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Why Is It Him?

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Shen Yue’s voice turned gentler as soon as she heard her sister. “Oh, right. My bad for being so careless. It’s under my name. I made the reservation. You should be able to enter then. Well, it’s almost time. I think the person should be there by now. Head over, quick. Do let me know the outcome of the blind date later.”

“Alright, I’m hanging up.” Shen Xing hung up the communicator and pouted her lips before she got down from the car. She brought along a little bag as she walked into the Starview Resort.

In order to provide excellent services to the Central Army Corps, the resort was enormous. Shen Xing had been here before. So, she was quite familiar with the place.

The Long Jade Restaurant was located on the first floor of the main resort building. It was quite easy for her to find the place. The food served here was mainly local Mingdu cuisine. There were many compartments on the inside which the military officers relished since they were there to have a meal and relax. In fact, they preferred their own privacy and shied away from meeting their colleagues.

“Reservation under Shen Yue, please.” Shen Xing used her sister’s name.

“Alright, please follow me.” The hostess made an inviting gesture and led the way. She guided Shen Xing until they reached a compartment named the ‘Sea Sky Pavilion’.

The hostess knocked gently on the door twice before she said to Shen Xing, “One of your friends has already arrived.” She then pushed open the door. Unknowingly, Shen Xing noticed that the hostess’ expression was tinged with envy when the hostess spoke to her.

Shen Xing put on a long face intentionally and walked into the compartment.

The Sea Sky Pavilion compartment had an antique style decor. There was a table which could seat four people and a sofa on the side. One could see outside through a window which was located opposite a door. There was a small lake outside which was part of the resort’s property. The landscape was beautiful.

At a glance, Shen Xing noticed a person standing by the window when she walked into the room. The person was facing the window, but he did not appear to be paying attention to the beautiful scenery outside.

Shen Xing’s gloomy appearance turned to one of surprise instantly when she saw him. Although she could only see his back, she had a peculiar feeling in her heart.

The person had a tall and slim figure. He was not especially burly, but he had a muscular build in the golden ratio. He was at least one point nine meters in height and his short black hair was combed tidily.

He was dressed in a white military uniform which fitted him well. It complemented his perfect figure. He had wide shoulders, thick arms, and a slim waist. If she just viewed his figure from the back, Shen Xing was astonished to find there was nothing for her to nitpick.

The epaulets on his shoulders caught her attention the next moment. It was a shiny golden star without any lines!

‘Isn’t that a major general’s military rank? Is he a general?’

‘Sister never told me that she’s introducing a general to me! What’s she up to? How old is the general anyway? He must be over forty at the very least. No matter how trim and fit his figure is, I’m not looking for an old man!’

At the thought of this, Shen Xing could not refrain herself from letting out a cough.

“Attention!” A voice suddenly hollered.

After being in the army for so many years, Shen Xing had a built-in reflex whenever she met a higher-rank military officer. She ran through the whole routine of chin up, chest out, heels together, and ending with an upright posture within seconds.

Although she was exasperated the next moment, the general turned around precisely then.

He had a pair of bright, huge eyes with a gentle gaze. His lashes were so long it made a woman envious. He had a tall, straight nose and lips of appropriate thickness. He was looking at her with a smile on his face.

Shen Xing was going to call out ‘crazy’ initially, yet the word stuck in her throat. At this exact moment, her eyes were filled with disbelief. She widened her eyes and stared at the person before her. She found herself speechless.

It was the familiar face which had haunted her once. It was in her nightmares for many years in the past! She awoke from her sleep countless times because of him. She managed to rid herself from those nightmares with great effort, but she did not expect to encounter this man today. This man had caused her much pain and agony. He was like a memory which kept haunting her at night.

Tang Wulin had not bothered to wear makeup since the Starview Resort belonged to the military. Moreover, it was the venue of recreation for the Central Army Corps, so it was prohibited from installing any detection equipment except for a military rank identification system located at the main entrance.

Hence, he was playing his part appearing in his natural look at present.

Shen Xing stepped back subconsciously as she watched the man approaching her. Her foot gave way, and she accidentally slipped. She cried out in alarm as she was about to fall.

Fortunately, Tang Wulin was swift in reacting. He wrapped his arms around her waist to stop her from falling and prevented the accident.

Due to the close contact, she could smell the refreshing scent of his body clearly. For unknown reasons, the lieutenant colonel felt her body warming up at the moment. She felt as if she was getting close to a gigantic furnace. An ineffable feeling radiated throughout her whole body. All she hoped for at the moment was to bore into a hole on the ground. Her mind was a total blank.

Tang Wulin was baffled as well as he looked at Shen Xing’s blushing face which appeared to be in a stupor. He had gone through the process of an in-depth investigation and planning to look for Shen Xing.

He had thought about the possible responses that Shen Xing would make upon seeing him. He felt that the most likely reaction would be an alarming scream.

Hence, he had used his soul power to lock down the entire room the moment he turned around just now. Nothing could possibly leave this room, whether it was sound or soul power. In fact, even the soul communicator signal would fail due to the interception of his powerful spiritual power.

Yet, he never expected Shen Xing to turn into a mud statue upon meeting him. She was behaving as if she had encountered a ghost.

Tang Wulin rubbed his face subconsciously. “Is there something about me which is shocking to you, Miss Shen?”

“You, you, you…” Shen Xing finally spoke, yet she could not stop herself from stuttering. Even her breathing was rapid.

Tang Wulin infused a gush of pure and mild Mysterious Heaven Method soul power into Shen Xing through his arm which was wrapped around her waist. He did so to calm her boiling blood essence fluctuation at present.

Finally, Shen Xing’s breaths returned to normal. She blinked her eyes strenuously before she flung Tang Wulin’s hand away. She immediately took a few steps back.

“Why are you here!”

It was him, it was really him!

She pinched herself just to be sure she was not in a dream.

Yet… it felt really painful.

The scenes which haunted her dreams flashed past her followed by the various news reports about him.

He headed to the Star Luo and took part in the Battle of Five Gods. He fought alone in the enemy’s land and achieved victory in all the five battles! He forged his immortal legend there.

He was the Tang Sect’s Sect Master! He was also the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy!

He participated in the Joust For A Spouse Festival, yet he was defeated by the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena!

Each time she read a news report about him, she would clench her teeth in resentment. However, she could not refrain herself from following the news with interest. It had been such a long time. She had assumed that she could forget this man. The truth was she could not rid herself of his memory just like that!

It was precisely at a time when she thought that she could never possibly run into this man anymore when he appeared right in front of her. To top it off, he was dressed in a general’s uniform.

“You should leave. Leave quickly. It’s a serious crime to impersonate a general!” The words escaped Shen Xing’s mouth. She even startled herself upon saying that.

‘Shouldn’t I be scolding him? Or expose and capture him? He has many enemies and the military regarded him their key target. Why would I say something like this?’

Shen Xing wished that she could crawl into a hole in the ground. Then, she would question herself what she was thinking of at the time.

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