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Natasha p o.v

Ohh shit why will he kidnap Kim because of me. Am the one he wants why don’t he come for me

. I have to do this myself. Since am the one he need I will go. I won’t inform Jason cause I don’t want to involve him have already involved the innocent lady. That’s be sacrificing slot for me can you imagine she asked me not to come. This is my fight I need to fight it myself. Jason enter the room from the bathroom babe are you okay he asked. Yes I am I stuttering. I heard you making a call earlier who’s calling you he asked. Is no body I said.

Or have they found Kim he asked. Nope we haven’t found her. Is that why you are worried. Babe you don’t have to an working on it he said.

Hmm he doesn’t know anything. How will I leave this house without this guard going after me I need to look for a perfect plan to escape from this room. I have am idea.

Kim p.o.v

Your Friend will soon be here the wicked man that call hiself my father said puffing smoke out of his mouth.

I don’t need your explanation cause you are not my father I said. You are so stubborn like your mother. Anyway I feel like explaining to you. Your mother is a fool thinking I love her I dont.

How will I love someone like her. I married her because of her father wealth.

The first 2 years of our marriage I make it sweet for her cause she always give me money. You know are parents spoilt her with Money cause she’s there only child.

Her parents told her not to marry me but she’s blinded by love. Her parents refused to give her money again because of me.

That’s why I started maltreating her. He said laughing loud this man is just wicked.

She domt have the right to enjoy in my house again since she doesn’t have money.

I beat her with pregnancy. Should I tell you who kill her. He said and laugh again. I did that’s because she knows too much.

She knew I killed my elder brother and his wife which is Natasha parents. So me and Natasha are sisters I said.

Yes am I not too nice he said. So get this into your skull if your friend Natasha come don’t or she came with the cops am going to killed you.

Cause I don’t give a Dawn about you. I pray Natasha don’t come this man his heartless.

You are heartless I said. Thanks I Know. You are a monster and you will surely regret this I said and he slap me hard across my face.

Jason p.o.v

I don’t know what is wrong with Natasha but since she received that call from earlier she’s not her said. Baby are you okay this is the hundredth times am asking her.

She keeps saying she’s fine which I know is not true. I need to find out what is bothering her.

Writer p.o.v

Jayden look around the place with fear. I haven’t heard from my unknown sweetheart I hope she’s ok. I need to wake up for her I have a feeling she needs me now he said.

He started opening his eyes and one of his guards rushed to call the doctor. Thank God he’s awake the doctor said. He will be awake fully within 30 minutes.

30 minutes later

Jayden p.o.v

I wake up the only thing that’s on my mind is the mysterious lady. Boss thank God you are awake.

He mentioned someone will be very happy if she knows. He mumbling that part but I heard.

What are you talking about I asked. It nothing boss I mean we are very happy to see you back he said. Who’s that lady that’s always here when am in coma.

Boss you need to rest you just came back from coma he said. I don’t want to rest tell me now I said. Okay boss she’s Kim. Oh Kim no wonder her voice sounds familiar.

But were is she. She has been kidnapped he said what. You guys need to find the information about were she’s now I need to find her I don’t want to lose her I said getting up from the bed.

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