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Quick-witted Response

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The captain pursed his lips. “What do I want? Didn’t you report me to the authorities? Look, I’m fine now. If you’re a sensible man, you will kowtow to me as an apology now. Then, you will compensate me for my loss, and I’ll leave you be. Otherwise, I am going to beat you up every time I see you in the future. You won’t be able to survive in the Central Army Corps!”

Tang Wulin was irked. ‘I thought the Central Army Corps was an elite military unit? Why is there a hooligan like him here?’

“You think you can do that?” Tang Wulin pursed his lips in disdain. He raised his hand and beckoned the captain with his index finger. “Fight me alone if you’re a man. I’ll do as you ask if you win, but if you lose, scram!”

Tang Wulin had once enlisted in the army after all. He was well aware of how they would handle this matter. The members of the armed forces respected a person’s strength and abilities the most. A one-on-one fight was the easiest way to resolve a dispute.

Back when he was in the Blood God Army, he beat Jiang Wuyue into submission.

“Do you have the courage to accept the challenge?” Tang Wulin jutted his chin out arrogantly.

“One-on-one, one-on-one, one-on-one!” As expected, the soldiers around them that had no fear of trouble immediately began to get rowdy.

Life in the army was extremely dull at times, so a sparring match of individual strength would always get people’s attention.

“How dare you challenge me one-on-one?! Sure! You watch as I beat you till you have to look for your teeth all over the floor.” As he spoke, the captain arrived before Tang Wulin in a big stride and threw a punch straight at his face.

Tang Wulin could not help feeling slightly astonished upon sensing the arrival of the captain’s fist. He was going to take back his earlier words. The strike was rather impressive both in strength and speed. At least, it was definitely not a punch that could be thrown by any ordinary soldier. It had even carried soul power.

“Clap!” Tang Wulin moved his hand and gave the opponent’s fist a tight slap. Although he was intentionally controlling his strength, the opponent still staggered from the impact.

Tang Wulin lifted his leg and kicked the opponent’s chest. It was a simple and direct strike!

“Bang!” The captain was flung five or six meters away.

At once, the entire scene went quiet.

A simple and direct blow like that was the most exciting, but the captain that challenged Tang Wulin was quite capable. No one had expected that he would be so quickly defeated by ‘Huang Zeran’, a captain that had always maintained a low profile.

“Bstrd!” The captain cursed upon landing on the ground. He leaped up instantly and unleashed his soul rings. There were four rings in total.

Three of his rings were yellow rings and one was purple. The colors of the soul rings alternated.

His arms were clearly swelling up, especially his hands. A metallic gray color coated the surface of his fists.

The captain was named Deng Shun. His martial soul was fists, but he had yet to cultivate until the level of a body martial soul. However, his abilities were considered rather powerful in the army, at least at his military rank. He rarely encountered any worthy opponents, so he developed his arrogant and savage manner naturally.

Haunt Azerbaijan had him reported to the authorities because he was collecting a surcharge when he was purchasing supplies for his own benefit. Although he escaped heavy punishment by relying on his ties with the higher-ups, he had lost his source of income. He harbored a grudge for Huang Zeran since then and flew into a rage after encountering him on this day.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh to himself. This was really quite troublesome for him. If he wanted to maintain his cover, he would have to fight and win the battle quickly. He had no idea what martial soul Huan Zeran actually had. It was easy to disguise his appearance, but it would be troublesome to simulate another person’s martial soul. Doing it right in front of so many people made it even more difficult. More importantly, he was worried that he would be discovered by the high-ranking military officers. Their operation would be disrupted if they were caught up in this incident.

Thus, after a moment’s consideration, Tang Wulin charged forward at once.

Deng Shun swung his right fist ferociously, fueled by his hatred for Huang Zeran. The surface of his hand was coated with the gloss of iron and steel. It was his second soul skill, the Ironsteel Fist!

Tang Wulin watched as the opponent approached him. He dodged at once and avoided Deng Shun’s critical blow. At the same time, Tang Wulin grabbed the opponent’s wrist with his right hand at lightning speed and used his left foot to kick Deng Shun’s shin. This time, he used his strength, and Deng Shun was thrown backward from the impact.

Deng Shun seemed to be quite unlucky with his landing. His head crashed into the wall by his side. He saw everything fade to black as he lost consciousness.

Tang Wulin clapped. “You dare to fight me at your level? Who else wants to try?”

The soldiers immediately changed the way they looked at him. He managed to finish off Deng Shun without utilizing his martial soul. Moreover, it was done in such a concise and easy manner, so his amazing abilities were there for all to see.

“Alright, please send him to the infirmary.” Tang Wulin immediately pushed his way out of the crowd upon saying that. He returned to his intended path, walking in long strides.

The rest of his companions had separated from one another. They were all going in the same direction.

“Wait!” Someone suddenly shouted.

Tang Wulin stopped moving and turned around to see. It was another captain, and he was staring at Tang Wulin with confusion in his eyes.

“You’re not Huang Zeran! Huang Zeran was sick a few days ago and he was weak. Moreover, he is but a two-ringed soul master. That is why he is in the freight troop now. How can he possibly defeat Deng Shun? Who are you?” the captain said roughly.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh inwardly. ‘Here comes trouble again.’ His spiritual power transformed to send out a message to his companions around him. He turned around and walked toward this captain in long strides.

As he was walking, he said indifferently, “I’m supposed to hide my capabilities. It seems like I have no choice but to make a display of them now. Who told you that I only have two soul rings? Who told you that I’m not Huang Zeran!” As he spoke, he tossed out his name tag, and an overwhelming aura burst out from his body.

Two yellow and four purple soul rings arose from underneath his feet and revealed his Soul Emperor-ranked cultivation base.

The majority of people on the scene were ordinary soldiers and there were no military officers of high rank there. A six-ringed powerhouse was considered rather formidable even in the Central Army Corps.

The irate captain immediately sensed a mighty pressure pushing against his face.

Three steps away from the captain, Tang Wulin stopped walking and gestured at him. “Examine it and see if it’s my name tag.”

The captain hastily turned on his soul communicator and examined the name tag. The identity verification on the name tag could not be falsified after all.

Tang Wulin scoffed coldly as he turned around and said to the soldiers around him, “I didn’t want to say this, but it seems like I have no choice, judging by the current situation. Deng Shun tried to steal money during the process of purchasing by buying rejected goods. He resented me after I’d reported him to the authorities. I don’t know why our superiors didn’t punish him severely, but he came to me looking for trouble today. He’s another one. He is certainly in Deng Shun’s gang as well. They are a nest of corrupt vipers. This isn’t over. I’ll certainly report this once again and ask for a proper statement!”

If someone were to look at Tang Wulin’s eyes closely, they would see that there was a hint of purple within them. On the other hand, the eyes of the captain in front of him were clouded.

Tang Wulin relied on his incredible spiritual power to read the captain’s memories by force. Tang Wulin’s spiritual cultivation base had achieved Thought Concretization level. He could not simply read all of a person’s memories, but he was able to pick up some memory fragments due to the immense disparity between their cultivation bases.

He could immediately determine the situation just from traces of the captain’s memories. Firstly, he learned about the name of the captain that he had defeated and also the reason they became enemies. Revealing the entire affair was enough to prove his identity.

“Severe punishment! We demand severe punishment!” Someone shouted aloud in the crowd. All at once, the crowd was riled.

“I’m always saying how rough the toilet paper that we use is. So it turns out that we have a rat among us!” Another voice was heard.

“That’s right! The quality of our feminine products is also especially bad, so it seems this is the reason. We can’t just leave this matter be. Report them. We must report them together!”

With that, the crowd was aroused. The soldiers from all around them immediately charged into them.

Someone was already helping Deng Shun to his feet, but the crowd encircled him before he fully came to. The captain who questioned Tang Wulin earlier got the same treatment as well.

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