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What Is The Spirit Realm?

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Rings of golden halos enshrouded the Skycrosser Divine Spear, but it managed to move past the halos.

Compared to the intense collision earlier, everything appeared quiet at the moment.

As the golden halos approached in overlapping layers and the Skycrosser Divine Spear which abided by the maxim of heaven and earth pierced forth, everything froze at the same instant.

The Skycrosser Divine Spear stopped less than a foot away from Tang Wulin’s throat. It could not advance anymore. On the other hand, Guan Yue’s body halted on the other side. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear was humming away continuously as it reached a crescendo.

It was the Indefinite Storm!

It was a move taught by his father. Being confronted by the Skycrosser Douluo’s powerful suppression, there was no other spear technique that Tang Wulin could use to resist his opponent other than the Indefinite Storm. Even the Millennium Cloud was useless since the Skycrosser Douluo was not threatened by its presence, unlike the previous encounter with En Ci. In Guan Yue’s spear spirit state, Tang Wulin had dispelled everything else.

Guan Yue was stunned by the Indefinite Storm. Yet, at this very moment, Tang Wulin realized he was equally helpless. In order to resist the opponent’s spear which embodied life’s principle, he had exhausted his every means just to unleash the Indefinite Storm. He needed a moment to catch his breath. His Dragon Core and soul core were already pulsating incessantly to normalize his physical condition. Hence, he could not launch another attack with his Golden Dragon Spear.

The Skycrosser Douluo was so powerful!

Tang Wulin finally caught his breath. The Golden Dragon Spear shook in his hand as he thrusted the spear forward once again. He applied his simplest piercing technique. However, his essence, spirit, and energy were condensed together this time.

When he blocked the Skycrosser Douluo’s move earlier, he realized something. Something had opened up in his heart.

Guan Yue’s stunned body had already recovered in the next moment after Tang Wulin launched his move. The Skycrosser Douluo remained calm and composed all the while. He spun the Skycrosser Divine Spear around and made it his defense this time.

“Clang!” Their attacks collided.

Tang Wulin staggered backward three steps from the powerful shock, while the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue stumbled back a step.

Tang Wulin did not just stop there because he had found a good opportunity to attack. If he allowed his opponent any chance to turn around, he might not get another chance as such. He knew he was incapable of unleashing another Indefinite Storm at its peak unless he unleashed the Golden Trident.

The retracted Golden Dragon Spear lunged forward again. This time, a deafening dragon’s roar was heard. The Golden Dragon King’s light shadow suddenly emerged behind Tang Wulin’s back.

Compared to its earlier appearance, the Golden Dragon Spear had a tyrannical aura at present. It was the Final Stake, the spear’s consciousness of Tang Wulin!

The Skycrosser Douluo frowned ever so slightly. He moved the Skycrosser Divine Spear in his hand to make a lifting maneuver. At the same time, he took a half-step to the side.

“Bang!” A deafening sound was heard. The power of the Final Stake seemed to have dissipated. Although Tang Wulin was still standing firmly on the ground, the energy of his sure-win attack was neutralized.

The Skycrosser Douluo took a step forward soon after and swung the Skycrosser Divine Spear, akin to a long staff, downward.

His battle tactic and attacks were so powerful. Yet, he did not seem to exert the slightest strength to unleash them as if they did not consume any energy at all. Also, he managed to turn the tables easily even when he was in an inferior position.

A radiance flickered in Tang Wulin’s clear eyes as the Dragon Air gushed out. The Golden Dragon Spear did not seem to resist the Skycrosser Divine Spear. The spear was retracted a foot before it was t----t forward again. At the same time, a golden radiance gushed out from Tang Wulin’s body and fused completely with the Golden Dragon Spear. At that very moment, something exploded in his mind. A whole new feeling radiated through his entire body instantly.

The spear’s essence was no longer indomitable as it faced death unflinchingly!

A spear which always considered the consequences would not be held as a true divine spear regardless of how powerful it was.

At the moment, he came to realize that there were way too many true essences of the spear. Nonetheless, there could only be one spear spirit.

He tried his best to save a desperate situation which was fast approaching, and to face death fearlessly but not to retreat.

In the past, the Atlas Douluo Yunming used his dazzling brilliance to explain all these profound meanings in Shrek Academy. Precisely then, Tang Wulin finally understood when he was coerced by the Skycrosser Douluo’s power.

He chose to unleash everything without reservation: his soul power, blood essence power, the Dragon Air, and spiritual power. Everything was being amalgamated into the Golden Dragon Spear at this instant.

He could no longer consider all the consequences for there was only one thing in his heart. It was the one and only spear.

Forbid Life-Death, Dragon Emperor Pierce!

When the spear was t----t initially, it shimmered with a dazzling radiance. However, all the radiance vanished abruptly when the spear was lunged halfway through. It was as if the radiance was completely absorbed by the Golden Dragon Spear, vanishing without a trace.

Only the Golden Dragon Spear remained, glowing with a golden lustre which was its original color. It seemed to have returned to its previous state when it was the Dragon God’s rib.

Finally, Guan Yue’s expression turned solemn. The Skycrosser Divine Spear which was swooshing down earlier had suddenly vanished. Tang Wulin had no idea how Guan Yue did it. At the same time, he made a half turn with his body, the Skycrosser Divine Spear pierced out from somewhere near his waist. The Skycrosser Divine Spear turned transparent instantly. Meanwhile, Guan Yue’s gaze revealed that he was steeped in past memories.

“Guan Yue, do you know what your problem is?” said Yun Ming in all apparent seriousness.

Guan Yue looked at the senior brother disciple before him and shook his head in puzzlement. “Am I too gentle?”

Yun Ming shook his head, “Not gentle, but you’re lacking in specialization. When a person specializes, he or she will disregard everything else. The spear’s consciousness is a person’s comprehension toward the spear while the spear soul is the spear’s comprehension toward you. On the other hand, the spear spirit is when you’re willing to give up all else, but the spear.”

“Every person’s approach to comprehending the spear spirit is different. You’ve your way and I’ve mine. You’re mild-tempered, so my path is not suitable for you. However, remember this. All roads lead to Rome. It’s only when you forgo everything, embody the spear, focus on specializing, forget about life and death, about feelings and everything else in this human world, that you’ll be able to find the spear’s essence.”

“Specialization, huh?” Guan Yue looked at Yun Ming in a daze.

Yun Ming smiled and patted his shoulder. “Actually, your natural endowment has never been weaker than mine. It’s only because you’re mild-mannered, and you don’t like fighting against others. You’re always in harmony with the rest of the world. You love life and everything about life. It’s great, but the only issue is that you end up being on harmonious terms with everything good in life. Hence, if you really love the spear, then you must truly focus your attention and specialize in it.”


A few decades passed. Tang Wulin who was standing before Guan Yue made Guan Yue feel like he was looking at himself in the past.

In those days, he would confine himself in a small house in order to master the specialization. He unleashed his martial soul every single day and focused his attention on the Skycrosser Divine Spear. The moment he was unsure whether he was a man or a spear, he would be able to achieve everything effortlessly.

He had never enjoyed fighting with the others. In fact, there was only the spear in his heart, and he was devoted to it.

The demigod realm was just hearsay because he barely engaged in a fight and seldom revealed his capabilities. Despite the numerous War Gods in the War God Hall, not many of them were aware of his real cultivation base.

“Ding!” A crisp sound was heard. The humming sound only lasted a moment, but it made Tang Wulin and Guan Yue lose their perceptions of their surroundings.

With the sparring area as the center, everything within five hundred meters of the surroundings crumbled. The ground collapsed with everything turning into powder. It was reminiscent of the scene where the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition had destroyed Shrek Academy.

At the moment their spears collided, Tang Wulin felt a peculiar sensation from the dazzling golden spear whereby he experienced the birth of its essence.

Back at Shrek’s base camp in the distance, Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan had made it back in a rush. They could see the silhouettes of the God Sword Douluo and the Emperor Sword Douluo. At the same time, they heard a strange crashing sound coming from the distance.

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