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Vast Sun Sky Guqin

In fact, never mind the rest of the soul masters’ organizations, not even everyone in the War God Hall was aware of the Vast Sun Douluo and the Demon Guqin Douluo’s martial soul fusion skill.This was also the reason why the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie had already decided that Ao Rui would become the War God Hall’s Hall Master after Gan Yue.

Any soul masters’ organization would need to have an elite warrior to assume personal command over it. Otherwise, the organization would be pressured by others into yielding just as the Spirit Pagoda was pressured by Shrek Academy in the past.

The name of this martial soul fusion skill was the Vast Sun Sky Guqin. The Guqin’s strings were being plucked despite having no one playing it.

As soon as the first string was plucked, it was as if the sky had ignited. The atmospheric temperature surged in an instant. Everything in front of it was warped by the heat. The violent energy storm was forcefully torn apart right down the center.

A violent, loud explosion was heard in the distance. It came from the leading abyssal powerhouse on the opposite side. He had swung his right hand to toss aside the Skycrosser Divine Spear that shot to his front.

His right hand had transformed into a sharp black claw in an instant. The claw appeared quite ghoulish with only four fingers. The four digits were all cone-shaped and black as ink. When he swung it, it felt as if it was capable of breaking the limits of the entire plane and achieving an unprecedented, monstrous power.

One could imagine how strong it had to be in order to repel the Skycrosser Divine Spear.

However, the Skycrosser Douluo felt like he had accomplished his goal. The spear was shot out so that the Vast Sun Douluo and the Demon Guqin Douluo could have enough time to complete their martial soul fusion skill.

The reason behind their martial soul fusion skill’s secrecy was that there were still some issues with this skill. The skill needed quite a long time to complete the process, unlike most martial soul fusion skills that could be unleashed instantaneously. They needed to unleash their individual martial soul avatars before they could complete the fusion. They would not be able to unleash the skill if this particular process was interrupted.

The Vast Sun Sky Guqin had been formed successfully. Even the Skycrosser Douluo could not help cracking a faint smile.

The plucking of the first string unleashed the Dispel Cloud Reveal Sun!

The melodious rhythm propelled a vast expanse of bright blade-like lights to shoot out. It arrived before the numerous abyssal powerhouses on the opposite almost instantly.

On the abyss’ side, the leader frowned ever so slightly but did not show any intention of retreating or dodging. He took a step forward and swung the sharp claw once again. During the process of swinging his arm, the claw spread open in a manner skin to grasping the Dispel Cloud Reveal Sun.


The light blade exploded, and it felt as if the sky had already turned into a sea of light. The sudden increase in temperature seemed to be turning the sky into an upside-down sea. The entire sky became warped from the heat. One could imagine how intense the scorching temperature was.

The numerous War Gods had gathered around the Vast Sun Sky Guqin.

Meanwhile, the leader that had endured the crushing blow by force earlier began to rapidly change.

His humanoid form abruptly swelled to three meters in height. Among the abyssal creatures, he was not considered especially large, but when he revealed his body, he exuded an astonishing feeling as though the devil king had descended.

His head was particularly large and it made up almost one-third of his body length. With his head at such a size, his pair of skull-shaped pupils could be seen clearly as well.

A pair of gigantic wings spread out across his back, and he had a pair of enormous claws at the ends of his arms.

His body was pitch-black with a dash of dark red. It was apparent that he had been injured after blocking the Vast Sun Sky Guqin’s strike in his human form earlier.

Nonetheless, the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue was still startled. He was well aware of the might of the Vast Sun Sky Guqin’s attack. The opponent had actually managed to withstand the strike. One could imagine the strength of his physical endurance!

Such durability was enough to rival the Body Douluo A Ruheng’s Leakproof Golden Body. Moreover, it was different in the sense that the Leakproof Golden Body paid attention to perfect fusion while the abyssal creature’s body was incomparably strong and tough. It felt as if it was unbreakable.

“All of you must die!” The voice sounded rigid and far rougher than the Spirit Monarch’s human-like accent.

The wings on his back began to flap abruptly, and he instantly went from three meters to a hundred meters in height. He took a step forward and threw himself at the War God Hall’s numerous War Gods. His giant pair of claws grasped the thin air in a manner like he was going to tear the Vast Sun Sky Guqin apart.

He was the Devil Monarch! He was ranked fourth in the abyss, and he was the master of the Abyssal Devil Puppets! Besides the abyssal Sage King, he had the highest endurance in the abyss.

Indeed, his body’s defensive capabilities might have been the best in the abyss.

The Spirit Monarch had formidable spiritual power while the Devil Monarch had a formable body. The strength of his body was incredibly close to that of a God. One could even say that he had already reached that standard.

He had been made one of the leaders of the abyss after the Spirit Monarch’s death. His amazing abilities surpassed an ordinary quasigod’s, and he made use of them as soon as the battle was in full swing.

The rest of the abyssal powerhouses followed closely behind as well, charge toward the team from the War God Hall. The battle had intensified.

The Vast Sun Sky Guqin’s second string vibrated, producing another hum.

Like the first wave of the Dispel Cloud Reveal Sun, a peculiar transformation suddenly occurred in the sky as soon as the Guqin’s string had been plucked. The whole world was turning upside down instantly. It felt as if the universe was overturned.

Despite the Devil Monarch’s fearsome abilities, his body was spun the other way round. From charging toward War God Hall’s powerhouses, he started charging to the opposite side into the distance.

It was even more unusual because the Devil Monarch was the only abyssal powerhouse charging in the opposite direction while the others were not. The remaining eight abyssal powerhouses including the Bee Monarch and the Black Monarch were all accelerating toward the War God Hall.

The Vast Sun Sky Guqin had always been more than just an attack-type martial soul fusion skill. It was also an exceedingly rare control-type skill!

In a sense, the Vast Sun Sky Guqin was also the most powerful master control skill of the War God Hall!

The Bee Monarch and the Black Monarch were supposed to follow at the sides of the Devil Monarch. The Devil Monarch’s sudden change of direction stunned them for a moment. Meanwhile, the numerous War Gods were charging toward them as well.

The Skycrosser Douluo was at the forefront, dashing forward with the Skycrosser Divine Spear at the ready. The move appeared to be simple and unsophisticated, yet it exuded a feeling of removing oneself from the complexities of the mortal world and returning to one’s origin.

The Black Monarch could feel a chill around her body, but the feeling came from her soul. She had already engaged in a battle with the Skycrosser Douluo earlier. Guan Yue’s suppression had put her at a disadvantageous position. However, it was her first time feeling the paralysing cold.

The Skycrosser Douluo’s calm gaze was emitting a faint chill. In his perception, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie was both a teacher and a friend to him, yet Chen Xinjie died on the battlefield that day. As the current War God Hall’s Hall Master, he had to remain calm in order to lead the numerous War Gods. Nevertheless, behind that facade, he was dealing with incomparable grief.

He had been working together with Chen Xinjie for more than fifty years, constantly assisting him, and both of them were united in a concerted effort. Chen Xinjie worked on the external side while he led the internal side. They complemented each other and brought the War God Hall to its current scale.

Chen Xinjie’s death had affected him tremendously. He had always been mild-mannered, but this was his first time feeling a bloodlust surging through his mind. When he was fighting against the Black Monarch earlier, Guan Yue did not exert himself fully because Tang Wulin had yet to return at the time. It would have been pointless if he had exhausted his efforts to kill the Black Monarch and Tang Wulin could not absorb its abyssal energy. It would be futile, right?

Thus, Guan Yue had been waiting for this opportunity to come. The abyssal passage was already closed, so the abyssal creatures could not possibly escape anymore. This was a battle of life and death even for them. The Skycrosser Douluo went all out for the very first time. The spear technique that appeared so mundane was actually the essence of his entire life.

Two streams of sword’s radiance shot out like lightning bolts from the Bee Monarch’s side. It came from the joint-technique of the God Sword Douluo and the Emperor Sword Douluo known as Double-sword Combined. Although they had yet to utilize their martial soul fusion skill, the married couple had been working together for many years. Their Double-sword Combined was a lethal attack. The sword’s radiance filled the sky and covered the Bee Monarch.

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