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Seven Great Limit Douluos

Dong Zian was not as naturally endowed as the Boundless Sea Douluo. Also, he did not have a good family background like Yu Guanzhi. Everything he had was earned through his own hard work. He genuinely despised Yu Guanzhi for having such good resources and support from his family.Yu Guanzhi vowed secretly in his heart, ‘Brother Dong, don’t worry. In the Federation’s history, you’ll be remembered as a hero! Your descendants will be proud of you.’

The Demon Empress had displayed her calm look all this while. She was suddenly taken aback when she saw the Skycrosser Douluo step into the God rank. She watched the mankind’s legion with an icy cold gaze.

She waved her hand once. The second team from her side flew forward and waited in the sky.

The Demon Empress was not together with the second team. She was completely oblivious that her side had taken the lead to send out the team. It was surprising that the numerous powerhouses in the second team were no longer led by the abyssal plane, but by the Holy Spirit Cult.

The Ghost Emperor and the Underworld Emperor flew at the frontmost, followed by the two surviving great darkness heavenly kings, the Darkness Blood Demon and the Darkness Bell. Following them, there were five abyssal powerhouses. Out of the five abyssal powerhouses, Tang Wulin had only encountered one before, which was the Mei Empress. She was also the leader of the Mo Mei Clan and held a special status in the abyss.

In the past, Tang Wulin encountered the abyssal creatures known as Mo Meis when he was first enlisted in the Blood God Army. They did not cast any shadows and left without a trace. They were unusually swift and were capable of causing more harm to the Blood God Army than the Ba Ans. They were also considered one of the most difficult to kill abyssal creatures.

Of course, the Mo Meis were weaker compared to the Black Empresses. However, the Mei Empress was one of the most powerful creatures in the abyssal plane.

‘The Demon Empress is not taking part with the team? Yet, she sent out a few of the most powerful powerhouses from the Holy Spirit Cult in full strength? Won’t the Demon Empress be joined by all the abyssal powerhouses when she partakes in the last round of the battle?’

Tang Wulin felt puzzled in his heart. He exchanged glances with the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena by his side.

Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali standing on the other side of Tang Wulin took a step forward and was in the lead to fly out.

She was so furious that her eyes almost spurted fire, as she looked at the Ghost Emperor. In the past, Yun Ming had resisted the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition and also the numerous Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses led by the Ghost Emperor! It could be said that the Ghost Emperor was the true assassin of her husband.

Following the leadership of the Holy Spirit Douluo, her team of powerhouses included the father and son team, Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng. There were also other numerous powerhouses who joined the scene.

Compared to the War God Hall’s team of nine members earlier, the team from mankind’s side was an elite lineup this time! If one were to judge it based on the soul masters’ ranks, this team would surpass Tang Wulin’s team by far.

The team was led by the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali with Yuanen Zhentian, Yuanen Tiandang, Tong Yu, Wu Zhangkong, A Ruheng, and Lan Muzi, in addition to Qiangu Dieting and Qiangu Dongfeng. There were a total of nine powerhouses with the exception of Wu Zhangkong and Lan Muzi who were not Limit Douluos. However, Wu Zhangkong possessed a set of four-word battle armor which made him even more powerful than an ordinary Limit Douluo. It was proven when the Darkness Hummingbird was killed by him earlier!

Lan Muzi was also the senior brother disciple of the inner court and one of the Sea God’s Pavilion members of Shrek Academy. He relied on his Sun Wood Saber to defeat a Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouse in the past.

The remaining seven people were all Limit Douluos with Yuanen Zhentian and Qiangu Dieting being quasi gods.

Thus, the Ghost Emperor and the Underworld Emperor from the opposing team could not help having a drastic change of expression when they saw the team’s lineup.

The Ghost Emperor and the Underworld Emperor were both top quasi gods. They were even considered as the Holy Spirit Cult’s mainstay. Yet, they were going to fight against seven great Limit Douluos and two more powerhouses who were no less inferior to the Limit Douluos.

They had assumed that mankind’s legion would send out relatively weaker candidates in the second round. They never expected that almost all the Limit Douluos from mankind’s side, apart from Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena, the Heartless Douluo, and the Amorous Douluo, would come swarming to the second round.

Could it be that they were not afraid of having no one to fight against the Demon Empress during the final battle? Victory or defeat would be determined in three rounds, for there was no such thing as the ‘best two out of three rounds’. The defeat of the God-ranked Demon Empress would be the most important matter to determine the final victory of the battle.

The Ghost Emperor could not figure it out regardless of how much he racked his brain. Why did they deploy the best powerhouses in this round? Although the lineup of the Ghost Emperor’s side was relatively impressive, apparently they were still inferior to the other team.

The raging Yali gazed at the Ghost Emperor with an icy cold gaze. It seemed as if she was about to tear him alive.

“Ghost Emperor, today will be your doomsday.”

The Ghost Emperor grunted coldly. “If you have the ability to do so. In my opinion, you’re asking for a reunion with your dead husband in another world. When Yun Ming was suffering from the torment of soul refinement, I wonder, where were you?”

“You…” Yali was furious. She was the kindest and most gentle person ever. In the past, she was reputed to be the kindest and most beautiful woman on the Douluo Continent. Yet, at this moment, she was incapable of controlling her emotions regardless of how hard she tried when she was confronted by her husband’s assassin.

“Your Excellency, Holy Spirit, please stay calm. We still need you to assume command of the team.” Yali suddenly heard a deep voice. It shocked her back to her senses akin to the morning bell and the evening drum.

She turned her head to the side subconsciously and met Qiangu Dieting’s deep gaze.

Yali immediately realized that she had lost her cool back there. She nodded once and resumed her usual calm demeanor.

Qiangu Dieting’s silhouette flashed once, and he was already at the front of the team with Qiangu Dongfeng. He turned his head to the side and took a deep glance at his son. Qiangu Dieting had only one functioning arm. His eyes glimmered as if he was pondering over something.

Even though teamwork was important for a battle at this level, the absolute abilities of the team members were even more important. Other than he and his son, the other father and son pair was at the front as well. The two great Limit Douluos Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang were standing side by side with them.

They were all assault-type soul masters and were Limit Douluos as well. When these four people stood side by side, a gush of exceedingly powerful aura burst forth from their bodies to oppress the opposing team.

The Ghost Emperor had a slight change of expression. Both he and the Underworld Emperor were the top quasi gods. They were capable of fighting against a powerhouse of the same rank as the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. However, they were not assault-type soul masters.

The Ghost Emperor was more of a control-and-range attack type while the Underworld Emperor was an agility type.

Hence, they felt exceedingly stressed when they were simultaneously confronted by four incomparably strong assault-type Limit Douluos.

“Kill!” A loud shout was heard coming from the Ghost Emperor. A stream of green light gushed out of his wide mouth. The green light enlarged rapidly and turned into a gigantic skull over fifty meters in diameter instantly. The skull widened its mouth and shot large green flares at the four Limit Douluos.

Yuanen Zhentian sneered once. He took a step forward and threw a punch into the void. Immediately, the sky shook and the green flares dispersed upon contacting the tremendous impact. However, the dispersed flares turned into green skulls which flew into the sky spurting ghostly flames.

The Ghost Emperor’s ghostly flame was unlike any ordinary flame. If it came into contact with a person, it would burn through one’s soul unless the flame was extinguished. It was highly destructive and could even destroy the battle armor.

At the same time he made a move, the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa waved his right hand once. The lower half of the Underworld King Sword shimmered in the air. A large gray radiance arose from the surroundings. It was the Underworld King Domain!

Countless souls of the dead creatures surged out from the sky and swarmed the federal military’s powerhouses.

“What a show off!” the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali sneered. She raised her right hand to grasped at the thin air. She instantly conjured her staff in her hand. The resonant sounds of the hymn were heard. Soon after, a golden halo surrounded her body and began spreading into the surroundings.

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