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Demon Guqin

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Had the Darkness Demon Dragon been killed? He did not feel anything. Apparently, the dragon was not killed by his team! If it were not them, it could only have been the opposing team.

‘Good lord. This young lad is giving me endless surprises, huh!’

The corners of Guan Yue’s lips twitched once. Although he was quite generous in his assessment of these young men from Shrek, they still managed to surprise him over and over again. It was truly amazing, huh!

A faint smile emerged on Tang Wulin’s face. Everything was going according to plan.

It was said that killing a one-hundred thousand year beast would result in a tremendous amount of amplification effect. Then, this would be the juncture of their victory.

Perhaps, they could not beat the opposing team in a match of overall strength. Needless to say, there was no one better than the duo, Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi, in this world when it came to hunting down dragons.

Why did he not choose to check the locations where the two giant dragons were in deep sleep when he was exploring the place earlier? It was precisely to distract the opposing team, so they could deliver a fatal strike on the dragons in the actual competition.

Sure enough, the one-hundred thousand year Darkness Demon Dragon was instantly killed by him. However, it was a full force strike by the Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin cladded in his three-word battle armor Dragon Moon Song together with the Dragon Clan’s Power Saber transformed by the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi. In addition, the strike was combined with Tang Wulin’s most powerful combat skill known as the Forbid Time-space, Dragon Emperor Cut!

It was the most powerful attack launched by Tang Wulin at the moment. Even a Limit Douluo might not withstand a strike delivered from his saber.

It was not only the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue who was shocked.

On the opposite side of the riverbank, the Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu and the God Sword Douluo Su Mengjun became hysterical when they heard the deep voice announcing that the Darkness Demon Dragon had been killed.

It was too quick. They were just discussing whether it was a trap a moment earlier. In the next moment, the opposing team had already slaughtered the Darkness Demon Dragon.

If ever there was a time record, this would be the quickest kill of the Darkness Demon Dragon in history since the War God Battlefield was established.

Even if they managed to rush over upon receiving the news, they would still not be able to stop it in time. Could it be that the opposing team had gathered the strength of all the five people to finish off the Darkness Demon Dragon?

Nonetheless, it would not be the case. If it were, who was going to protect the rest of the paths?

On the outside of the War God Battlefield.

At present, the Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui’s eyes widened in shock despite his experience. He found it difficult to believe the scene which occurred a moment ago until he bore witness to it.

The War Gods in the battlefield clearly saw what Tang Wulin did.

It was a martial soul fusion skill. It was definitely a martial soul fusion skill! The man had actually transformed into a saber for Tang Wulin’s use. Nevertheless, how could the power of that strike be so powerful?

The Dragon Clan was the most powerful amongst the soul beasts. A large portion of the abilities possessed by a soul beast was mostly concentrated in its body.

A one-hundred thousand year Darkness Demon Dragon was cut into two halves with just one strike? No one would ever believe it! Yet, Tang Wulin did it! Apparently, it seemed trivial even.

Ao Rui finally understood why A Ruheng smiled at him earlier. A Ruheng was fully aware of what Tang Wulin was about to do.

On the other hand, Ao Rui felt that the bet placed earlier was no longer a sure bet at the moment. It was because he now realized the immense amplification the soul masters would have by killing a one-hundred thousand year soul beast.

All their soul rings would be elevated to ten-thousand years. Also, their soul power would be elevated by two ranks.

Perhaps, Tang Wulin would be close to being a Limit Douluo after the elevation of his soul power by two ranks. Besides, there could be other soul masters on his team whose elevated soul powers would result in them becoming Title Douluos.

The disparity between both teams were thus lessened substantially.

An unexpected incident had taken place in the battle which benefited Shrek.

A Ruheng looked at the large screen in front of him in a relaxed manner. Although he had no inkling of the effect of killing the Darkness Demon Dragon would have on Tang Wulin’s team, he knew they were definitely not at a disadvantage at present.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi had already spotted the husband and wife team, the Emperor Sword Douluo and the God Sword Douluo. Both sides stood gazing at one another from each side of the riverbank.

Tang Wulin had a smile on his face. At the moment, both he and Sima Jinchi were entwined with a deep purple radiance. The radiance was fusing into their bodies continuously.

Tang Wulin could sense the changes strongly in his body with his Thought Concretization spiritual power. He was truly astonished by the powerful amplification effect from the killing of a one-hundred thousand year soul beast.

Long Tianwu spoke loudly from the opposite side of the river, “Did you both kill the Darkness Demon Dragon?”

Tang Wulin replied, “Precisely.”

Long Tianwu nodded and said, “Very well.” Upon saying that, he pulled the God Sword Douluo by his side, and the both of them vanished into the forest behind them.

‘They left? They’re calm as expected.’

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. He was planning to lure the two people on the opposite side to attack them initially. They would stand a better chance of defeating them. Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi could execute their martial soul fusion skill together. He felt quite confident in a battle of two-on-two.

He was more concerned that the Skycrosser Douluo was still somewhere in the surroundings at the moment. It was the troublesome part of this event.

Currently, Ling Zichen was guarding the middle path which was the most difficult.

Ling Zichen who had a pink mecha covering her entire body approached the river earlier.

There was a huge bridge, which connected the two sides, located along the middle path in the War God Battlefield. Consequently, she could see the base camp on the opposite side from where she was.

She could observe the opposing team’s base camp as well. At present, she was facing the opposing team’s main control soul master. He was the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong.

Mo Zihong had a calm expression which even appeared graceful. His long hair was parted in the middle and hung down loosely on both sides of his face. He exuded a faint sense of rhythm.

At the moment, he was seated at one end of the bridge. A purple, crystal-like translucent Guqin was placed across his lap.

In fact, Ling Zichen had arrived at the bridge ahead of him. She remembered Tang Wulin’s repeated urgings not to cross the bridge but to calmly observe the situation on the opposite side. She waved a pair of short spears about in her hands, but her eyes were fixated upon the opposite side.

Then, she saw Mo Zihong.

At first glance, Ling Zichen loathed the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong. For no apparent reason, she just did not like him. Perhaps, she felt he was being pretentious.

However, Ling Zichen soon discovered that Mo Zihong did not feign his skills as he began playing the instrument.

The melodious sound of the Guqin was mesmerizing. Ling Zichen turned on the mecha’s protection instantly. The first equipment she turned on was the soundwave insulator.

However, she soon discovered that her effort was futile. Although the opponent’s Guqin sounds could not penetrate her mecha, there was a peculiar spiritual fluctuation which resonated with the mecha’s energy. Even though a large portion of it was cut off, it still affected her.

A lethargic feeling overcame her, and it felt extremely unpleasant.

Even though Ling Zichen was not a soul master, her spiritual power was more powerful than normal people. When she was doing her research, she would frequently miss sleep for a few consecutive nights. Even then, she hardly felt tired.

However, she truly felt the overpowering lethargy at present. It was a lethargy which stemmed from the depths of her heart.

All kinds of negative emotions began to appear soon after.

‘Why do I engage in research painstakingly, huh?’

‘Why do I even bother to become powerful, huh?’

‘Why can’t I find a man whom I love?’

‘Why do I enjoy being with Tang Wulin despite his obnoxious character?’

All sorts of chaotic and complex thoughts emerged in her mind. Ling Zichen could feel her gaze becoming duller by the moment.

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