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It Feels Great To Have A Bath

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A Ruheng moved and shot straight for Vast Sun Douluo like a golden cannonball.

Vast Sun Douluo dared not procrastinate anymore and unleashed his battle armor.

The opponent’s physical strength was too high while he was skilled in energy attacks. He did not want to be approached by A Ruheng and couldn’t let his opponent attack.

Golden battle armor covered his entire body. There was a red jewel encrusted on the center of his helmet that appeared striking and made the Vast Sun Douluo appear awe-inspiring and majestic.

Dazzling golden color arose from underneath his feet. It was the Sun’s Arrival.

The surrounding air turned thick and sticky. It felt as if the ground had already transformed into a blazing hot pool of magma that surrounded A Ruheng’s body.

A Ruheng’s speed decelerated immediately upon charging into the magma. Gushes of terrifying magma spurted out from the magma pool and blasted A Ruheng into the distance.

A Ruheng did not seem to mind at all. He leaped into the magma once again. To everyone’s surprise, this time he appeared to be swimming in the magma.

“I’m taking a bath, it feels great, oh it feels amazing!”


The War Gods stared at each other in terror. They were well aware of the First War God Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui’s attack. This attack had the ability to burn mountains and boil the sea. Yet, every attack he launched at Shrek Academy’s Body Douluo was regarded as a joke at this moment.

What sort of physical strength was that?

Streams of bright light and fire were unleashed and blasted wildly. If there were a mountain placed in the arena, perhaps it would have melted already.

Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui used all sorts of means, but A Ruheng remained unaffected by the attacks regardless of their rank.

Ao Rui was able to blast A Ruheng into retreatment yet there was utterly nothing he could do to hurt the opponent.

What should he do?

Let alone Ao Rui, even the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue had a change of countenance at present. Even though Ao Rui had yet to reach the Limit Douluo rank, he was not much weaker than Guan Yue in their attacking ability.

Yet the opponent Body Douluo was actually capable of withstanding Ao Rui’s attacks. This left them speechless.

Was he capable of defeating the opponent if he was in Ao Rui’s place?

It was difficult to answer the question.

At present, Tang Wulin could tell that his senior disciple brother had just successfully cultivated the Leakproof Golden Body. He was using it on Vast Sun Douluo as an experiment. He was attempting to test the limits of his endurance. Moreover, he was using this opportunity of being in extreme heat and light to refine and stabilize his Golden Body.

It was apparent that the opponent could not see this. Otherwise, the opponent would not allow him to do so as he pleased. However, Tang Wulin was also a disciple of the Body Sect. There were many secret techniques in Body Sect that could only be cultivated by resisting beatings.

A Ruheng was provoking the opponent by all means in order to encourage the opponent to launch even more ferocious attacks at him.

At Title Doulu-rank, a soul master’s fighting capacity would last much longer due to the presence of a soul core. However, the soul power consumption of such a ferocious attack method was still very high.

It took a full ten minutes of wild explosions before Vast Sun Douluo was forced to take a breather. On the other hand, A Ruheng landed on the ground. The air that surrounded his body became distorted due to the high temperature of his body. However, he did not appear to be affected at all. In fact, he was even turning his head to Ao Rui’s side and cracked into a smile revealing his pearly whites.

“Old Ao! Are you willing to tell me more about her now! Look how well I’m treating you. I won’t even bear to launch an attack at you. I’m giving you some slack here!”

Vast Sun Douluo was enraged. “Who needs you to give any slack? Come at me if you’re capable!”

“You’re the one that insisted. Hmm, it’s about time. I guess I should try an attack as well.” A Ruheng suddenly positioned himself in a squatting posture.

The entire War God Hall began to shake ever so slightly soon after he squatted down. It felt as if even the protective shield could not resist the stress anymore.

In the next moment, A Ruheng leaped up and crashed straight toward Vast Sun Douluo Ao Rui’s direction like a gold-red meteor.

Radiance shimmered in Ao Rui’s eyes. His silhouette immediately fused into the huge sun behind his back. It was his martial soul avatar. At the same time, the domain underneath his feet was unleashed once again as the magma sea from earlier reappeared.


A Ruheng’s body slammed into the huge sun at once. Fiery glow burst out and transformed into a large patch of fiery rain that flew in all directions as a terrifying aura suddenly swept across the entire arena.

A Ruheng descended from the air and rubbed his huge bald head. On the other hand, a silhouette was blasted out into the distance from the shattered huge sun. The silhouette gained control of his body with great effort upon approaching the protective shield. The Vast Sun Douluo was already looking slightly pale.

His martial soul avatar was broken by A Ruheng at once to everyone’s surprise.

“Come, attack me!” A Ruheng raised his head and howled into the sky. His Leakproof Golden Body suddenly swelled up and had already grown as tall as the entire protective shield in a split second.

He punched out with his fists and abruptly smashed onto the protective shield. Following the sound of a violent loud boom, the sky and earth were shaking violently at once.

Soon after, he bent over his waist and ferociously pounded his heavy fists onto the ground. Another violent loud booming sound was heard. It seemed like the protective shield was about to crumble from the terrifying tremor.

Vast Sun’s light dissipated while the powerful tremor filled the entire competition arena such that the Vast Sun Douluo had no choice but to curl up his body to withstand it.

Even as such, his entire body was still shaking violently. It felt as if the air had already turned into his enemy. He felt that the opponent was irresistible as he was confronted by the opponent’s exceedingly exuberant blood essence.

A Ruheng swept through the air with his fists as he charged straight for Vast Sun Douluo who was already incapable of doing anything. He could not even dodge the attack.

If the arena was spacious enough, perhaps he could still attempt to fight against the opponent. However, it was limited in this competitive arena. He found that he was even incapable of dodging due to the terrifying tremor that filled up almost every corner of the space.

The Vast Sun collapsed and exploded inward. It was his ninth soul skill, Vast Sun Nucleus. A terrifying loud explosion took place in a split second.

Despite his massive size, the Body Douluo was staggering backward from the explosion. He felt blazing flames that could not be neutralized for the first time. However, the Vast Sun Douluo was also swept away from A Ruheng’s heavy fists and slammed onto the protective shield. It was as if he was glued onto the protective shield. He remained frozen without moving.

A Ruheng strenuously patted his body for a few times and the flames on his body were already extinguished. He cracked into a smile and threw a punch with his right fist into the air. The golden light on A Ruheng’s body seemed to have surged into the punch as it exploded and chased after the Vast Sun Douluo’s body.

The only thing the Vast Sun Douluo could do now was to continuously urge the Vast Sun to conjure streams of bright lights and resist the opponent’s attacks. However, the opponent’s soul power seemed endless and inexhaustible.

A Ruheng had made a full display of what it was to be the Leakproof Golden Body to the opponent. His pair of golden heavy fists continuously blasted out streams of lights like an automatic canon. The lights rained down resembling meteors and blasted onto Vast Sun Douluo.

The most terrifying part of the Leakproof Golden Body was the almost inexhaustible physical strength.

Tang Wulin had just come to realize the reason behind why his senior disciple brother came looking for him recently. He told Tang Wulin not to give him the priority in making four-word battle armor anymore. In reality, there was no way he could put on any battle armor after cultivating into the Golden Body Arhat. Of course, there was no longer need.

The Leakproof Golden Body was sufficient to compete against the highest grade of four-word battle armor. In fact, it had even surpassed the ordinary four-word battle armors.

His physical strength was inexhaustible and his energy was incomparably powerful as well. Almost no one could compare to the Body Sect’s Golden Body Arhat when it came to continuous fighting capacity. This person would be unstoppable on the battlefield once he cultivated into a quasigod. Perhaps, his attacking ability would not be powerful to the same extent such that he could defeat any opponent, but the opponent would utterly be incapable of beating him to death!

If A Ruheng could cultivate into the quasigod-rank, it would definitely not be a problem for him to run away even if he was encircled by three quasigods of the same rank.

At present, Ao Rui was confronted by such a situation. The offensive of strength of the opponent before himself was as tough as cowhide such that he was left with nothing else to do besides complaining incessantly.

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