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Two More Moves of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law

The elevation of a Hyper Douluo to a Limit Douluo involved fusing together all the soul master’s numerous abilities. In addition, the abilities would undergo a qualitative change.

When Tang Wulin created the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law, he had already begun the process. Only that, it was not easy for him to create original abilities. Although he had put in the effort, he encountered many problems during the process. He had created the two techniques of Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break and also Forbid Time-space, Dragon Emperor Cut individually during his two successive breakthroughs.

It had been almost a full year since. He had been constantly elevating himself with great effort. In fact, he even trained in the elemental calamity in an attempt to further comprehend and fuse his abilities, but his efforts were futile.

All his accumulations over time had ripened to create an opening after receiving the Skycrosser Douluo’s guidance. After creating the Forbid Commonplace, Dragon Emperor Charge, he cultivated two more moves of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law within a month. Furthermore, he had completed the overall framework for his Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law.

With the progress of his current and future cultivation bases, Tang Wulin predicted that he would be able to complete the seven moves of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law. With the first five moves created, he had achieved his current limits by now. On top of that, he had thoroughly mastered the Golden Dragon Nine Moves which was based upon the Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves during the early days. In addition, he had acquired the seven skills after the Golden Dragon King’s fourteenth layer seal broke as well as some of the abilities that came with the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul.

Most importantly, he extracted the three conceptual thoughts from the three formidable enemies his father, Tang Sang fought against in the past and separated them into the souls of his third, fourth, and fifth Dragon Emperor Forbidden Moves.

To further comprehend the latter part of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law, so that he could achieve a higher elevation than before, he needed to make a breakthrough to the Golden Dragon King’s sixteenth layer and possess the eighth Golden Dragon King soul skill before he could create his sixth move. Otherwise, he could do it after he made a breakthrough in his cultivation base to the rank of a Limit Douluo.

Tang Wulin attempted to sense the final four seals of the Golden Dragon King on multiple occasions during his cultivation. The more he sensed, the more he was struck with fear.

It was because he had sensed the endurance of his senior brother disciple’s Leakproof Golden Body before. Tang Wulin speculated that his physical endurance would need to achieve the Leakproof Golden Body rank in order to withstand the fifteenth layer Golden Dragon King Seal.

Obviously, he had yet to achieve that level. However, he figured that he should be able to approach that level by relying on the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s super powerful self-healing ability in addition to his accumulated understanding over the years.

In other words, if his cultivation base could be improved a step higher, or if he could achieve the Limit Douluo realm, then he would be confident enough to withstand the Golden Dragon King’s fifteenth layer seal.

However, he was pushing his limits at present.

When he attempted to use his spiritual power to sense the final three layers of the Golden Dragon King Seal, his spiritual power made him shudder. It was an uncontrollable response, as if the three seals contained something exceedingly terrifying. Moreover, it was definitely not something that he could withstand.

Due to his earlier communications with his father, and being able to sense his father’s power and a true God-ranked entity, Tang Wulin could almost confirm that the final three layers of the Golden Dragon King Seals were God-ranked as well. In other words, he would never be able to withstand the three seals unless he could achieve Godhood.

Yet, it was easier said than done to become a God in the current Douluo world. Let alone him, no other Limit Douluo in this world could do it.

This was just considering the sixteenth layer seal. There were still the seventeenth and the eighteenth layers following that. How powerful would his cultivation base need to be in order to ensure that he could really withstand the terrifying Golden Dragon King’s energy?

Following the elevation of his capabilities and comprehension of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law, Tang Wulin could even attempt to consolidate the seals on his own. He would not remove the fifteenth layer seal now unless he had no other choice.

Otherwise, when the latter three layer seals were triggered from the lack of protection by the fifteenth layer, it would be catastrophic for him.

Hence, Tang Wulin decided to stop cultivating for the time being after he had successfully cultivated the five moves of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law. He chose to focus his energy and time on forging and continued to baptise his body with the elemental calamity brought by the Heavenly Refinement.

After enduring the elemental calamity many times, Tang Wulin’s comprehension of it grew more profound. The elemental calamity contained an extremely pure energy found between heaven and earth. Even though it had no willpower of its own, it was capable of taking form naturally under special circumstances.

Tang Wulin relied on the Golden Dragon King’s super powerful self-healing ability to protect himself. After being baptised by the elemental calamity, he forged metals just as the elemental calamity forged his body.

He had yet to adopt the Golden Body Arhat cultivation method. So, his technique was to use another method to cultivate the Leakproof Golden Body. In fact, Tang Wulin even felt that he would be successful in doing that.

The most terrifying part about him being a Divine Craftsman now was that there was no limitation to the number of his Heavenly Refinement.

He was certainly not as good as the Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua judging from his skill. However, he had the ability to withstand the elemental calamity which Zhen Hua failed. Hence, he had a higher tolerance and success rate than Zhen Hua.

In the past two months, he tried a new forging method that utilized the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower flame given by the Fire Host Clan.

The flame was exceedingly peculiar such that almost any item that came into contact with it would be scorched. Moreover, Tang Wulin was most surprised by the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower flame because of its purifying attribute!

It had a purifying effect and was capable of purifying the foreign substance in any material. Naturally, the purifying effect was being controlled to a certain extent. Otherwise, it would purify not only the foreign substance but everything as well.

Because of this, Tang Wulin was quite troubled. He had lost count of the materials wasted before he finally completed the preliminary control over the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower.

There was only one reason for him to master the control over the flame. He wanted to use the Seven-Colored Lotus Flower to forge a four-word battle armor for himself!

Although the four-word battle armors of his comrades had already taken form, he had yet to complete even one piece of his four-word battle armor. So, it was difficult for him to remain calm over his plight.

He had spent too much effort in making his three-word battle armor previously such that the quality of his three-word battle armor was elevated too much. In the end, he needed to fuse seven types of metals together. His four-word battle armor could only be made with fused metals that had gone through seven levels of the Heavenly Refinement.

During the process, he needed not only to brace the seven-colored elemental calamity but, at the same time, ensure that the seven metals were harmonious. It was exceedingly difficult. There was utterly no way he could predict the changes. How could he complete the forging process when everything was constantly changing such that he had no control over it?

The fused forging of four types of metals was the highest level achieved by Tang Wulin. However, he was reluctant to accept using just four types of metals to make his four-word battle armor.

“What’s on my mind? Let’s begin.” A soft, sweet voice was heard. Tang Wulin was jolted from his train of thoughts.

He took a glance at the owner of this soft, sweet voice. Even though he had heard her voice countless times, Tang Wulin still could not help shivering each time he heard her. There was nothing he could do when the owner of this voice had an incomparably vibrant reputation in the Tang Sect.

It was Ling Zichen!

Ling Zichen who stood before Tang Wulin was a very different person now as compared to her previous self.

She was dressed in a pink dress which accentuated her voluptuous, curvy silhouette. She had full breasts, a slim waist, perky buttocks, and a pair of witty eyes. Her oozing charm could entice every living being.

It was difficult for Tang Wulin to imagine what the rest of the people from the Tang Sect would think if they saw Ling Zichen now. Perhaps, they could not even fathom her allure. At present, Ling Zichen was standing right in front of him, alive in her current form.

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