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Unknown ( Jeremy) p.o.v

Check her mother background for me. He came back after 30 minutes.

Done sir he said, she’s Emily she got married to a man Jeremy when she’s very young at the age of 18.

So what happened. They later divorce. Because the man always beat her.

She left there with a pregnancy which she later gave birth to Kim with it she died when her daughter was just 6years.

Shit she’s my daughter. But o don’t have a choice I need to used her I don’t even know her before and her useless mother broke my heart. So I don’t care get me Kim. I told my boss.

Kim p.o.v

I left Natasha birthday hurriedly. I noticed some men trailing behind me I move faster but they still follow me. They were faster than I am.

They blindfold me and Carry me off the ground.

Leave me I hit the guy with my hands but it doesn’t seems to affect me. The drop me in there car and drove off.

Who did I offend. They removed the blindfold and Carry me inside a mansion this place doesn’t look like were kidnappers used.

I drop me in the sitting room with many guards. I can’t escape room this place.

Welcome sir they greeted the man they call there boss. Look who we have here. He said and sit down near you,

who are you and what did you want from me I asked the man. Not so fast daughter who’s your daughter I asked. Let leave that till another day.

What did you want to take let them serve you he said. I don’t need anything and f-----g tell me why I am here I said.

Don’t get me angry young lady am only treating you well because you are my daughter he said angrily.

Were did you know me from look here you are my daughter but I don’t wants to use it in the hard way with you but if you choose the hard way I have no choice than to do it. I have always wish to have a family but not a man like this.

This man can never be my father. Listen I don’t need you it your frirnd that will need. Hope is not Natasha I asked. Good girl. You are very wise like me he said.

So what did you need Natasha for I asked. Don’t worry all you need to do is to call Natasha tell her to come and meet you here. For what I can’t. Guys lock her up.

She’s getting me angry. Called Natasha now on video call he said. They called Natasha and I pray she dont picked.

Hello we have your friend here but we are the one we need. If you love your friend come to the address we will send to you he said.

I wants to talk to my friend I heard her say. Ok see her. I’m she shout as soon as she sees me.

Hope they didn’t do anything to you she asked yes but please don’t come I said and the man kick me in the stomach I spat out blood.

Kim Natasha shouted as soon as she sees me in pain I pray she doesn’t come. This man is evil I don’t know what she does to him.

Did you think Natasha will go.

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