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Return To Original State

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Everyone on the scene, regardless of rank, shook violently all over. Their spirits were severely assaulted.

On the outside.

The numerous War Gods of the War God Hall, A Ruheng, and the others watched the collision between the two persons on the huge screen.

The battle between Tang Wulin and Guan Yue appeared simple. Almost every person on the scene were Title Douluos or had Title Douluo-ranked cultivation bases. How could they not feel the thrill of the fight?

A Ruheng’s expression had turned solemn by now. The Skycrosser Douluo’s cultivation base had exceeded his expectation by far.

From his viewpoint, his junior brother disciple had grown to be a person capable of challenging the vast majority of Limit Douluos. Yet, Tang Wulin appeared to be so weak before Guan Yue. He was utterly incapable of gaining the slightest advantage.

Suddenly, the entire screen was filled with static noise the instant their spears collided. He could not witness the situation from the battlefield.

“Is that an energy tide?” The Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui was greatly startled. How powerful the interference must have been that they could not see the situation inside! At the same time, an interference of such intensity could affect the existence of the small world.

It took only a moment, but it felt like a lifetime had passed.

When Tang Wulin recovered from the shock, he felt unusually sore as if he was beaten up real bad.

The golden scales on his body had cracked in many places while his blood essence surged frantically in his chest.

In the distance, the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue was floating in midair. Currently, the Limit Douluo was cladded in a milky white battle armor.

The wings behind his battle armor were spread open. There was nothing special about the battle armor on his body. In fact, there was not even a soul ring under his feet. However, he remained floating in the air as if he was resonating with everything between heaven and earth. He was affecting the world on this side naturally.

He had returned to his original state!

Such a powerful four-word battle armor!

Tang Wulin tightened his grip on the Golden Dragon Spear. His gaze appeared to be in a daze. He discovered that the feeling between him and the Golden Dragon Spear was different now. He could sense the divine weapon’s emotions now.

It was an intriguing feeling. The feelings varied from excitement, scorching heat, uncompromising, and high spirits to the spear’s sharpness, which could pierce through everything, were being transmitted to him from the Golden Dragon Spear.

It was as if the spear had transformed into a part of Tang Wulin’s body at the moment. It also accepted his existence fully beginning from this very moment.

Guan Yue nodded softly toward Tang Wulin. “You’re capable of compelling me into using my four-word battle armor to defend and neutralize your assault. Your spear spirit is already formed.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment, but he was quick to respond to the situation. He hastily raised his hands and held the Golden Dragon Spear upright before he bowed down respectfully in salutation toward the Skycrosser Douluo.

“Thank you for your help, senior.”

At this point, how could he not attain realization yet?

During the collision earlier, the Skycrosser Douluo capitalized on his potential to comprehend and experience the spear spirit.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin felt an enormous door which led to a brand new world had opened up before him after truly comprehending the spear spirit. To him, the brand new world was simply marvellous beyond comparison. It felt as if everything was different now. He could sense that his power of comprehension was elevated to a whole new level as well.

It seemed that he had achieved new insight into the Thousand Accusing Fingers, the Indefinite Storm, and the Millennium Cloud as taught to him by his father. Not only that, his feelings for the things he remembered deeply were different too.

Were these the so-called true feelings? It was the sole power of comprehension. He finally understood the spear spirit realm. He even managed to get a wisp of the enticing charm of the god rank. At the same time, he felt that to be a god was distinctively different from being a man. The door to a brand new realm was now open to him. From this moment on, he had just begun to step into the world of a Limit Douluo.

Undoubtedly, Guan Yue guided him out of his kindness. Without the guidance of this Limit Douluo, Tang Wulin could probably achieve it himself, but it might have taken him a long time.

Guan Yue smiled. “It’s because your power of comprehension is good enough. I was planning to plant a seed for you initially, as I didn’t expect you to make the breakthrough during the encounter. Seems like Old Cao and Zang Xin really have impressive visions! They’ve chosen the right person. I can surely confirm that you’ll stand a chance to inherit my senior brother disciple’s glory. Guard against arrogance and rashness. At the same time, don’t allow yourself to be in a dangerous situation at all times for the glory of Shrek.”

“For the glory of Shrek!” said Tang Wulin with a determined gaze.

Meanwhile, a silhouette came flying over from the distance. It was precisely the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi.

He was making his way over at full speed earlier fearing that Tang Wulin was in danger. He was about to arrive at the midfield when a vigorous gush of flowing energy lashed at him from the front. The Saber God Douluo was blasted to the ground from the impact. Although he was not injured, he was dizzy and confused from the fall. After recovering from the shock with great effort, he came rushing over to Tang Wulin.

“Young master, are you hurt?” The words came spewing out from Sima Jinchi’s lips.

Tang Wulin shook his head and shifted his gaze toward the Skycrosser Douluo. “Senior, the battle…”

Guan Yue smiled. “Let them continue. If they win, it’s a tie for your team. This comrade of yours is allowed to join too. It’s a battle of three against four. We can gauge their abilities then.”

Tang Wulin immediately turned toward Sima Jinchi and said, “Sima, go to the base camp quickly and join Yuanen and the rest to fight the War Gods.”

Sima Jinchi was stunned for a moment. He was slightly confused by the situation.

Tang Wulin said urgently, “Go, quickly. I’ll be here.”

“Alright.” He answered before he turned around and headed toward the base camp at full speed.

Tang Wulin wanted to question the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue because he knew he would never be Guan Yue’s worthy opponent if it was a pure match of their capabilities. The Skycrosser Douluo was already at mankind’s highest peak. In reality, Tang Wulin might not be able to resist Guan Yue in his four-word battle armor even if he were to join his teammates in a full-force attack. The Skycrosser Douluo was such a formidable overbearing power in this world.

So, his question earlier was meant for Guan Yue whether the battle between them should be continued or not. Based on his reply, Guan Yue apparently wanted Tang Wulin’s comrades to seize the training opportunity.

At their current ranks, it was not easy to find a challenge where they could fight against opponents who were powerful enough to withstand them. This was the only way to trigger their potential.

Similarly, the same situation applied to the numerous War Gods of the War God Hall in reverse.

“Senior, I’ve comprehended a few moves earlier. May I continue to seek your guidance?” asked Tang Wulin respectfully toward Guan Yue.

Guan Yue had a mild look of astonishment in his gaze. “You’re a young man, for sure! You managed to recover so quickly. Very well. Let’s go again. However, we’ll need to control the strength of our energies. I don’t want to destroy our War God Hall’s small world by accident.”

Tang Wulin nodded slightly embarrassed. He sensed that Guan Yue unleashed his four-word battle armor earlier to not only resist his Dragon Emperor Pierce’s remnant energy but also to protect the War God Battlefield from being destroyed by the remnant energies resulting from their collision.

A faint smile emerged on his face. Tang Wulin raised the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. All of a sudden, a gush of incomparably wild aura burst forth from his body.

He muttered to himself. In the depth of his mind, a man with a head full of crimson hair and twelve bright red feathered wings on his back emerged.

“This life is all about battles, war, and insanity!”

In an instant, the wild aura surged recklessly with a powerful gush of blood essence fluctuation bursting forth from Tang Wulin’s body. Even the Golden Dragon Spear was tainted in a blood-colored glow as well.

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