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The Sickle Emperor Is Dead!

The rest of the War Gods each found their respective opponents. With an insolent attitude, the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian charged into the opponents. Together with the Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi, he headed straight for the Sickle Emperor who had been wounded earlier.In the soul master’s terminology, the Sickle Emperor was certainly an agility-type soul master. In the human world, an assault-type soul master would inherently suppress an agility-type soul master. There was no doubt that Dong Zian was now the most aggressive assault-type soul master. His silhouette swelled up with his entire body cladded in battle armor. Just like a demon, he charged toward the opponent.

In addition to their martial soul fusion skills, in a sense, there were only two Limit Douluos on the scene. They were the Skycrosser Douluo and the Ferocious Wolf Douluo. The Sickle Emperor could obviously sense the power of Dong Zian. If he were still in peak form, he would not fear Dong Zian. However, he was severely injured and one of his sickles had snapped. As a result, he had become very weak. He could only flap the wings on his back and transform into a light ray in an attempt to flee.

“Buzz!” The Guqin’s string vibrated with a hum.

The Sickle Emperor felt the stars spinning and the universe turned over at that very moment. Everything in the surroundings turned illusory in an instant. In the next moment, he was astonished to find that he had not only failed to distance himself from the Ferocious Wolf Douluo, on the contrary, the distance between them had become closer. He dashed toward his opponent akin to a flying moth darting into the flame.

The Sickle Emperor was shocked. Nonetheless, he displayed his hidden skills with which he hoped to be promoted to the monarch rank at this moment. The wings behind his back suddenly vibrated at a high frequency to halt his momentum by force. Not only that, his body had turned illusory. He then swayed his body once and simultaneously projected countless illusory shadows in all directions.

At the same time, the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian came to a stop. His hands transformed into wolf claws which made a tearing gesture in the void. He tore open a rift in the space in front of him. In the next instant, Dong Zian made his way into the rift and vanished into thin air.

The illusory shadows projected by the Sickle Emperor were fleeing at high speed. All of a sudden, his real body felt an unknown feeling of terror radiating through his entire body. His body trembled in fear soon after.

‘Oh no!’

The Sickle Emperor swung his sickle and slashed subconsciously toward a direction.

The space cracked open to reveal a brazen silhouette in front of him. The silhouette’s strong, muscular body leaned forward. It was the Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian. He stretched out his right hand abruptly and slapped the sickle to the side. All of a sudden, he shouted aloud. The space in the surroundings collapsed instantly.

The Sickle Emperor felt a powerful shackling force squeezing his body such that he instantly turned spastic. In the next moment, Dong Zian’s front claws had pinned down his body.

A ferocious smirk appeared on Dong Zian’s face. The muscles on his entire body swelled while his three-word battle armor burst forth with a bright brilliance. “Bang!”

The Sickle Emperor’s strong and rigid body was forcefully torn apart by Dong Zian in an instant!

The Sickle Emperor was dead!

“Rumble, rumble, rumble!” On the spot where the abyssal passage had closed earlier, violent tremors and loud booming noises sounded once again. It was the trembling of the abyssal plane.

At this exact moment, a stream of golden radiance shot out and swept across the air. The abyssal energy from the Sickle Emperor’s newly torn-up body was immediately absorbed by the golden radiance. The golden radiance spun around the air once before the Sickle Emperor’s energy vanished completely without a trace.

The booms coming from the abyssal passage were even louder now. It was more terrifying when the abyssal Evil Sickle Clan members acting as the mainstay on the battlefield all this while exploded in succession, turning into balls of abyssal energy. Meanwhile, all the abyssal energy was absorbed into the spinning golden radiance.

Everything happened exceedingly fast! The Devil Monarch charging in the opposite direction earlier had just managed to control his body when the Sickle Emperor, the king of the abyssal Evil Sickles had fallen.

One had to acknowledge that the War God Hall’s powerhouses worked in tandem and harmony. Dong Zian was not a member of the War God Hall, but his action was fully anticipated by the Skycrosser Douluo.

The Haughty Dragon Douluo Nan Gongyi who had severely injured the Sickle Emperor gave Dong Zian an opening. More importantly, it was also due to the Vast Sun Sky Guqin’s group control.

Under the control of the Vast Sun Sky Guqin, the opposing team’s most powerful member, the Devil Monarch did not manage to charge into the battlefield. Due to the Vast Sun Sky Guqin’s control, Dong Zian had the opportunity to stop the Sickle Emperor from escaping and kill him.

When one was rising, the other was falling. The War God Hall’s team had the upper hand at present!

Even though the opposing team still had three monarch-ranked powerhouses, the overall fighting capacity of the nine great abyssal leaders was weakened in the absence of the Sickle Emperor with his powerful attack abilities.

When the Golden Dragon Spear was hurled by Tang Wulin, both his gaze and Gu Yuena’s remained fixed upon the Demon Empress’ face. They glared at her to see if she was going to respond.

However, they were rather surprised by the Demon Empress’ lack of action. She was hovering in the air with an icy cold gaze as if all that was happening was unrelated to her. She did nothing but watched Tang Wulin devour the Sickle Emperor and the other abyssal Evil Sickles’ energy.

The Golden Dragon Spear returned to him. It transferred the blazing hot and incomparably rich abyssal energy to the Life Subtree which was not too far away. Tang Wulin clearly felt the Life Subtree rejoicing excitedly. It was an exceedingly large amount of pure energy!

Gu Yuena had loosened her grip on Tang Wulin’s hand in the meantime. However, she did not unleash her Silver Dragon Spear to devour the abyssal energy as she watched the battle closely.

The Devil Monarch became infuriated as he watched the Sickle Emperor die in battle! He raised his head and let out a raging roar at the sky. His body which was over a hundred meters tall suddenly transformed. The wings behind his back flapped. Soon after, the entire sky became dark.

It was the Devil Monarch’s domain known as the Darkness Sky Domain!

The sky turned black and was soon blotted out. There was the presence of an immense oppressive force. The numerous War Gods on the scene obviously felt their soul powers circulating at a slower pace.

In the next moment, they felt trapped in a vacuum. All the energy molecules in the air were disappearing at a shocking speed. It felt as if the entire space was devoured by the Darkness Sky Domain.

Suddenly, the Vast Sun Sky Guqin glowed brightly. Its third string was plucked, followed by the sound of a hum unleashed. The air soon turned blazing hot. A red light shield burst forth to forcefully cut off the oppressive force produced by the Darkness Sky Domain.

It was precisely then that the Devil Monarch descended from the sky and charged straight toward the battlefield.

“I’m your opponent!” The Ferocious Wolf Douluo Dong Zian shouted out loud. His body stretched out while his entire person instantly swelled over a hundred meters in height. He leaped into the sky abruptly to face the Devil Monarch.

On the other side, the battle between the Black Monarch and the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue had already begun.

As the Black Monarch was confronted by Guan Yue’s simple spear technique, black light bands rolled out from behind her to form an enormous blackhole with a strong devouring force. She fused herself with the blackhole in an attempt to use the unceasing, devouring power to resist Guan Yue’s spear.

The Skycrosser Divine Spear glowed brightly and pierced through the void in an instant. It seemed like the entire sky was stabbed. The Black Monarch let out a muffled humph and stumbled out of the blackhole. Subsequently, the blackhole was shattered.

The Skycrosser Divine Spear stabbed forward once again. It appeared just as insignificant as before, yet, the Black Monarch felt an intense weakness wash over her.

At the same time, the Sickle Emperor who was killed distracted the Black Monarch which affected her state of mind. A determined look appeared in the Black Monarch’s face for the very first time. She realized that she would die if she did not put up a good fight.

Her long hair swayed even without the wind. Her hands were cupped together in a manner akin to holding her heart. A ball of purple-black radiance appeared in her hands.

The Black Monarch had relied on her absolute capabilities to become one of the ten great abyssal monarchs. When the purple-black light orb was unleashed, everything in the surroundings became warped. The Skycrosser Divine Spear which followed the maxim of heaven and earth was guided by the light orb into making a turn. At the same time, the Black Monarch’s body had turned purple-black completely.

The light orb in her hands was flung out. It was seemingly heavier than a mountain.

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