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I’m Going To Scream If You Don’t Leave

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Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment upon hearing her words. What was going on here? It was fine that she was not screaming and shouting, but why was this woman showing concern for him? Could it be that she was making concessions in order to gain an advantage?

Tang Wulin smiled and put his hands into his pockets. “How do you know that my general rank is fake? Why can’t I be a real general?”

“How is that possible?” Shen Xing stamped her foot on the ground. “Are you going to leave? I’m going to scream if you don’t go!”

Feeling slightly helpless, Tang Wulin shook his head. He walked back to the dining table by the side and sat on the main seat. He then retracted the spiritual power that controlled the room and clapped his hands softly.

The door opened. The hostess that had been waiting on the outside all this time came into the room.

Shen Xing was stunned for a moment upon seeing the hostess.

She heard Tang Wulin say, “Please serve the food.”

“Yes, General.” The hostess answered in a respectful manner. She took one more glance at Tang Wulin before she retreated from the room.

Shen Xing suddenly noticed a minute detail. Tang Wulin’s face seemed to be slightly blurry when the hostess came into the room. There were some slight differences to his looks and he even took on a different aspect. He regained his original appearance after the hostess had left.

Just how powerful was this man?

She had learned about his situation from various news reports, but Shen Xing was still rather curious upon meeting him in person.

Shen Xing took a deep breath to calm down. Shen Xing told herself to take things as they came naturally. This place belonged to the Central Army Corps, so this man would not dare to do anything bad to her in any case!

Tang Wulin leaned forward. “It seems as though you’re a little scared of me?”

“Who’s scared of you, huh?!” Shen Xing fired back in defiance.

Tang Wulin spoke with a smile, “Then why did you have such a drastic change of mood?”

“You…” Shen Xing was about to refute him, but she knew that she would appear weak regardless of what she said.

“Where is my blind date candidate? What did you do to him? Also, how do you know about me? Why did you come here? This is all part of your plan, right? Pretending to be a general is a serious felony. You’re not allowed to do so even if you’re from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect.”

Tang Wulin could not help laughing as he said, “I didn’t expect that you had a strong sense of justice. However, my military rank of general was never feigned. You can take a look if you like.” As he spoke, he tossed his name tag to Shen Xing.

Shen Xing raised her hand and caught it subconsciously.

The military’s name tags were all embedded with chips on the inside. It would release the corresponding message when infused with someone’s soul power.

Puzzled, Shen Xing placed the name tag on her military reserved soul communicator. At once, a list of information was displayed.

“Tang Wulin, male, enlistment date: XXXX/XX/XX, ninth Blood God in the Blood God Army. Military rank: major general…” All this data. was there to see.

Tang Wulin took a gulp of water. As he watched Shen Xing’s expression gradually turn to one of shock, he began to have second thoughts.

Shen Xing’s reaction was different from what he had intended. This signified that he needed to make some changes to his plan.

He had found Shen Xing through meticulous investigation, of course. He noticed the familiar figure when he was going through the military officers in the Central Army Corps using the Tang Sect’s information system.

Years ago, he had held Shen Xing under duress when he was heading to Demon Island as well as when he was receiving training on there. He had determined that this young maiden had an extraordinary identity through all sorts of situations.

As expected, he discovered her once again. Not only had she been promoted, she also held an extremely important position in the military at this point.

The incident where she was held hostage years ago would definitely have been a mark on an ordinary officer’s record. It would have been considered fortunate if she were not demoted. The fact that she was promoted showed how influential her family was.

As a result, out of all the numerous targets, Tang Wulin chose Shen Xing. He had also carried out an in-depth investigation into her.

Therefore, Tang Wulin’s knowledge of Shen Xing’s situation had even surpassed what she knew about him.

It was child’s play for Tang Wulin to sneak into the Starview Resort. Of course, he did not use the name tag he gave to Shen Xing, but it was not difficult to make a fake tag. He just could not expose his identity yet.

“You…you really are a major general?” Shen Xing repeatedly asked to confirm it. She observed that the name tag was real and it was utterly flawless.

An ordinary military officer may not have heard of the Blood God Army, but how could she not know? It was the army corps that was reputed to be the most mysterious and powerful in the entire Federation.

“I’m very sorry to have bothered you all those years ago. I came to see you this time because I would like to apologize to you. We were undergoing training at the time, and I had no choice but to sneak into your army corps. I’m really very sorry to have troubled you at the time. I’m going to treat you to a meal today. Please consider it as my apology.”

The corners of Shen Xing’s lips twitched. She almost spurted out the words, Do you think the troubles you caused can be settled with just a meal? Do you know that you gave me so many nightmares and…’

She truly wished that she could slap this man to death! However, for some reason, Shen Xing could not muster the courage to do so after seeing the warm smile on his face. She was under the assumption that she was capable of doing it, and she felt like this man before her was not fit to be seen by the public.

In any case, Shen Xing noticed that the identity of this man was doubtless after examining his name tag. He was a real major general, but what was he doing in the Starview Resort? There was no grounds for her to be blamed. She did not belong to Spirit Pagoda either, so she had no reason to capture him. Shen Xing could not help feeling disheartened. She had even thought subconsciously that this man could be the blind date candidate her sister had mentioned.

‘If that’s the case and it really is this man, what should I do? Should I comply or not?’

All at once, the female lieutenant colonel could not help feeling confused and perplexed.

Tang Wulin was actually feeling speechless. This was because the young maiden before him had sunk into an absentminded state once again. He had no idea what was on her mind. Moreover, she was looking right through him.

Meanwhile, the hostess sent over the dishes.

Tang Wulin had a huge appetite, and he had ordered extra food just to express his sincerity. The dishes were all the specialties of the restaurant.

Shen Xing began to react to the situation. She took a glance at the hostess, but she did not utter a word.

Only after the hostess left, did she glare at Tang Wulin and said, “I was asking you, what did you do to my blind date?”

Tang Wulin said, “Don’t worry. He’s fine. He was only tired, so he found a place to sleep. I think that he should be awake by the time our meal is finished.”

Upon listening to his words, an intense sense of loss suddenly flooded Shen Xing’s heart for some reason. Even though she told herself that she should not behave this way at once, the feeling lingered for a long time.

“Come, have some.” Tang Wulin made an invitatory gesture then he picked up his bowl and began eating.

‘He’s really eating, huh?’ Shen Xing was stunned for a moment. Then, she noticed that Tang Wulin was eating in an extremely graceful manner. He appeared to be eating at a moderate pace, but somehow the dishes on the table were swiftly emptying. It had only taken a short moment for one-third of the food to vanish.

“Have you not eaten before?” Shen Xing could not keep herself from asking.

Tang Wulin lifted his head and said with a smile, “My family’s situation are rather tough when I was young. That is why I cherish food. You should have some.”

Upon saying that, he began to continue immersing himself in eating once again.

“I shall eat then!” Shen Xing had been engaging in training all afternoon, so she was feeling rather hungry for a while. Furthermore, she was a soul master. A soul master’s basic metabolism far exceeded an ordinary person’s.

‘This man is eating so quickly. There isn’t going to be any more food left if I don’t start! He said that he wanted to treat me to a meal. Does this look like he’s treating me?’

As she was thinking, Shen Xing stopped hesitating and rapidly began to eat.

In order to compete for more food, she appeared to be eating in a rather outrageous and ferocious manner. In fact, she had even pulled a plate of her favorite stir-fried pork slices in her front of her so Tang Wulin could not get a hold of the dish.

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