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The Vent

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He found that he had taken fancy in his identity as Old Chen the sweeper. At the very least, there was no burden to his identity! He did not even need to worry much now, and everything else in the outside world was none of his business now. The first thing he did upon coming was here to crush his soul communicator. The world could be struck by a tidal wave outside, and he would still be Old Chen the sweeper.

At last, the sun had risen high and the sports field was already bustling with people. Chen Xinjie was done sweeping the field. He swept the dust and fallen leaves into the trash bin. He then took his broom and returned to his room.

Suddenly, he stopped walking and said in a slightly displeased manner, “I told you not to come looking for me here.”

Yuanen Zhentian chuckled and said, “It’s fine. The kids are all at the academy. No one is going to see us. Speaking of which, did Elder Long come looking for you earlier?”

Chen Xinjie looked at him in astonishment and said, “You’re a Limit Douluo. How can you enjoy gossiping so much?”

Yuanen Zhentian again chuckled and replied, “Aren’t you a Limit Douluo too? Yet, you are Old Chen the sweeper now, right? What’s wrong with me enjoying some gossiping? Anything interesting happened?”

Chen Xinjie glared at him unpleasantly and said, “Let’s continue at my place.”

As he was speaking, he sped up and walked toward the annex building at the side.

Chen Xinjie’s room was not considered huge. Tang Wulin planned to arrange a better room for him, but he was adamant in refusing it. However, his room had plenty of sunlight, especially in the morning. More than half his room was illuminated by the sun.

Upon entering the room, Chen Xinjie boiled some water and made two cups of tea.

Yuanen Zhentian helped himself to a cup and took a seat on the wooden sofa. “It’s quite pleasant to sunbathe in your room.”

Chen Xinjie did not speak. He raised the tea cup and sipped the tea slowly.

“What happened actually?” Yuanen Zhentian looked at him mischievously.

Chen Xinjie spoke in an unpleasant tone, “What else could happen? Do I need to be Old Chen the sweeper if I can make her forgive me with little effort? Take it slowly. A good woman takes a patient man. I know her very well. She’s strong and firm on the surface, but she’s actually soft-hearted inside.”

Yuanen Zhentian raised his eyebrows. “That’s tough.”

Chen Xinjie glared at him. “How would you know that?”

Yuanen Zhentian said, “The grievances accumulated over the years are too deep regardless of how soft-hearted she is. I don’t think that it’s a hopeful situation for you! People at your age can’t let go off past grievances easily over a heart-rending event or two. Elder Long’s youth was destroyed by you. How can she ever forgive you?”

Chen Xinjie spoke in rage, “Leave now if you are here to mock me. Don’t waste my tea.”

Yuanen Zhentian laughed aloud and said, “Don’t fret! I’m here to help you to come up with a plan. Here, why don’t you cripple your martial soul and turn yourself into a completely ordinary old man, be the real Old Chen the sweeper. Don’t you think that will move Elder Long?”

Chen Xinjie’s arm trembled such that he almost spilled his tea. “Leave. Why are you giving me bad ideas like this? I’ll die in an hour or so without the support of my martial soul at my age. Will I be able to wait until she forgives me?”

“Ugh! You make sense. There are some minor problems with this plan, huh?”

“Not some minor problems but major ones. Stop talking if you don’t have any good ideas to propose.” Chen Xinjie continued to sip the tea.

Yuanen Zhentian shrugged and began to sip the tea. The room became quiet.

After a long while, Chen Xinjie suddenly said, “Do you think that I can possibly move her by pretending to cripple my soul power? Make her stop me at the final juncture? Perhaps we can reconcile then?”

The corners of Yuanen Zhentian’s lips twitched once. “You must be reading too many young adult novels. What if she were to sneer at you and then say, ‘Go ahead, quick!’? What are you going to do? Are you really going to cripple your martial soul then? If you don’t, you’ll be lying to her again.”

Chen Xinjie felt dejected. “You’re right. There’s nothing I can do really. Forget about it then. It’s quite nice to be Old Chen the sweeper. I saw her today, at the very least. It proves that she has been observing me all this time. Constant grinding can turn an iron rod into a needle. Perseverance spells success. Anyhow, it’s enough to be able to guard her and know that she’s not far away from me. Furthermore, she has been watching quietly over me too.”

Yuanen Zhentian smiled and said, “It’s good that you keep an open mind. It’s good for you. Take it slow. Sweeping the floor and having some tea. Isn’t that great?”

Chen Xinjie nodded.

“When everything has calmed down, we can see another whole new world which is different from the past.”

Yuanen Zhentian said, “It’s time for us to take a rest.” He had never discussed the political situation of the continent or the matters of the War God Hall with Chen Xinjie before.

He was well aware of the agony in Chen Xinjie’s heart for abandoning so many things as a powerhouse of his time. It was best for him not to remind Chen Xinjie of the disturbing incidents after he freed himself with great effort.

Long Yeyue returned to her room. The solemn expression of her face vanished soon afterward.

Frankly, it was impossible for her not to be moved by Chen Xinjie’s selfless act of abandoning everything for her and helping Shrek and the Tang Sect to acquire the Eternal Heaven.

The higher one’s status was, the more one treasured one’s position. Chen Xinjie was capable of abandoning all this under such circumstances. It was more than enough to prove his penitence.

Yet, just as mentioned by Yuanen Zhentian, the grievances had been accumulated over the years. She could not bring herself to forgive him in such a short time.

Only that, she felt uneasy in her heart whenever she saw him sweeping the grounds. He should have been her man who could support heaven and earth by himself! Why would he sweep the grounds now?

Chen Xinjie had no idea that his act of sweeping had stirred up some feelings in Long Yeyue.

‘Yet, he refused to leave when I tried to drive him away. He refused to leave but continued to sweep. No, I can’t let this continue anymore.’

At the thought of this, Long Yeyue immediately dialed Tang Wulin’s soul communicator. She could only seek Tang Wulin’s help.

“Elder Long.” Tang Wulin’s voice was heard at the other end of the communicator.

“Wulin, what’s going on? Isn’t it embarrassing for us to have the old bstrd Chen Xinjie sweep the campus? Send him away, quick. You can let him do anything as long as he’s not sweeping the grounds every day and embarrassing us.”

Tang Wulin was startled at Long Yeyue’s explosive speech. However, he responded to the situation quickly. He could not help smiling bitterly and said, “Elder Long, don’t you know about Elder Chen’s temperament still? I’ve talked to him many times but he won’t listen to me! Moreover, Elder Chen did us a big favor, so it’s not very nice of me to impose something on him. I’m just a junior and there’s nothing I can do to him really.”

Long Yeyue grumbled for a while before she returned to her normal self. She gave a grunt before she hung up the communicator.

As the current leader of the Tang Sect, Tang Wulin could not possibly impose anything on a Limit Douluo who had helped the Tang Sect. Besides, he represented the entire Shrek.

“Old fool, old fool!” Long Yeyue pranced back and forth in her room. It was a rare sight to see her so restless.

Tang Wulin could not help feeling helpless after ending the communication with Long Yeyue. He turned off the soul communicator.

He would break off any connection to the outside world when he was preparing to forge. He needed to maintain absolute silence when he was performing the Heavenly Refinement in order to focus all his attention into the forging process.

After coming back from the War God Hall, he had engaged in closed-door cultivation for an entire month before he began to forge.

Tang Wulin appeared to be all quiet when he exited the closed-door cultivation a month later. No one knew about his transformation except himself. He knew the import of a month’s worth of closed-door cultivation.

The comprehension of the spearspirit had not only allowed his evolution to an even deeper level of the spear realm, it had also opened up a path which led to heaven. The things which he could not master in the past were mastered a month later.

The Skycrosser Douluo’s guidance to Tang Wulin was really crucial. It was equal to opening the door for him to go from a Hyper Douluo to a Limit Douluo whereby he truly comprehended the elevation in the rank.

During the closed-door cultivation, Tang Wulin discovered that one must first achieve perfect harmony in oneself in order to become a Limit Douluo. The process of cultivating to the Limit Douluo rank was definitely not as simple as just acquiring a martial soul and the martial skills. These powerhouses had all thoroughly comprehended and mastered their numerous skills and abilities.

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