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Central Army Corps

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Tang Wulin was finally able to pick up the gist of her words this time. Perhaps, it was no longer as simple as her hating him.

He was no longer as naive as he was during his younger days. He was not a normal man if he was still incapable of figuring out something from her words.

Ling Zichen looked at him as if she was looking at a pervert.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t do anything at all! Everyone was there when we met her. You can ask everyone here if you don’t believe me.” Tang Wulin had a helpless expression. He had no idea what had happened either!

Ling Zichen sneered. “If you don’t want anybody to know, don’t do it in the first place.”

Tang Wulin said, “Stop. What else did she say? Is there anything substantial?”

“Nothing more at the moment. She drove back to the barracks,” Yue Zhengyu said from the side.

Tang Wulin said, “All of you can continue monitoring the broadcast then. I’m going back to my room.”

He actually felt very astonished by Shen Xing’s reaction. What was going on with the maiden? It seemed like it should be due to the trick played by those old demons back then. Or he should say that this was the complication resulting from the dream state produced by the few old demons.

Tang Wulin could not help feeling slightly guilty for Shen Xing. He had never expected that he would be bothering her so much.

This was not intended by Tang Wulin and he did not want this to happen either.

Tang Wulin was surprised when he received Shen Xing’s soul communicator call just as he had begun his meditation to prepare to enter his cultivation routine.

“There’s a chance two days later. There will be a batch of personnel that will be going out for purchasing items and will return. You’re skilled in makeup, right? Hold them hostage while they are on the way but don’t hurt them. Disguise yourselves as them and enter the Central Army Corps. I’ll help alter the related information scans and ensure that you can smoothly enter the place."

Shen Xing’s voice had already regained her usual calmness. There was utterly no way he could notice her emotions when she was venting her anger in the car earlier by listening to her voice right now.

Tang Wulin said, “Thank you, but will this be causing any trouble for you?”

Shen Xing said, “No. I’ll make it look like a system error. No one will notice it. Since you’ve found me, could it be that you don’t know that I’m a soul computing expert?”

1Tang Wulin spoke, “Alright. I hope that I won’t cause you any trouble.”

Shen Xing scoffed coldly. “So you can use me even more in the future?”

Tang Wulin said, “Please don’t misunderstand me. Also, I would like to apologize again if I have caused you any trouble in the past. I promise that I won’t disturb you anymore after this matter has ended. I owe you three favors. You can ask for them at any time from Tang Sect, I’ll do my best.”

“I’m hanging up.” Shen Xing did not speak anymore but she hung up the communication at once.

In the Central Army Corps.

A military exclusive truck drove slowly to the entrance at the foot of the West Mountain.

An advanced soul detector completed an overall scan. The soldier in charge of the inspection gave the driver a military salutation.

The truck slowly drove into the army corps and traveled through the designated route.

Xie Xie was the driver of the truck while Tang Wulin was naturally riding shotgun. At present, they had already disguised their appearances and put on makeup to take the appearances of those soldiers.

Tang Wulin need not use his eyes to see. His spiritual power was his best tool that allowed him to clearly see everything in his surroundings.

The Central Army Corps deserved its reputation of being the most powerful army in the federation. The inside of this army corps was not only heavily-guarded but it was also equipped with many advanced detection equipment. According to Ling Zichen, the federation had even developed detectors that could detect storage soul tools now. It could be used to scan storage soul tools and revealed every single item stored in the tool.

Shen Xing did not deceive them. For the past two days, they did not discover anything suspicious through the monitoring device. As a result, the operation started smoothly.

They entered the Central Army Corps and drove according to the designated route that led inside all the way in. All this information was provided by Shen Xing.

It was necessary for them to hijack the soul truck in order to send the necessary supplies to the designated warehouse.

The Central Army Corps was so huge with such a high number of people. The resources to feed the people were needed in large amounts so a large number of supplies were necessary. Many delivery trucks like theirs would enter the place on a daily basis. The reason why they chose this particular truck was that this truck’s cargo load was just suitable for the number of people in their operation.

The truck was driven to the designated location. The supplies were unloaded and transported away then the truck was parked.

Everything was completed in a natural manner. They had finally made their way into the inside of the Central Army Corps as well.

All the military facilities could be said to be using a security system that was strict on the outside and lenient on the inside, the Central Army Corps was no exception. There were not too many inspection procedures upon entering inside, especially when they were equipped with the identity tags provided by Shen Xing.

“We’re in.” Tang wulin contacted Shen Xing with his soul communicator.

“I can see your current location. You are quite lucky. I heard that the number of powerhouses at War God Hall is not very high recently. Follow the path I designed for you and walk ahead. I’ve already changed the settings of the detection equipment on this path. If there’s no mishap, you should smoothly arrive at the entrance of War God Hall.”

“Alright. Thanks. This is possibly the last time we are contacting each other. Thanks again,” Tang Wulin said.

The voice on the other end quieted down for a moment. Shen Xing then said, “You must leave the place alive. How else are you going to fulfill the three favors you’ve promised me?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful,” said Tang Wulin smilingly.

He hung up the communication then turned around to look at his companions. “Move.”

Tang Wulin had the captain’s military rank pinned to his shoulders now. He was also the captain of their freight troop. The group of people walked in one direction at a normal pace after exiting the warehouse.

The route map given by Shen Xing had already been memorized meticulously in Tang Wulin’s mind. As long as they could walk out from this place, they would stand a chance to pass through Central Army Corps’ layers of guards directly and arrive at the entrance of War God Hall.

Almost the entire West Mountain was covered by the Central Army Corps. All sorts of large-sized soul facilities could be seen at every location.

The army would be able to use all sorts of soul weapons to provide coverage for Mingdu’s airspace and protect Mingdu City from the West Mountain.

The entrance to War God Hall was located on the highest peak of West Mountain. As a result, they would need to go through a hiking process to reach the destination.

They advanced along the path and passed through two layers of defense zone. They walked into a square located halfway up the mountain.

The square was meant to serve as a public market for the Central Army Corps. Everyone including military officers and soldiers was allowed to purchase and exchange everyday objects here. It was also a slightly more crowded and bustling spot that was rarely seen in the Central Army Corps.

In order to head to the mountain peak, they must cross this square first.

They were first greeted by noise upon stepping into the public market.

Perhaps the ambiance in the army was suppressed in a rather strict manner as it was obviously noisier over here. The military officers from the Central Army Corps walked together in groups of two or three. Some were chatting, some were purchasing things while some were having meals.

Alcohol was prohibited in the army so the soldiers were only allowed to drink at places like Starview Resort. As a result, they could only see people drinking tea and coffee here.

Tang Wulin and the rest of the people were naturally not in the mood to observe. They walked with quick strides in preparation to cross the public market.

“Oh, who is that! Is that you, Huang Zeran? Where are you going in such a rush?” A military officer that was similarly a captain blocked Tang Wulin’s path all of a sudden.

Huang Zeran? Tang Wulin was well aware that this was the name of the captain he was pretending to be.

Ling Zichen walking behind him became slightly nervous.

Tang Wulin placed his right hand behind his back and made a hand gesture ordering them not to be nervous.

“What’s going on?” Tang Wulin asked the captain in front of him. He could tell from the other person’s attitude that the relationship between this person and Huang Zeran was not on friendly terms for sure. Otherwise, the person would not be speaking with such an attitude.

“What’s going on you say? It was you that reported me to the authorities previously, right? Don’t tell me that it wasn’t you! Be a man and own up to your doings. Bah!” As he was speaking, the captain spat a mouthful of spit on the ground with a condescending expression on his face. A group of soldiers with burly figures surrounded them from behind. They looked at Tang Wulin with an unkind expression.

Tang Wulin spoke indifferently, “What do you want from me?”

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