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Arrival In Mingdu

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Ling Zichen had not even put on makeup and had come out in her natural look. In reality, there was no need for makeup. She had always remained the top-secret person in the Tang Sect and rarely ever appeared in public. As a result, she was not disguised and had practically demanded that she not be made up.

On the other hand, the young man walking hand-in-hand with her was none other than Tang Wulin, of course.

Tang Wulin had meditated continuously for a total of three days at the bottom of the Sea God Lake’s before he awakened. He had then perfected the plan for this operation before they departed swiftly.

The Sea God Army had already arrived at the location where the Northsea Fleet was stationed. They were engaging in intense preparation work before the war. The act of dispatching the army for an expedition still required a good amount of time. There were numerous preparations needed for the supplies in addition to the mobilization of manpower and drills. It would take time to complete the entire ordeal.

According to the Tang Sect’s calculations, such a task would require about three months. Even if everything was simplified and sped up, it would take two months at the very least.

However, Tang Sect and Shrek decided that they could not wait anymore. If they did not acquire the Eternal Heaven, it would pose a huge threat for the war, as well as the newly reconstructed Shrek. Moreover, they would have more opportunities to make adjustments the sooner they began the operation.

Thus, the group arrived in Mingdu soundlessly under such circumstances. They came to this place with several different identities and disguised in makeup.

The team sent to Mingdu this time was not very large. There were the Shrek Seven Monsters, Ling Zichen, the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi and the Strength God A Ruheng. There were ten of them in total.

They were the main force behind this operation.

The group exited the train station separately as if they were unacquainted with one another. Leaving the soul train station, they took various modes of transportation.

Tang Wulin and Ling Zichen got into a taxi.

“Sect Master.” The driver in front did not turn around as he greeted Tang Wulin respectfully. It was apparent he was told to wait for Tang Wulin’s arrival.

“Let’s go.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Ling Zichen loosened her grip on his arm. She did not speak and there was no longer a smile on her face. She had turned icy cold.

Tang Wulin had no idea what was going on with her either ever since they had been Underworld King Ha Luo the other day. After he had awakened from his meditation and returned to the academy, Ling Zichen behaved this way every time she met him. She tried not to speak as best as she could. It felt as if the relationship between them was different from before.

Tang Wulin had no idea what did he that offended this woman, but it was not polite for him to inquire too deeply either. Since this was already the case, then so be it. Even though Ling Zichen treated him coldly, she had been very cooperative in everything related to this operation. Moreover, she had also personally explained the details of the Eternal Heaven’s technology and also the defense system in the War God Hall on a few occasions.

Almost all of them agreed that the participation of this scientist was necessary for this operation.

Mingdu deserved its reputation as the capital city. The development of soul cars was extremely advanced here, to the point that many streets would frequently be congested.

The taxi drove for almost a full hour before they were sent to a house located at the outskirts of Mingdu.

The house was located at the base of the West Mountain and it was less than twenty kilometers away from the West Mountain. Situated beside a pristine, crystal-clear lake, this place had developed into a wealthy neighborhood. The house that they were stationed at was one of the high-class villas.

The villa was built in the style of a palace. There were three stories to the main building and a multipurpose building was built on the side equipped with many facilities including a dining room and gymnasium.

The entire villa belonged to the Tang Sect. It appeared to be a luxurious property on the surface, yet in reality, the villa was equipped with some of the most sophisticated technology on the continent. The inside of the villa had all sorts of detection soul devices that could trace any powerful energy signature within a range of ten kilometers.

Very few people were aware of this villa’s existence. Only the high-ranking personnel knew that this place functioned as the Tang Sect’s research and development center in Mingdu.

It was apparent that it was not Ling Zichen’s first time here. In fact, the Tang Sect disciples in the villa did not even recognize Tang Wulin when they walked in. They were exceedingly familiar with the research center’s director, though.

The villa was huge. The main building and the subsidiary building spanned over three thousand square meters. This was only the surface area. In the courtyard, there was a rectangular swimming pool that kept the place hydrated.

It would only take a half-hour drive from this place to Mingdu’s West Mountain because traffic on the outskirts was smooth and uncongested.

Rooms had been arranged for them. Naturally, Tang Wulin was allocated a room at the highest level due to his identity as Tang Sect’s Sect Master. He looked into the distance from the balcony, which was just right for him to see the destination of their trip.

Mingdu’s West Mountain was once a place of strategic importance to the military. It was also an important shield for Mingdu in the past. Later on, after the Federation had united the continent, the use of this shield was no longer as obvious anymore.

Standing on the balcony, Tang Wulin gazed in the direction of Mingdu. He could actually only see halfway up the mountain. His Purple Demon Eyes were incapable of seeing through the clouds and mist. The highest peak in the West Mountain range was located above the clouds. In addition to the War God Hall’s might and all sorts of interference soul devices, it was difficult for him to sense everything over there.

1The Central Army Corps was stationed at the hillside of the West Mountain. Many of the important facilities in the Central Army Corps were located in the West Mountain, so one could imagine how strict the defenses were there.

One would need not only skill to infiltrate this place, but also intelligence and a little bit of luck.

They would need to make their way into the War God Hall first. As long as they could enter the place, they had a chance to enter the challenge. Due to the ‘Safe Harbor’ rule, the Central Army Corps was not allowed to enter the hall and capture people. Furthermore, the War God Hall’s Hall Master, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, was not in War God Hall at the moment. This would lessen the difficulty of the challenge as well.

Tang Wulin went through the plan in his mind for a moment. His spirit gradually diffused.

‘What’s she doing now? Is she still in the Spirit Pagoda?’

The further they were away from each other, the more he missed her.

“Clap!” Someone suddenly patted his shoulder. Tang Wulin was jolted awake from his train of thought.

“How are you going to lead everyone to do something important when your mind is not focused?” said Ling Zichen in disdain.

Tang Wulin only smiled, but he did not bother to explain. If she had been a threat to him, he would have noticed her presence at once. How would he truly allow her to get so close to him?

“You’re thinking about a woman, right?” Ling Zichen looked at Tang Wulin with fiery eyes.

Tang Wulin took a glance at her, but he did not utter a word.

“Tell me, what does she look like? Why is she not by your side?” Ling Zichen inquires.

Tang Wulin replied, “Don’t ask about things that you shouldn’t be asking.”

Ling Zichen had her hands on her hips. “You’re rather arrogant, huh?! Are you afraid of telling me? Could it be that your woman is unpresentable?”

Tang Wulin frowned. “Get some rest. Our operation is going to begin soon.”

“You’re really a boring person!” Ling Zichen scoffed. She was about to turn around and leave, but she soon stopped walking. “You have yet to reveal the entirety of the plan to me. When are you going to? Could it be that you’re going to tell everyone before we go into action?”

Tang Wulin said indifferently, “Do you know why the rest of them don’t ask this question?”

“Why?” asked Ling Zichen.

Tang Wulin answered, “Because they have absolute trust in me.”

Ling Zichen spoke in rage, “I’ve never worked with you before. Why should I trust you? Are you going to tell me? I’ve already put up with you for a long time.”

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh and said, “I really want to have a moment of peace. Can I tell you tomorrow?”

“No. Tell me now.” Ling Zichen was obviously being deliberately provocative, and she had no idea why. That was not at all how she usually behaved.

Tang Wulin took a deep look at her. He could not help thinking about the story that the Holy Spirit Douluo told him before. He did his best to make himself sound calm. He said, “Alright. I’m going to tell you then.”

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