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Nine Palace Boxes

The golden halo was extremely peculiar. It seemed like there were little golden angels flapping their wings on the halo.Where the halo passed, the gray masses were fast disappearing akin to melting ice. The dead souls turned into flying dust before vanishing completely. Even the Ghost Emperor’s ghost flame turned dimmer.

It was the Holy Dispel!

The Underworld Emperor was obviously displeased. He was injured during a battle with Gu Yuena earlier, and his Underworld King Sword was broken as well. At any rate, the opponent whom he detested the most was Yali. Yali’s individual fighting capacity was nothing to shout about, of course. Yet, her holy ability was despised by the Underworld Emperor.

Meanwhile, the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa knew that Yali did not hold back when she unleashed her Holy Dispel. ‘Do you really need to do that? The battle has just begun!’

Subsequently, a large portion of his Underworld King Domain was weakened. He was at a loss for words.

Yali was the only recovery-type Limit Douluo in today’s world. Even though she was just a demigod, one should not forget that she was Yun Ming’s wife. With the amplification provided by her four-word battle armor, she rivaled the abilities of a quasi god!

When Shrek City was annihilated in the past, the Holy Spirit Cult wanted to kill Yali the most apart from Yun Ming. However, Yali survived due to the Atlas Douluo who protected her but sacrificed himself in the process.

At present, the Holy Spirit Douluo became the Holy Spirit Cult’s biggest threat.

Just behind the four Holy Spirit Cult’s powerhouses, the five abyssal powerhouses advanced together in a flash. The Mei Empress swayed her body once and vanished into thin air. The rest of the four abyssal powerhouses went their separate ways in search of their respective targets.

One of the abyssal powerhouses had a unique appearance. It took a step forward and arrived at the spot between the Underworld Emperor and the Ghost Emperor. Its head was lowered. Consequently, no one noticed it earlier. Meanwhile, it exuded an exceedingly terrifying feeling when it raised its head.

It was a savage-looking face. The abyssal powerhouse had the body of a human, but the head of a lizard. Its face was densely covered in multicolored scales with two bulging eyes. Its eyeballs were constantly moving and emitted a ghastly glow.

It pointed to the sky with its right hand. In the next moment, a horrendous scene appeared. All the multicolored scales on its face suddenly exploded and transformed into puffs of colorful light shadows. The light shadows formed colorful squares in the sky before it was launched in all directions.

What sort of ability was that?

The intense impact of the collision between the two parties slid over the colorful squares upon contact as if nothing happened between them.

Tang Wulin suddenly had an idea as he watched the battle in the distance. He discovered in astonishment that the colorful squares were quite similar to his Indefinite Storm. It was obviously a unique ability which combined space and time.

He determined that there were a total of nine colorful squares. The squares began to piece together in the sky. In the next moment, the hideous abyssal powerhouse muttered something. All of a sudden, a large number of abyssal creatures below disintegrated into gushes of abyssal energy which surged into the sky.

Victory or defeat was yet to be determined at the moment. Tang Wulin subconsciously made a move, but he immediately felt the target lock from the Demon Empress on the opposite side.

The spiritual remote sensing between him and the Demon Empress stopped him from raising the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. After all, he would be in trouble if he were to disturb the battlefield before victory or defeat was determined.

The increasing, massive amount of abyssal energy rapidly turned into a myriad of colors halfway across the sky and finally fused into the square boxes.

“Interrupt him!” shouted Yali.

The Combat Heaven and Earth aura burst forth precisely then. In a flash, Qiangu Dieting made his way to the sky. His entire body burst out with an intense dusk gold color. His hands grabbed his Coiling Dragon Staff tightly to make a smashing motion as if he was trying to separate heaven from earth.

Qiangu Dieting was a renowned quasi god-ranked powerhouse and a four-word battle armor master! Not many powerhouses at the scene would have the courage to brace his full force strike.

However, the abyssal powerhouse with the lizard head looked at Qiangu Dieting with a mocking glint flickering in its eyes. The abyssal powerhouse was sneering in disdain seemingly. All of a sudden, the nine colorful boxes glowed brightly, and the battlefield underwent changes in a split second.

“Is that absolute immobility?” Xu Xiaoyan, who was standing not far away from Tang Wulin, blurted.

As the number one master control soul master under the starry sky, she had the most powerful control-type soul skills in Shrek Academy. Thus, she was the most knowledgeable of any control-type soul skills. She immediately sensed an aura which was quite similar to her soul skills when the nine colorful boxes glowed brightly.

It was absolute immobility precisely!

It was an ability that could immobilize even a Limit Douluo!

The nine boxes shimmered with radiance. Then, a shocking scene emerged. Qiangu Dieting had just unleashed a full force strike, but his attack landed on an empty spot. In the next moment, he appeared in one of the nine square boxes.

It was not only him. All eighteen of the powerhouses from both teams were partitioned instantly. Two people appeared in each of the boxes with a person from each team.

The group battle was immediately turned into nine one-on-one battles instead.


An icy cold smirk could be seen at the corners of the Demon Empress’ lips.

It was the Nine Palace Boxes which had partitioned the battlefield. It had been planned beforehand. The low-profile abyssal powerhouse was actually ranked fifth in the entire abyss.

It was a monarch which reigned over the abyssal Sage Clan known as the Sage Monarch!

The clan had a unique status in the abyssal plane since they were the only clan with a direct lineage.

The Sage Monarch had no other clansmen except for itself. Judging by its abilities, it was close to the quasi god rank. Actually, its fighting capacity was ranked last amongst the ten great abyssal monarchs. Judging by its spiritual power, it was inferior to the Spirit Monarch. Besides, it had not even achieved the Divine Origin.

However, it played a role similar to Xu Xiaoyan’s role in the Shrek Seven Monsters. It was the most powerful controller within the abyss.

The Spirit Monarch had the most powerful spiritual power, so it was the commander of the abyssal creatures. In the case of the Sage Monarch, it was the true controller on the battlefield.

If Xu Xiaoyan was the number one master control-type soul master under the starry sky, then the Sage Monarch was the number one master controller of the abyssal plane.

Currently, the Nine Palace Boxes which had partitioned the battlefield was its special skill.

Of the hundred and eight levels of the abyss, the rank of each level was not permanent. Each level’s ranking was based on its abilities. When the leader of a level wished to elevate its rank and acquire more abyssal energy, it would need to challenge the abyssal powerhouse from a higher level. The Sage Monarch would then act as the judge of the challenge in this case.

Its ability to partition the battlefield was most suitable in such a challenge. Both parties could only fight on a one-on-one basis in any of the Nine Palace Boxes. The battle would not end until one of them was dead.

Thus, the battlefield partition was also known as the Death Partition on the abyssal plane. Only one side would survive to leave the box.

In addition, the Sage Monarch possessed other powerful control abilities. It was capable of controlling any abyssal clan’s power for its own use. Naturally, it would need to mull over its exploitation of the abyssal powerhouses which were way more powerful than it was.

The Sage Monarch was also the brains behind the abyssal Sage King. Its status in the abyss was no less inferior to the second-rank Spirit Monarch.

If the Spirit Monarch was considered the commander of the abyssal legion, then the Sage Monarch was the villainous advisor of the abyssal legion. It represented the abyssal Sage King so it was not too much to say it oversaw the abyssal legion. It had a strong influence over the Spirit Monarch even.

It chose to engage in this battle since it came fully prepared obviously. Although the opposing team was far more powerful than it had expected, it was confident of its team when the battlefield was partitioned.

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