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. This is the period time for examination has finally arrived and the ceremony end of this particular session, we all know how it started but doesn’t know how it will be ended, they are some hidden secret attached to it, DARK MAGIC ACADEMY is strictly the great school of all supernatural, the ministry of Dark Art Magical and Defense has get a great hold of the school making sure the school is best secured for the supernatural being which includes all the categories, they are witchcraft, sorcerers, witches, wizards, warlocks, witch, wizard, wizards, sorcerer, sorceress, spell casters, legendary, enchanter, enchantress, druid, elves, spirit lords (scary spirit), ghost, slayer, villain, darkness (serial killer), monster, sorcerer, psycho, possessed and suspense author (😂).

The school has been the best for centuries (Created by:- Dave Sun), many supernatural being where been admitted this session which includes Smith Danny Fred, Alfred Steve Stone, Edward Steve Stone, Cora ** (Surname hidden), Dora ** (Surname hidden), Girly Mart, Smokey Bones and the rest characters which will soon reveal.

The d-day for the examination was the best which the students were very happy that they will be going home soon, they wrote their examination which were difficult for some lazy students🙄

😏 but became simple for the intelligent ones.






. The principal Mr Fred announce to them before going back home for the summer break.


Fred: “They will be a ceremony and the ticket is a boy and a girl, get yourself prepared, don’t be shyness to ask someone out, don’t be affright if she/he doesn’t want to, not all loves partying.”


Principal Fred sat down, a round of applause was made which the students clattering their plates and another silent take over which food was dish into their plate at they sited round the table.


Smith: “Who are you two asking out?”


Smith asked the twins as he scoop the food into his mouth.


Alfred: “Don’t worry Smith, that’s not a problem?”

Edward: “That’s not a problem?”

Smith: “Haven’t you heard what the principal say?”

Alfred: “Your grandpa is the principal.”

Edward: “Yes your grandpa is the principal.”

Smith: “Whatever!”

Alfred: “Fine, Elves are the best when comes to beauty, chose wisely.”

Edward: “Yeah, chose wisely!”

Smith: “How?”

Alfred: “Keeper library (Kenxo’s Library) is the best library in Dark Magic Academy if you want to find out more about us.”

Edward: “And also the best when its comes to history!”

Smith: “You means i shall go out there and read them?”

Alfred: “Yeah”

Edward: “Hell yeah!”

Smith: “But that’s not impossible when i have you guys already!”

Alfred: “Then what did you expecting us to do?”

Edward: “Then what did you expecting us to do?”

Smith: “Tell me about yourself, i want to know more about Elves?”


Alfred and Edward cleans their mouth as they empty the water from the cup.


Alfred: “We elves look like a human with a slim athletic or muscular build and v-shaped (Male) and Hourglass (Female) figure.

Edward: “We have leaf shaped ears are hairless everywhere expect hair on the head like humans, (eyebrows, and eyelashes), Males are very androgynous just like merfolks.”

Alfred: “Elves has beyond flawless perfect fetish fuel level skin, completely lacks wrinkles and deformities, they have attractive face and body, has completely smooth.”

Edward: “Dark elves possess gift intellects as well as superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, dark elves like malekith can be fairy magic do shape-shift, teleport project energy blasts and so on like our mother.”

Alfred: “We have Intellects superhuman physical agility senses.”

Edward: “And natural magical talents.”

Smith: “You guys seems powerful!”

Alfred: “Not only that Smith, some supernatural being fear us.”

Smith: “Why?”


Smith asked as he throw away the bone away.


Edward: “Because they all knows what we’re capable of doing!”

Smith: “So you mean you guys aren’t coming for the ball party?”

Alfred: “Hell no, we already had someone which we’ve been targeting.”

Edward: Hell yeah! Target locked.”

Smith: “A twin just like you guys, sound good!”

Alfred: “No we hate twins!”

Smith: “Then what will you guys do?”

Alfred: “How come we tell you our plans for that day?

Edward: “Hell yeah let informed him.”

Smith: “What! Inform me of what?”

Alfred: “Don’t come near dorm, we’ll involves ourselves in sexual threat.”

Smith: “I’m not afraid?”

Edward: “Except if you want to go beyond by raping Cora?”

Smith: “Fine, i will be outside the hallway.”


Finishing the discussion as both walks out, seeing Cora standing by the tree, Smith walk up to her.


Smith: “Hi Cora!”

Cora: “Hi Smith!”

Smith: “I want to take you as my ticket.”


Cora stare at Smith but couldn’t utter anything.


Smith: “Talk to me Cora, say something?”

Cora: “I’m sorry Smith; someone has already asked me!”

Smith: “Someone, who’s the person i can swap.”

Cora: “No way, please don’t.”


Smith was annoying by what Cora was saying, he try to hide his anger but he couldn’t, he was really hurt as he stare at her for a moment and then walked away.


Voice: “Why did you do that, you just break his heart?”

Cora: “I don’t like party sis!”

Voice: “You’ll have told him that; simple.”

Cora: “I don’t want to be a problem for him.”

Voice: “He loves you and i can see that.”

Cora: “Sis, am confused, what will i do now?”

Voice: “Go and talk to him, tell him everything”

Cora: “I’m scared!”

Voice: “If you don’t want Dora to intervene then do so.”


A wind embedded from different angles, somewhere in the sky, thunderstorms striking, in the trees leafs falling, the birds chirping, the wolves howling as darkness with a thick cloud covering everywhere.






. A knock on the door as Smith went to open it, in his hands was THE FORBIDDEN TEMPLE (The Demonic Secret Place), what he saw shocked him. Seeing Dora standing with her thugs by her side, he held on the door looking at her with her thugs.


Smith: “What did you want here Dora?”

Dora: “I’m here for you to be my ticket to the entrance of the party, since you can’t make a step then i am the first to ask you that.”

Smith: “Sorry Dora i am already been taken!”

Dora: “Cora, that b---h!”

Smith: “Yeah, she’s a b---h and i love bitches.”


Smith omit the door so harder as the twins who were about closing their eyes wake up at once.


Alfred: “What the hell was that?”

Smith: “Dora, she was here!”

Edward: “For what?”

Smith: “Ticket of course!”

Alfred: “Ticket who? Is she out of her f-----g mind?”

Edward: “Yeah and has she not have an eyes to see that Cora is with you?”

Smith: “Cora didn’t agree!”

Alfred: “Agreed on what?”

Smith: “She’s already taken!”

Edward: “By who?”

Smith: “I don’t know.”

Alfred: “We’ll help you then if you knew the guy whose had taken her from you.”

Edward: “Yeah, we’ll had!”


Another knock was heard as Smith headed to the door, he was now furious as he yell at the person who was at the door.


Smith: “I told you already that i am taken.”


He stopped as he looks at the person whose was standing, he stare at her for a moment.


Cora: “Can i come in?”


Smith turns to looks at the twins who were also staring at him as he give way for her to enter.


Cora: “Nice rooms, i don’t have a chance to live in HALL of FAME; hi guys! (Referring to the twins).”

Alfred: “Hi Cora!”

Edward: “Welcome Cora!”

Cora: “Thank you.”

Smith: “Why are you here Cora?”


She sat down on the bed, Alfred and Edward on seeing that started leaving the room.


Smith: “Where are you guys going?”

Alfred: “Don’t worry about us, we want to see the moon; you got to know that the moon is always beautiful at night and i love watching it.”

Edward: “Yes the moon is always beautiful at night and we love watching it.”


Smith was watching them, silly friend; both walk out as they closed the door, winking at him at the same time.


Cora: “Your friend are funny!”

Smith: “You’ve not told me why you’re here Cora?”

Cora: “Shall i not visit my love again, i so sorry Smith to offended you, it just that i doesn’t loves party and i may disgrace you or even step on your feet when we’re been call to dance.”

Smith: “And that’s why you told me that you’re taken?”

Cora: “Yeah!”

Smith: “Then i can teach you the dancing steps.”

Cora: “Thanks!”


Both starts kissing, Smith kiss her lip starting with the lower lip then upper, then lower again before going for an entrance with his tongue adding variety, dragging his lip across her as he graze the underside of her upper lip and then roll his tongue on her lips slowly and sensually (That’s how to kiss 😘 💏 a girl o… Abi you dey learned? 😂🏃)


Then a bell giggles which both stopped at once smiling.


Cora: “I need to go!”


Without waiting for his response, Cora disappeared from the room.




Thanks for being with me, DARK MAGIC is a freaking epic story, sometimes scary, stay tuned for more hidden secrets to be out.




Smith: “What did you do to her Dora? Please Cora don’t leave me, hold on, i will heal you.”

Dora: “Cora is dead, your lover is gone; accept it, i killed her, i told you it will be only me and no one else, hahaha.”


Master: “It is time to reveal myself to the supernatural”

Man: “There’s nobody to protect him now”

Master: “I’ll take the responsibility from now henceforth, I’m his guardian now.”


Den: “If Dora want you then why does you show her love?”

Smith: “I can’t believe Cora is gone!”


Assess: “We’ll never leave your side again, we promised.”


Man: “Master, MARA is back!”

Master: “Then it’s time to encounter her!”


Master: “Surprised to see me!”

Mara: “No…..i thought you’re dead for centuries, how that possible?”

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