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Thousand-Refined, Ten-Thousand-Refined Fused Alloy

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Tang Wulin almost destroyed the forging table when he used the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower flame for the very first time. The flame that appeared gentle was actually a huge energy source.

A Ruheng was once summoned by Tang Wulin for an experiment. Despite his Leakproof Golden Body, he could not withstand the burning flame. He was about to be injured if he had endured another minute more. One could only imagine how powerful the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower is.

Tang Wulin raised his hands to conjure a pair of heavenly-refined forging hammers into his hands. He was at the forging table in one quick stride. His arms swung the pair of forging hammers in a circular movement. The forging hammers knocked the seven pieces of metals rhythmically as if he was playing a percussion instrument.

If Zhen Hua were here, he would similarly be shocked by what Tang Wulin was doing at the moment. It was because Tang Wulin was forging seven pieces of rare metals simultaneously!

Each piece of rare metal had its own attribute and its own striations. Hence, the forging method, dynamics, and comprehension of each piece of metal was completely different from one another.

It would appear as if Tang Wulin’s ability to forge in such a manner meant splitting his attention seven ways. Nevertheless, it would need an exceedingly huge amount of energy and accurate calculations in order to unleash tremendous spiritual power and strength.

Perhaps, Zhen Hua could do that mentally. In reality, he might not achieve it physically. It was due to the difference between his cultivation base and Tang Wulin’s.

Thus, a highly skilled person of any profession would be able to produce twice the yield with half the effort if the person was also a highly ranked soul master.

The seven pieces of metals produced different clunking sounds under the knocking of Tang Wulin’s double hammers. The sounds were rhythmic. At the same time, the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower flame had also tainted Tang Wulin’s pair of forging hammers during the knocking process.

Following the repeated knocking, the seven pieces of rare metals appeared to be melting. The melting process was quite different for each piece of metal. Tang Wulin continuously hammered the metals in all directions. He tried to improve the metals’ quality while the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower flame appeared to be under his control. The flame was sometimes strong and sometimes weak depending on his bid. In any case, the strength of the flame was always right for the job.

Tang Wulin began to sweat on his forehead within a few minutes.

Despite his Hyper Douluo-ranked cultivation base and Thought Concretization-ranked spiritual power, the forging process was actually strenuous to him. Just imagine how exhausting it was for Tang Wulin.

In addition, he was only at the Hundred Refinement process now! Yes, it was only at the Hundred Refinement and not even the Thousand Refinement stage yet!

Obviously, Tang Wulin could accomplish the One Pound Thousand Refinement, but he was using his forging hammers to perform the Hundred Refinement. Just imagine how meticulous he is during the forging process.

Perhaps, it was the first time in the history of blacksmiths that a person could forged seven metals simultaneously. Tang Wulin was capable of sustaining his efforts on the Hundred Refinement because of his abilities. When the forging was elevated to the Thousand Refinement, the metals would undergo tremendous change once again during the forging process. Thus, Tang Wulin would not be able to control the process safely despite his current spiritual power.

On the other hand, he could clearly sense that the seven pieces of rare metals over a foot long were shrinking continuously due to his unceasing knocking during the Hundred Refinement stage.

Each time the metal shrunk, it would undergo a certain amount of change. Its form was changing as well as its size which was continuously getting smaller. Yet, the metal was glowing brighter during the process.

A faint smile emerged on his face. Tang Wulin took a deep breath before he suddenly pulled back his double hammers. The Seven-Colored Lotus Flower flame which was burning on the seven pieces of rare metals was retracted into his palms immediately before vanishing completely.

At the moment, the seven pieces of metals were as soft as dough.

Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed brightly while a golden radiance shot out from his body. He passed the forging hammer in his right hand to his left hand. He then used his right hand to grab at thin air in the direction of the seven metals.

The air in his surroundings froze instantly. All the elements vanished without a trace at this very moment. It felt as if the entire room was isolated.

Ling Zichen could feel an intense lingering fear in her heart despite being shielded by her mecha.

Compared to the first time Tang Wulin used this method, he was now an accomplished, skillful master.

It was the Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

Everything that surrounded the seven metals was shackled instantly. All the physical changes on these metals were halted temporarily. Soon after, Tang Wulin used his right hand to guide the seven metals to fuse together in an instant.

The double hammers landed in his palms once again as Tang Wulin moved toward the seven metals akin to a tornado. The Tang Sect technique known as the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer allowed him to speed up tremendously. In the next moment, booming sounds which were deafening came from the forging table.

He was using the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer to fuse the seven metals together.

By her estimates, Ling Zichen found that the higher the rank of the fuse- forging process, the more difficult the process became. The seven types of metals would result in drastic changes. It was almost impossible for a blacksmith to complete the Heavenly Refinement-ranked fusion.

Why did Tang Wulin not act in the opposite way then?

It was an idea which Ling Zichen proposed to Tang Wulin. She suggested fusing the seven metals together in its weakest form instead of fusing them in its strongest form. Even though elevating the fused alloy would be extremely difficult, it would only consume Tang Wulin’s energy and the need for calculations would be greatly reduced.

Reality had proven that her judgment was correct. In the forging process earlier, Tang Wulin completed the incredible feat of fuse-forging seven types of metals and elevated the metals to the Soul Forging state. In other words, he had completed the super three-word battle armor’s metal which was unprecedented in history.

In fact, Tang Wulin even attempted to use the seven fuse-forged metal to produce a piece of the three-word battle armor. Its explosive force was on par with a four-word battle armor’s, although it had weaker power as it lacked the life sources.

At present, the seven types of metals gradually fused together under his unbridled knocking. In the beginning, the fuse-forged alloy looked discordant as it had been combined with many types of metals. However, the metal began to blend on its own following the increase in Tang Wulin’s knocking frequency and the heat from the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower flame. Its pliability had increased countless times when compared to before.

The Seven-Colored Lotus Flower purified the foreign substances in the seven pieces of metals. On the other hand, the foreign substances actually contributed to the rigidity of the metals. Without the foreign substances, the metals would be softer. This would help Tang Wulin fuse them more easily.

Tang Wulin knocked on the metal incessantly. He did not infuse his soul power to elevate the metal’s quality intentionally. Tang Wulin used the most simple, straightforward method and the purest forging technique to blend the metals harmoniously.

The process was lengthy. Even a low grade blacksmith would not spend such a long time knocking on one type of metal. However, Tang Wulin’s hands remained firm as he relied on the Disaster Splitting Wind Hammer technique to continue knocking on the metal. All the while, his strength was maintained at a specific level.

His soul power would trigger the metal to undergo a qualitative change. This was why he was capable of performing the One Pound Thousand Refinement.

However, without the infusion of soul power, the metal would be even purer.

The metal underwent multiple changes with the repeated, strenuous knockings. The seven types of metals fused into one gradually. Its color began to change following the increased frequency of the knocking.

Ling Zichen waited quietly on the side. She was aware that this particular forging process was going to be the longest yet. Tang Wulin would need to complete it in one go without stopping.

Soon, the metal attained the Thousand Refinement grade. However, there was no elevation in its quality.

The Ten Thousand Refinement was completed after three hours. The seven different metals were finally fused as one after being knocked over ten thousand times during the process. It had turned into a special color.

When the seven types of metals were individual entities earlier, the metals were shining in their individual brilliance after being purified by the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower.

Currently, their brilliance was concealed after the metals were fused together. The brilliance was gone, and the surface was now a faint yellow with a grayish undertone. However, the fine, overlapping cloud patterns, akin to deep gullies, could be seen at a glance. It could draw a person’s consciousness to sink into it.

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