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. Dora and Cora was seen ready for combat, both girls have been having difficulty on each other, one must go and one must remain. After a long combat with wand casters, Dora cry out, it really hurts Cora as she feels bad for her. Even though she was the first to approach Smith and confess to her but he chose her, she felt afraid, why all this thing happening to her, what did she did wrong, her sister was watching the whole drama and she was about confronting her when Dora show up out of nowhere.


Dora: “You trick me and also you cheat me!”

Cora: “No, your ego, your pride ended you”

Dora: “Now you’re left alone, i will personally kill you here and they’ll be nobody to question me?”


Dora cast her magic unawareness towards Cora but Smith was just in time as he cast the spell out from hitting her.


Smith: “What are you trying to do Dora, has it gotten to this stage?”


Dora cast her magic spell to hit both of them but Smith immediately flipped the wand off her hand.


Dora: “You can’t protect her forever, i don’t know why on earth you’re protecting her, she’s evil, can’t you see? She gave you a love potion, she’s controlling you, wake up Smith. Like i told you before, it will be only me and no one else be warned”


Dora screamed at him.


Smith: “It is by fault to love you, i don’t even have any feeling for you even it’s love potion then let it be and allowed her evil to surpass me.”

Dora: “Just love me back and you’ll see what love means.”

Smith: “I can’t love you Dora, I’m sorry!”

Dora: “You’re stupid Smith, f--k you! What did i doesn’t have that she doesn’t have Smith, look at me, am more prettier, intelligent than her, look into my eyes, read my mind, my heart is open for you(crying)”

Smith: “Why did you wanna force yourself into my life, am i the only male in this school, why me? Alfred and Edward are my closet friend, you can chose one of them.”


Dora clean off her tears and smiles which shocked the both of them.


Dora: “I’m leaving the both of you now but i promised next time wouldn’t be so lucky.”


Dora said as she walked away smiling, Cora whose was recover from the shocked of been dead.


Cora: “Leave me alone Smith, i don’t want to lose you please, she’s planning something.”

Smith: “No… Don’t said that Cora, she is playing with what will soon end her life”

Cora: “I’m scared Smith, am not strong enough to fight her back.”

Smith: “Stop troubling yourself Cora, nothing can separate you from me, keep that in mind.”

Cora: “I love you Smith”

Smith: “I love you too Cora.”


Wiping off her tears which was dripping out of her eyes. Both snogging which last for a minute. Cora eyes went far to someone whose was standing some distance away from them, Smith was lost in love as he didn’t notice the movement in the forest, the shadow disappeared immediately.





. The cave was very dark, candles were been lit of different angles of the cave, an ancient handwriting of different languages were written all over the wall, a casket was laying on top of an ancient stone proudly written in some ancient words, they was a pipe connected down to a big tunnel and down to the casket and it was making some sound like bubbles, a man which his face was veil walk in kneeling down and facing the casket as he speaks.


Man: “Master”

Master: “You’ve returned very fast my humble servant”

Man: “Master, it my duty to serve you!”

Master: “What did you find out?”

Man: “The chosen one is in love with someone”

Master: “Who’s the lucky one?”

Man: “Her name is Cora”

Master: “Any information about her”

Man: “Not yet master but there’s another one”

Master: “Who’s the intruder?”

Man: “Her name is Dora”

Master: “Twins sister”

Man: “No master, their aura is hidden!”

Master: “Two girls with different mission to accomplish”

Man: “What will we do?”

Master: “It’s strange, i sense danger within him; the chosen one is not safe anymore”

Man: “Master!”

Master: “Find more about the both girls, the chosen one won’t know what’s awaiting him if he continue taking the route.”

Man: “Master that’s not possible”

Master: “The supernatural doesn’t know that i am much alive, the time will soon come when i will reveal myself to them and i am going to paid each of them a surprise visit, go my humble servant and bring more regain about the two girls.”

Man: “Thank you master.”


The darkness covered as the light of the candles ceased.






. Smith walks in with Alfred and Edward by his side, both parents had gone home, Smith was second while the twins loose.


Alfred: “We’re not gonna participate in any sports again”

Smith: “Me either, it just a trash.”

Alfred: “I saw the both of you fighting, what’s wrong dude”

Edward: “Yes what’s wrong dude?”

Smith: “Why did you guys care, i thought you hate her?”

Alfred: “C’mon, we wanted to verify if you’re not falling into her trap.”

Edward: “And if she’s also the right one for you”

Smith: “It’s now a trap, what about she giving me love potion”

Alfred: “I believe you”


Edward cuts in.


Edward: “We believed you on this one.”

Alfred: “We investigate and there’s no threat in her”

Edward: “No threat.”

Smith: “How?”

Alfred: “You know Smokey Bones?”

Smith: “What about him?”

Edward: “We asked him about Cora and he confessed right in our front.”

Smith: “That they are having a thing together”

Alfred: “Hell no what are you thinking”

Edward: “C’mon hell no what are you thinking”


Smith was now jealous as both twin spilled out saliva from their mouth.


Alfred: “Don’t think about that dude! Smokey Bones is a gay but he told us who Cora is; now about the task going on in the female swimming race, it was all planned by him, so we all know what will happen”

Smith: “What exactly happened?”

Edward: “Dora killed the monsters which she wouldn’t have done it”

Smith: “What about Cora, what does she did”

Alfred: “Smokey Bones plans.”

Edward: “His own plan.”

Smith: “You guys told her”

Alfred: “Hell yes, we did that for you, Cora will have ignored them when they were wounded and Dora will have declared a winner of the female swimming pool race.”

Smith: “Thanks twinny”

Alfred: “Eh we’re still angry with you, we just did that to help her out”

Smith: “But you guys really help”

Alfred: “So now we’re cool”

Edward: “Are we cool?”

Smith: “Oh yes, why not! But i still have something to solve it out”

Alfred: “What’s it?”

Edward: “What’s it?”

Smith: “Dora is still threaten me, can you guys help me out”

Alfred: “Dora the queen of Magic Academy, sorry pal we’re not her match.”


Just then a falcon cries out, Smith seeing it smiles because he knew who was he, landing on the floor as he transform.


Smith: “Big brother!”

Den: “Oh Smith! Hello Alfred and Edward”

Assess: “Welcome Den!”

Den: “Smith is very excited, you’re in love, it showed in your face”

Smith: “Big brother please don’t tell them”

Den: “Don’t worry your secret is lock one place in my heart.”

Smith: “Thanks, you’d show up for ‘THE 33SPORTS EXTRAORDINARY’”

Den: “Yeah, i wasn’t safe but i was with you always.”

Smith: “How, i didn’t see you?”

Den: “But i saw you piquant with a kiss (😘💏), she really love you, i can read it”

Smith: “You can read minds”

Den: “Sorry i mean i read her lips”

Smith: “Big brother don’t lie to me”

Den: “Okay, fine, i can read minds no matter what the hell are you?”

Smith: “I haven’t not yet mastering that”

Den: “It’s because you’ve not clocked the exactly age yet.”

Smith: “Big brother please can you help me with something tiny”

Den: “Nothing is tiny, i will read them for you”

Smith: “Good, then have you find out?”

Den: “Yes, am not staying, am traveling with them.”

Smith: “Why but you said you are staying with me”

Den: “Grandpa; option from the ministry and one more thing they was someone out there watching the three of you”

Smith: “Surprised) who was that?”

Den: “Cora’s sister”

Smith: “She has a sister? (Gasped)”

Den: “Yes big sister (smiles)”

Smith: “Oh, twinny i was blind by love, i will have seen it”

Alfred: “When i said earlier it’s love potion because it’s how the potion like displaying”

Edward: “True love at first sight (❣️😘💏)”

Smith: “When are you guys having yours?”

Alfred: “Don’t worry we’ll discuss later!”

Smith: “Big brother (in whispered)”

Den: “No, can’t read elves. (In whispered)”

Alfred: “What are you saying?”

Edward: “Yes what are you saying?”

Den: “Then as i was saying about her sister, she’s one of the guardian, she’s assign to protect you.”

Smith: “How?”

Den: “Asked your girl, she knows more than i do!”






. Dora walk angry inside her dorm, she was very angry, she wipe off the tears which was choking in her eyes, she stormed into the washroom within a minute she walked out from the washroom with a towel grab by her waist. She poured out a drink into a glass taking a sip of it which run down to her abdomen, she love Smith with all her heart but Cora has gotten to her nerves, she must do anything in her power to kick her out off her way even if it will be ending her life. Cora is really stubborn, the only place that witch always loves reading is the ‘THE KEEPER LIBRARY’. She smiles at herself removing the towel throwing it away and drifted into the wonderland.


©Dave Sun. July 2020.

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