant dragon’s roar was heard echoing through all of Thule.

The giant golden dragon appeared from thin air to cruise through the heaven’s vault.

The giant golden dragon shrunk as it cruised through the place before finally turning into Tang Wulin’s initial form. With the sharpness of the Sea God’s Trident, he penetrated the Intense Monarch’s body with ease .

“Roar…” Endless dragon roars were heard echoing in all directions at present akin to a flight of dragons howling sorrowfully. A terrifying aura was emitted from the cruising golden silhouette which filled the whole place akin to the dawn of an apocalypse.

It was the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law’s sixth move known as the Forbid Heaven Vault, Dragon Emperor Die!

Under the influence of the Indefinite Storm, the Intense Monarch could not dodge even if it wanted to. Tang Wulin made the decision to spare no effort in finishing off the abyssal monarch-ranked powerhouse when he unleashed the Indefinite Storm.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss was actually more lethal than the Demon Empress.

The Intense Monarch could not budge at all at the moment. When the golden silhouette charged to its front, it felt a deadly silence. A giant dragon covered in nine-color scales emerged in its spiritual world. The scene was that of a giant dragon letting out a reluctant roar under the siege of the numerous silhouettes around it.

Thousands of dragons howled sorrowfully. The heavy, sorrowful aura spread into every corner of its spiritual world.

It was precisely the endless sorrow which fused into the golden silhouette and condensed into a single spot before penetrating the Intense Monarch.

The heaven’s vault was shedding its tears!

It was the condensation of the sorrow Tang Wulin felt when he buried the thousands of dragons in the Dragon Clan’s graveyard for three years.

Each and every dragon skeleton and dragon soul he met was filled with sorrow. At the same time, the emotions triggered and mobilized the energy contained in his bloodline to allow his body to sublimate.

Just like how Gu Yuena could elevate herself to the god rank temporarily, Tang Wulin relied on the amplification of the Sea God’s Trident to elevate himself to the god-ranked realm briefly when the heaven’s vault was imprisoned.

Their transient elevations were different from the Skycrosser Douluo’s because of their powerful bloodlines and hidden skills.

The Skycrosser Douluo sacrificed his life in exchange for launching an attack. He incurred the wrath of heaven, but he paid a tremendous price for it. As a result, the lightning calamity did not reach him in time. On the other hand, the Demon Empress’ promotion was protected by the abyssal plane inside the abyssal passage.

Meanwhile, Gu Yuena’s temporary elevation finally drew in the elemental lightning calamity. Tang Wulin relied on the protection of the Sea God’s Trident to imprison not only the enemy, but also the heaven’s vault to stop the lightning calamity from showing.

The Intense Monarch’s body was frozen still in the sky. Its body began to disintegrate following the gradual disappearance of the halos around its body.

The battle armor on its body cracked and crumbled to pieces while its aura diminished rapidly.

The Heaven Saint Crack Abyss descended from the sky and turned into a stream of blue-purple radiance before landing on the ground. The moment it landed, the entire abyssal passage gave out a violent boom!

The Intense Monarch, one of the ten great abyssal monarch-ranked powerhouses, was dead!

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